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Full Version: Storing gas or BB's in your magazine?
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Hello all fellow fourmites,
I recently purchased a GBB and I am curious if it is bad to leave a small amount of gas in the clip when you are not using it (IE what is left after shooting a full clip)

also is it bad to leave them full of bb's, will it mess up the mag spring or is it stronger than that

thank you good sirs and madams.
I never leave any excess gas in my pistol mags, I was told that it is not good for the container that holds the gas, it is designed to hold a pressurised material for certain amounts of time, not for days on end, so I always remove excess gas, it may seem like a waste, but its better safe than sorry.

as for keeping BBs in the mag, I from messing with pens in school, etc. springs, when compressed for a time can become used to the position and become shorter, so unless you want to take the spring out and restretch it, it will weaken every time you do that.

My rule is have nothing in the mag, no gas, no BBs while not in-game. or preparing for a game that will start in about 10-15 minutes, that way its cant accidently go off, and break something in the house. Its just something I learned in gun safety for JROTS Rifle team.
I always leave my mags full of gas. Pressure on the seals keeps them from drying out and cracking. In my own experience, I find that mags that I leave pressurized almost never develop leaks, while mags that I leave empty tend to develop leaks more often.

Always empty your mags of BBs when you don't need them full.
I know some companies send their mags out with a little green gas to keep the seals lubed with silicone. I don't think its a problem to leave them filled though. I've had 1911 mags warp from too much gas, but thats a different issue. The 1911 is a very thin magazine comparatively.
You should be fine leaving them loaded. For long-term storage, keep a small amount of gas in the mags, for example by filling the mag with the can not upside down, so only pressurized gas will go in the mag, not liquid.
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