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Full Version: Does hop-up decrease FPS
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Does adding hop-up decrease Fps since there is a friction on the BB? If so, How much?

Also, should I add hop-up enough so the bb's curve up in order for longer range shots to conect? What it is a good hop-up setting for a BB up and down path on a sniper rifle?

When I shoot my MK 96 at a mail box about 130 feet away (can hit 8-9/10), the BB's curve up about a foot at the distance. When I shoot at a mail box 230 ft away (no wind), I can hit it when I place the crosshair (cross hair sighted in for 130 ft shooting with the hop-up adjusted as stated above) about 2-4 feet above the mail box. I am wondering what you guys think I should do to adjust my hop-up. I always love picking off people at very far distances but I don't want to add to much hop to screw with the accuracy up close. Based off what I told you, what do you guys think I should do for adjusting my crosshairs/hop-up? I know it's fun to shoot cans at 50 feet but that isn't what snipers really do and most skirmishes have min. engagement distances.

What do you think?
Yes it decreases fps.
How much is unpredictable.

I have seen from 1-30 fps changes just from hop up adjustments
A hop up that is properly adjusted with push the BB up a bit but then it comes back down a little to form a stright line.

Or you could have it adjusted to just shoot a straight line without the little curve. That is fine to.
OK, because I can hit maybe half torso's at 230 feet with no wind. I will try adding excessive hop-up to see if I can go any farther with out having to aim over the target very much.
With my hop up set up, It goes straight to about 200-220 ft and then it hops up about 1-2 ft; which extends the range past 250 ft. (with out any hop up, it goes straight down at about 120ft) I use Biovals .27g @ 500 fps. I have also learned that if you want to really push your range past 300 ft accurately, you will need heavy bb's and high fps. But since you have a springer you need to find what is your maximum range with different weight's of ammo. It all depends on where you play. If all you can shoot at your local field is 500 fps with .20g, then that is your max, which will have a maximum range for different weights of ammo. If you can shoot any ammo at 500 fps max, then upgrade your set up to shoot .40g-.43g at 500 fps, and it will result in a much longer range compared to .20g @ 500fps.

People here tend to hide their secrets about long shots. Take the RHF for instance, you literally can use any weight of ammo to shoot at any fps. Heavy bb + high fps = LONG RANGE. All with ideal internals etc, etc, etc...
I say this because the heavier the bb, the longer it will take for it to slow down (heavy bb's = more momentum). In plain words. As the bb exits the barrel it immediately starts to loose speed and the hop up is trying to keep the bb from loosing height. So the lighter the bb, the sooner it will loose its speed and the sooner the hop up will stop keeping the bb straight (it will hop up).

it has been shown by I believe Noobie that hopup actually increases fps in BASR because it allows air pressure to build up behind the bb
My gun is shooting pretty hot right now, it has the upgrade kit from UTG which puts me at around 500 or so fps plus a 6.02mm inner barrel and the teflon mod. I can get a spacer for the spring from ZERO_WOLF's DIY mod which will increase FPS. I just don't want the trigger mech to fail at 1000 rounds after that...

Thank you rdforge though for taking the time to clear things up a lot for me.

One thing for future referance though, I know putting that spacer on the spring will cause a little extra stress on sear along with the upgrade kit. But,

-how long will the trigger last if I threw a spacer in there to increase FPS?
-what are signs the trigger is going bad?
-Would it be too much to get a replacement from Leapers?

There's actually a threshold that hop-up will INCREASE your FPS at. However, too much hop-up will lessen the lifespan of your bucking and cause overhop problems, let alone FPS loss.
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