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Full Version: BB's Curving right
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Hello, the gun I have is the following:

I use: 550-600 FPS( 600fps with .2g) L96 Full Metal Bolt Action AWP-96 GAS Sniper Rifle w/ LASER & 9x40 SCOPE & BIPOD

link for gun: <>

Anyways, it was having issues firing when I first bought it but I took it apart and cleaned it the way online guides said to. After putting it back together it started firing consistently.

New Problem: The bb's tend to be curving to the right the father from the target I go. I had just mounted the scope and boresighted it.
+In zero wind conditions with .2g bbs they curved right a lot ( to be expected they are .2s)
+" " .25g bbs they curved right less than than the .2g but when I again step further away from the target they curve. (target from here around 45 feet away)
+Then I used .32g Aluminum bbs and if I aimed to the left of the target a bit I would hit it.

The Questions:
1. Should I get even heavier bbs, as in go up to .4g or .43g bbs to compensate?
2. Am I somehow bore sighting wrong and should redo it again?
3. Or since the fact that I have fired the gun less than 100 times mean the bucking is not worn down enough?
4. Or is it because my gun uses green gas and I need the weather to be higher than the current 60s and more so into 75+

Please let me know guys!
In my opinion, you should get some .4's and a new bucking for your gun. The stock bucking is not very good on your rifle. If you do both of these and possibly get a tightbore, you should have a pretty consistent and accurate rifle.
QUOTE (AirsoftSniper35 @ May 12 2010, 11:11 PM) *
In my opinion, you should get some .4's and a new bucking for your gun. The stock bucking is not very good on your rifle. If you do both of these and possibly get a tightbore, you should have a pretty consistent and accurate rifle.

I know there are threads for this stuff but do you have any personal suggestions for the bucking and tightbore barrel?
- Use .4 BB
- Decrease hop
- If it still curves right then tilt the gun slightly to the left.
- If it curves a lot then try to reassemble the hopup unit, check if the bucking is aligned well and being pushed evenly downward etc.
Something sounds like it is misaligned. Even if it is off by just a little bit, it can make a big difference. You could also try washing your bucking in warm soapy water
Over hopping can create very un-stable 'curving' flight path. It is almost impossible to set the hop right with .25 BB and 600 FPS gun. 1 fraction of mm and you turn a small hop to over hop. Heavy BB is the way to go.
Also tilting a high FPS gun can create this curving. 1 degree tilt to left or right can make a big curve. This is something people are not really aware of because it is not a problem with real steel guns. Tilt a perfectly assembled gun left or right and you have the same effect as a misaligned/rotated hopup rubber. However, you can also use tilting as an advantage to shoot straight in moderate crosswind.
If your bb's are curving left, the candidate 100% of the time is something on the right side of the gun is causing side hop. it only causes the slighest misalignment for this to happen.
it could be the hopup slightly tilted, the hop rubber slightly misaligned, the barrel slightly tweaked or having pressure on it, a setscrew too tight, or the barrel simply not straight.

I use the STAR338 which is similiar to the gun you linked.

My best guess is either the barrel trunion is slightly misaligned, one of the O ring barrel spacers slipped when the barrel was installed, or you whacked the barrel on something and tweaked it ever so slightly.

If you /really/ want to get to the bottom of this, take out your hopup nub, and replace the barrel with a spare one, carefully make spacers out of electrical tape. install and shoot it, if it still curves the same, being very careful your hopup is aligned vertically, you know it isn't the hopup or inner barrel. break down the gun taking out or replacing one thing at a time until you find the problem, then replace the parts one thing at a time back to how they were.
Its a pain in the butt, but really the only way of being 100% sure your gun is shooting 100%

my money is on the outer barrel being tweaked/installed inproperly or the inner being tweaked slightly from the hopup :)
Thanks everyone for your problem solving skills.

I believe that I am going to buy better internals, any suggestions for my gun?
QUOTE (soccer77 @ May 17 2010, 12:25 AM) *
Thanks everyone for your problem solving skills.

I believe that I am going to buy better internals, any suggestions for my gun?

to be honest, you are better off figuring out what is wrong with your gun than throwing money at it. Eventually you are going to run into a problem that can't be easily fixed by replacing parts and this is where about 75% of sniper quit or buy a new gun. Starting out with a finicky gun that you have to learn how to maintain is a pretty good choice, if you don't have the patience to sort through the gun methodically you probably don't have the patience to be an excellent sniper.

Also I don't think there are many, if any replacement/upgrade parts for that gun.

Alright, when I first got the gun it was firing randamly so I took it apart and soaked some of the internals in warm water and then put it back together and aligned the hop up part with the bottom hole of the outer barrel. I wasn't sure where the spacers go exactly, like how far apart they should be so I spaced them apart like some people did in the diagrams on here. When I shot it again the shots were more consistent but that was at like 15 feet (before hand it was randamly shooting at 15 feet). As soon as I get to 45 feet the .25g curves horribly and the .32g curves as well but if I aim slightly to the left of the target they hit it and I can see them curving right.

So, you think I should take it apart again and give it another look over? Or is it that .32g bbs are not heavy enough. I read somewhere in these forums that for snipers with 550+fps they should use heavier than .3g like .4g and .43g. Yes I know I am new at this but I am not ready to give up on my gun.
yeah, you probably want to take it apart again.

it is probably a barrel component or the hopup angled slightly to the right (since bb's are going left) causing the bb to get some side-spin. this is about 90% of the time caused by the person putting the gun together overtightened a screw. you want everything snug, not tight, airsoft guns are made of soft metals that will bend as you tighten those screws.

not sure if your gun has one but on the clone gas M700 by KJW there was a barrel trunnion about half way down the barrel that screwed in through the stock, if you made it snug, it would bend the barrel downards, if you put a washer on top of it so that it snugs a 16th of an inch higher, it shot a world better.

you can also try rolling your inner barrel across a glass surface to see if it is bent but that is pretty unlikely unless you were really forcing it into the gun or swinging it around.
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