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Full Version: how many batteries/bb's for a 2 day stint.
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I'm going to my first two day event, and all I can get out of my Thai speaking teamates is,
"bring many, many bat, play all day."

So for you experienced players out there, how many batteries will I need to get through the day? I have begged/borrowed one good battery, and one battery of unknown quality. With my own, it makes three. I'll be able to charge up a little late night, but don't know if I will be able to find an outlet during the day. The language barrier is killing me.
Same question goes for Bb's.

Thanks a-confused.gif
It would likely depend on your style of play and the event. You may like to shoot a lot of bursts of suppressive fire, or you might like to shoot a few carefully placed shots in semi. There may be events where it is set up such that you're going to be engaged in firefights frequently, but then there might be events that aren't centered around combat, but around objectives, or there may be a mix of both. Also, what sort of gun do you have, because the particular batteries that you might be able to use might affect how many you'd need? There are some lipoly batteries that have high enough capacity that some people say they don't need to charge them for several full games, and then at the very other end of the spectrum, there are some lower quality mini-type NiMH or NiCD batteries that might only give you closer to 500-1000 rounds of firing. Something like a good 3600mAh large type battery is going to last more than twice as long as a good 1500mAh mini type battery, so for the "same" amount of usage, you'd need 2 mini types compared to only one large type. I think I've heard that generally, for a NiMH battery, you get about 1-1.5 shots per mAh of battery capacity, and for lipoly, you get 2-3 shots per mAh, so you might be able to figure out from that how many batteries you might need, though it still leaves the question of how many BBs you need.
Good points above me.

I always take no less than a bag of 5000 bb's to any event 1 or 2 days... So far that has been more than enough.. But I use Midcap mags, so I tend to be picky with my shots. When I did play with Hi cap mags, I would go through roughly 2000 bb's a day... So your style will dictate this. If they cheap over there, than I suggest you take 5-10k bb's with you...

Not much more I can say about battery output and consumption that was not said above... He gave you great info on what you can expect.. But if you have 2 or 3 batteries and the ability to charge at nite, you should be fine.. If your gun is working efficiently and you are not a spray and pray player, you should be good with what you have.
My team has a smart charger that we run off of car batteries during long events. It's a lifesaver.

But yeah, bring a bag of 5k bb's, and an extra cash in case you need to buy something from a retailer (more bb's, mag, etc).
Ok, I've got a two good lippo bats, along with a crap one, so I feel pretty confident on that end. I've never run out of juice using just one, or even come close really during a normal session, so I think I am clear.

But I didn't plan on bringing that many bb's, so thanks for the heads up Yee.
yeah like everyone said, it all depends on your very own style of play. you may be a cherry picker or sprayer. different types of play will contradict on how many and what type of batteries you will need and how much bbs you will need.

for a 2 day skirmish for me, I'm usually positioned as assualtman so I will need 3-4 9.6v 3600mah around the clock (with charging in between) with generally 5k bbs (anything above 5k bbs is considered a support gunner, I believe).

like everyone said, its all about your style of play. good luck on your 2 day skirmish.
1 Intellect battery lasted me an entire 2 day event, I shoot most of the time burst or semi.
well as stated before it depends on your style and what your gun is made for, mine is made for extreme rof so I burn bbs and batteries like non-other, such as the infamous 1500rds in 20min medic game I played
My personal gun setup..

Classic Army M15A4 @ 400Fps (specs below in my sig).. I run a 3600Mah 9.6v Elite Cell crane battery. I can run for 2 days on that battery, with careful shooting. Or I can get a good full day out of it, with some intense fire fighting.
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