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Full Version: Socom Gear 1911 Upgrade Part List
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Hey, just recently decided to do my first build, using my SOCOM Gear 1911 MEU as a base gun, but the problem is I've never changed out parts, or upgraded a gas gun before, and don't really have a clue what parts will work with it. I've heard from someone that all Marui Hicapa parts will work with this, but something doesn't seem right about that. Below is a list of parts that I was considering adding on, and was wondering if you could tell me what's good, what won't work, and what isn't worth it.

- Nine Ball Hi Capa Flow Valve:
- Action Aluminum Piston Head for Hicapa 5.1:
- JBU 6.01mm Barrel for Marui/WE 1911 4.3:
- Airsoft Surgeon Super Hard loading Nozzle (would scrap piston head) :
- And if I have enough cash, the Airsoft Surgeon Light Weight Speed Blowback housing:

Let me know what you think, TY

- Laoch

Edit: Fixed url for flow valve.
The BBu won't fit unless you modify the slide or buy a hi-capa slide
QUOTE (theyoungone10 @ Jan 17 2011, 03:56 PM) *
The BBu won't fit unless you modify the slide or buy a hi-capa slide

Would a HiCapa slide work, or would that need modding too?
Any feedback would be appreciated, sort of want to get this build going, so I can plan ahead financially.
Ok I have a Socom Gear MEU which is fully built internally.

The parts id recommend are........

Airsoft Surgeon 150% recoil spring
Firefly bearing spring guide
Guarder enhanced loading nozzle
Dyna piston head
Airsoft Surgeon super light sear
Action floating valve
Nineball bucking
PDi 6.01 tight bore barrel

I personally wouldnt recommend using high flow valves as I feel stock valves work perfectly fine.

But if u do decide to use high flows then u also wanna make sure to upgrade ur hammer spring as well.

Also if u wanna add a threaded OB then I would highly suggest the Nineball SAS.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, really want to have a nice pistol out there, as I use it just as much as I use my rifle when CQBing. Will probably toy around with that list a little, but looks like I'll use most of it. I'll make sure to post pics when its done, I have some awesome external upgrades planned.

One more thing, would a high capa slide work on the 1911 single stack?
From my own experience, a stock TM hi-capa slide fit onto my WE 1911 MEU. Hence a TM hi-capa slide should be compatible with your Socom Gear
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