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Full Version: My NEW Vietnam Loadout
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I did a thread for my Vietnam War Loadout a long time ago. Recently, I started a Vietnam Airsoft group with my friends, and with the amount of research I've done since, I have a decent loadout together now. I could have added to my old thread but:

-It's 6 months old
-It doesn't do these photos justice

So, without further addo, my loadout:


- Utility Fatigue Shirt or 3rd Pattern Jungle Jacket (I have both, and for colder days I have an M65 Field Jacket)
- Utility Fatigue Pants
- 3rd Type Panama Sole Jungle Boots or MacNamara Boots, however I will probably never again wear the later for gameplay after what happened the last time I wore them.
- M56 Pistol Belt and Suspenders.
- M1 Helmet and Liner or OD Boonie Hat

Web Gear
- x2 M56 Universal Magazine Pouch
- M56 Canteen Pouch
- ALICE? Canteen Pouch (it's some weird thing, it had threads going up and sideways. I just got rid of the sideways ones and it looked like an M67 canteen pouch)
- x2 M56 OD Plastic Canteens
- M56 Butt Pack
- M67 Small First Aid bag
- Case ammunition pouch (for carrying spare ammo)
- Flashlight

- Classic Army M16Vn, can't call it an A1 because it's halfway between a M16 and M16a1.
- x5 King Arms M16 short magazines

Soon to come:
- Mitchell Helmet Cover
- M56 Compass Pouch
- 3rd Pattern Jungle Pants
- M56 E-Tool Cover
- M51 E-Tool

-MK2 (disabled) Hand Grenade
-M26 (disabled) Hand Grenade
-Viet Cong flag provided by my grandpa.

Comments, critique?
It looks good but a bit old-fashioned in my opinion.....definetely good if your going to a Vietnam-Style game....LOL.
That's why it's a Vietnam loadout... lol. It's for Vietnam Games.
Your uniform looks like early war, maybe '65/66. A Solid White T-Shirt for the OG-107 Utilities and a solid OD T-Shirt for the Jungle Uniform. Also, not many grunts carried the Shovel and carrier. Also, if there are cat eyes on the helmet band then you need to get another helmet band. Also the 3rd Pattern Panama sole boots come out later in the war, in 68 I think, however the Vibram sole was more common than the Panama sole. I'm going to put one of these together as soon as I get the final touches on my 90's kit, but I found this site to be helpful. Here's a list of most of the equipment, and heres some help for 'the look'.
I have an early war and later war impression. The one in the pictures are more early (with the all leather boots and utility fatigues) and the late war isn't pictured, however I will add that eventually. It contains the 3rd Pattern boots and jacket. Helmet band doesn't have cat eyes, I think you see the 'Funk' written on it. I have a OD green t-shirt as well as a white, I didn't put either of those on for the photo.

I understand the vibrams were more common, but they are more expensive. I thought about finding a pair of cheap shoes with vibram soles on the bottom, taking those off. Then, I would take off the soles of the boots and attach the vibrams with shoe goo. I'm not sure if I'll do that or not however. Also, as to the E-tool, it is one of those cool things that I like and would love to add to my loadout, so I'm going to get one.

Well I didn't say any of that to hate on your loadout, I actually like it. Just some suggestions from me, but good job. I can tell you did your research. In fact, the guy on the right in this picture is my Dad, and he's my primary source of information.
No problem. I didn't mean to come across angry or anything. Thank you, and I thank your dad for his service!
Nice Gear man! Just a few more things and it'll be perfect!
The M16 is a sexy girl, but one thing I learned from Black Ops is that it works way better with an ACOG, or maybe a flamethrower attachment. Does anybody know if they make an airsoft flamethrower yet? What is your secondary weapon? I like ballistic knives myself, someone on the board was making some, too.

a-grin.gif a-laugh.gif

For reals though - You need a cooler patch than that. Those guys never left Germany. In fact you should probably get a patch like Wildman's dad.
Good to see some 'nam kits here! You need a helmet cover though, but other than that it's pretty good from what I can see. If you haven't found us already, you should head on over to, plenty of info and stuff on anything Vietnam related a-salute.gif

Also, I am actually making an airsoft ballistic knife, and will hopefully have it finished by Spring so I can kill unsuspecting 12 year olds who think I just have a huge knife a-grin.gif
Doc- I realize about the patch, it's my grandpa's jacket so I can't modify it. I have a 4th Infantry patch on my 3rd Pattern jacket, which will be fielded WAY more often then the utility jacket. I'll probably pick a new utility shirt up at my surplus store next time I'm there ($5 FTW).

MS- I am on Vietnam Airsoft! On there I'm 4thInfantryAirsoft. I realize I need the helmet cover, first thing is first though, new battery for my M16 because I bought the wrong one, and now I can't return it because I tried connecting a connector I bought at radio shack so... yeah. Helmet cover will come when possible.
QUOTE (DocPeligro @ Feb 24 2011, 05:23 PM) *
The M16 is a sexy girl, but one thing I learned from Black Ops is that it works way better with an ACOG, or maybe a flamethrower attachment. Does anybody know if they make an airsoft flamethrower yet? What is your secondary weapon? I like ballistic knives myself, someone on the board was making some, too.

I've got the flamethrower attachment, just pm me if you want the designs. I've also got a airsoft HK g11 but it's really hard to find caseless bbs these days.
Sir. SAW
Don't worry, your carrying handle on your M16 just has to dissapear and be replaced by a rail to mount optics. Pretty easy stuff.
Maybe I shouldn't have made the subtitle 'not that black ops (censored)", but the black ops talk probably would've come anyway...
Looks good man. By the way, you're "uncensored" in your signature banner...
Thank you, I realize that I'm uncensored, the photo is much smaller so I don't care too much because detail is much less.
Going to post my jungle/late war loadout in a little bit. I have a few things to do with it before I can show it.
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