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Full Version: What Is Your Primary Loadout?
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I felt it was time for a lengthy poll! If you chose other, state what "other" is. Also if you chose getting "gear/equipment/accessories next" state what you'll be getting.

The next thing I'll be getting is a conversion for my G36C to become an MG36V.
Snipers FTW
I'm going to have two loadouts: (as of right now, I'm chairsofting until I can find a job)

Primary: Upgraded Galaxy MP5K PDW
Backup: TSD M1014
Secondary Backup: KWA M9
Tertiary Backup (??!?): HFC Pocket Pistol
Camo: Digital Woodland

Primary: TSD M1014
Backup: KWA M9
Secondary Backup: HFC Pocket Pistol
Camo: Black

weapon: Canon 450D
camo: UN vest
next purchase: more lenses

Basic Woodland camo, Tan Eagle Chest Rig.
thats BS there is no way im the only one who wears desert marpat and the world needs more CB
Usually just some simple woodland until I get my vest/pouches.
My load out is as follows
-Jg Aug A3 (not sure what role this falls under, being it can be many roles, so I choose sniper support.)
-Incredibad cheap weak, electric pistol
-and basically a black, somewhat SWAT, style load out.
I currently have a stock Galaxy MP5k, and a TM Hi-Capa as a backup. Though if I end up not being able to use my TM Hi-Cap for my MP5k (My only mag that works 100% of the time) I often end up ditching the MP5k and go out with just the Hi-Capa. I use woodland camo, and I plan on getting an Echo1/CAW shotgun next, assuming I have enough money after buying the bike tools I want/need.

I try to have as light of loadout as I can. Normally it's just a belt with a double M4 mag pouch (One side holds full mags, then empty mags go to the other side) shoulder holster and a camelbak. With the shotgun, I'll be using shells which will be even less bulky.
Other camo: Berezka
Primary- Cybergun M16a3 1:3 size electric rifle
second- cybergun 92FS
loadout color: usually some jeans and a puffy jacket, I don't like getting hit, it hurts.
Lets see, mainly have two kits, but both have stuff that falls under 'other.'

For modern, French Lizard camo. My H-Bar is kind of a support role, but I play in an assault style.

As for gear I'll be getting, think I need a shovel, a bayonet, and another ammo pouch next. I'll be getting a MP7 here soon from a friend, but only to skank the gearbox from for a project...
my 2 others were in camo those being flecktarn
Desert Eagle Fanatic
demolition baby. Nades, mines, Nade launchas, and a nade pistol to boot. With multicam.
I have a downed pilot impression as well as a late 1960's Marine with m14 standard infantry rifle. Secondary is a KA-BAR =). I love not being that stereotypical DM but still having the exact same capabilities.
Lightweight Desert Tiger Stripe loadout, maining a shotgun, no secondary weapon but I would like a GBB. VFC HK416 for those angry days.
Master Destroyer
idk, umm...khaki pants, woodland fishing vest, and a utg multishot.
QUOTE (Slayer750 @ Apr 26 2009, 07:38 PM) *
I felt it was time for a lengthy poll! If you chose other, state what "other" is. Also if you chose getting "gear/equipment/accessories next" state what you'll be getting.

The next thing I'll be getting is a conversion for my G36C to become an MG36V.

I ussually use my Tokyo Marui P90 but I sometimes use an MP5 or M4. For secondary weapons I sold all my GBBs since I kept breaking the mags so I sling my TM M3 Super 90 on me as my secondary weapon. My camo is just my school clothes. I ussully play at my CQB field after school on Friday so I find it best for me though I wear a vest to hold mags and I wear knee pads for sliding around. My main mask is an Event.
My loadout:

Primary: JG G36c
Secondary: KWC S&W NBB
Clothes: Camo pants, T-Shirt
gear: Belt W/ Pistol holster and other gear (mags go in pockets on my pants)
$300 CYMA AKM and hi caps. If your in my minimum distance of engagement, you've got me.
I'm probably going to pick up a G&G mp5.
OD tshirt and woodland pants until I get MARPAT.

I want to see more ACU out there so people are easier to spot.....
Too bad they don't play in couch world.
Define "Sniper Support".
I had to go with other since ghillie suit isn't an option...
My Role in the World of Airsoft is more Freelance Gamer. Put me into a Role and I should do fine with it.
My loadouts:
Summer: Full Woodland with Olive green tactical vest or Woodland Top with a Woodland Tiger Stripe Pants added some things for this one Some of my woodland Ninja suit also, for neck grand Olive and black Shemage.
Fall/ winter (No Snow): Full Desert tiger Stripe with Desert Tan Tactical vest. Desert Sand under Amory heat gear hood with a Tan/ Black Shemage.
Winter with snow: Full White Ninja Suit, Urban Camo in the woods or a mix of both White or black Cold Gear face mask with a White and black shemage.
Night/SWAT: Tactical Tiger Stripe/ Full olive Green (ACU)

Gun: Modded JG Dragonov sniper rifle Full Auto (But its a sniper what in the World, Why I use it in Semi Only)
UTG MK96 Sniper Rifle
Echo 1 AK47

Hope that Helps some
I'm a DM. According to the poll, however, I'm a DMR. This interests me. Whn do I transform into a rifle?

Role: DM
Secondaries: GBB, spring M1014, M203
Camo: Woodland and Other (AUSCAM), CB gear
More Camo: AUSCAM and Russian
QUOTE (Blak110 @ Sep 13 2009, 05:58 PM) *
I'm a DM. According to the poll, however, I'm a DMR. This interests me. Whn do I transform into a rifle?

Role: DM
Secondaries: GBB, spring M1014, M203
Camo: Woodland and Other (AUSCAM), CB gear
More Camo: AUSCAM and Russian

I made this poll when I was a nub and I though a sniper was a gun and a dmr was a person... lol
For a while I had some elaborate loadouts but I went back to basics. Woodland BDU, Woodland Vest that can hold tons of mags, black leg holster, shemgah, Boonie hat, black tac boots, and some sort of assualt AEG. The vest has room for hydration and I can carry an entire army's gear in it so I'm set. I love it and would never go back to anything else.
I've got a lot of gear I guess I could use for airsoft. I've got an old IBA in woodland, and an old MOLLE FLC with all the woodland pouches. For more modern stuff I've got an Eagle Plate Carrier w/ Cummerbund plus enough mag pouches to carry 10 magazines, a blow out kit, a canteen pouch and a modular assault pack, all from Eagle Industries. I also got PACA soft armor inserts for the plate carrier from triad tactical and ceradyne ESAPI plates for it. Was supposed to be for a zombie invasion, but I could see it working well for airsoft, too.
I'm Sniper Support hence the name a-cool.gif

Running an ICS M4, had a M9A1 pistol until recently. Getting another pistol as a secondary.

I have a full british DPM kit, fatigues, webbing, boonie. Black boots and gloves.

Want more RG or OD because that kinda stuff works down here, then again so does woodland.

Buying more gear/equipment. New Stock, New Handguard, 3-9x50 scope, BUIS, foregrip and an underslung GL. KICK :censored2:!
RD-54 rucksack and web kit, Flora camo, Dboys AKS74U (or semi-VSS-converted CA SLR105 A1).
my current loadout is an A&K SR-25 URX with a 4X scope I plan on getting a WELL mp7(v2) and get a weapon blender custom paint job for the sr-25
Support gunner.

A&K M60E4
Soon to be an E1 replacement.

Secondary- TSD UMP and
WE CQB Master 1911

Woodland BDU pants and jacket.
S10 gas mask
Unknown vest
3 day assualt pack

Lighter loadout-
Woodland BDU pants
black T-shirt

Primary blaster: Non-functional M4A1 SOPMOD (Getting SOCOM Gear soon hopefully)
Secondary: CA M203
Wanting: KSC G17/G19

Kit: RG Pantac MBAV w/ pouches
Multicam in the mail
Replica TC2000
Cursing In Braille
Light machine gunner

primary: tokyo Marui famas f1
Back up: another Hicap magazine :D
Back up's back up?: Hand ful of BBs. :D

gear: woodland BDUs(+kevlar helment)
obviously full seal goggles. I think that should be assumed with every post here.
1st Loadout: ACU Shirt-ACU Pants
Primary Gun: CA90 (Proline)
Secondary Gun: KSC Glock 18C
Black Vest: I forgot what brand

2nd Loadout: ACU Shirt-ACU Pants
Primary Gun: A&K Masada (Tan)
Secondary Gun: Socom Gear M9 SOF (Tan)
Black Vest: I forgot what brand

My "loadout"

Primary: E1 614
Secondary: KJW P226

* OD M.O.L.L.E. vest with pouches for 5 rifle mags (3 mids and 2 a-angry.gif hi-caps a-angry.gif in the vest, 1 mid in the gun), 2 speedloaders, a dump pouch, a utility pouch, a single point M.O.L.L.E. sling, and an IFAK on the back for team gear.

* A dropleg Blackhawk holster for my Sig 226 on my right leg

* Woodland BDU's (shirt and pants)

* Black knee pads, gloves from the hardware store.

* OD Balaclava, full sealing goggles, and a woodland cap with Velcro for team patches.

Guess thats it a-salute.gif
My Loadout/Impression

Custom Kar98
BAR-10 internals, ASGI Sears, ASGI Tightbore, ASGI bucking, and ASGI piston. Shoots around 450fps.
I'd consider myself a DMR or just a rifleman.

K98 Bayonet a-cool.gif

No camo, German Field Gray Tunic and trousers.
Next purchases for my loadout our a Helmet, bayonet scabbard, and Y straps.
Gun: Echo 1 M240B
Sidearm: Tm Desert Eagle

Gear: Woodland BDU pants, jungle boots, flakjacket, wifebeater, fingerless gloves.
Stupid Submachinegunner
A&K MK43 mod 0 I love it and KWA mp9
My secondary is my primary...

A Semi-automatic CO2 NBB.
My secondary is my primary...

A Semi-automatic CO2 NBB.
ok really what camo you rock? Gimme a break, I wear 4 different types of camo, depending on the envirement. So ya that was a pointless question and what camo I would like more of. There is plenty of camo out there! Come on where do you guys come up with these polls.
SF BloodBrother
I'm all about using a sniper. However I would like to have some kind of Arctic camo, because I love the cold, and it will be fun to play in the winter.
I want SOOOO much more CADPAT AR. That and A-TACS to become more mainstream.

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