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Full Version: Vietnam era LRRP Loadout
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Okay, so a while back I posted a very noobish loadout of a half a**ed terrorist. But, it was a good enough start for a beginner. After my first game however I realized the importance of camoflauge and proper gear, so I gathered all the money I had and called everyone who I thought might have some good gear. I started to gather gear and most of it was Alice and M56 gear, so I decided to go ahead and make a LRRP loadout. Now I'm no historian, I'm going by pictures and advice from relatives who served in Vietnam. So yeah, tell me what you think! :D


Tiger Stripe BDUS
Tiger Stripe Boonie Hat
OD Shemagh
Black Jungle Boots

OD Tri-Cell Chicom

M56 Webbing Belt
M56 Combat Suspenders
2 First Aid Kits
Crosman Pistol holster
Buttpack with 2 Canteens

Alice Pack Jungle Ruck w/ removable X frame
2 Extra Canteens in the back (not pictured)
A Soviet Gasmask and bag (not pictured)

I moved the 2 buttpack canteens to the belt to ease up on Flopping.
Removed the pistol holster and put a first aid pouch.
Sorry for triggerfinger btw, still a Newbie at this :P
Looks pretty good, only advice I'd have is a haircut.
I'd say the loadout looks great, Might be a little much for just skirmishes, I read that LRRPs tended to leave their ruck sacks in a safe place while they ambushed (just for justification). If you were going for the nam theme I'd say an older style AK or an m16a1
All of the gear is ALICE besides the ruck, M56 gear is canvas not nylon. There was M67 gear in vietnam that was made of nylon, but there are obvious differences between it and ALICE. Also, get rid of the shemagh unless you truly have to use it because of your fields rules. Other than that it works for a LRRP I suppose.

I'd recommend this website:

Mods can be a little rough sometimes there, but if you pay attention to the rules you should be fine. Read them before posting anything!
looks good I don't really like tiger strip but you made it look good. get an ar15 or put some real or fake wood grips on that ak along with a ton of wear, Ak's look 10x better with wear unless you have a tacticool
He has an Alice ruck(?). The Tropical rucksack shoulder straps are sewn on to the top of the ruck.
His shoulder straps in the last picture are removable.

The only way to be certain is to see better photos of the ruck itself. If it has a removable X frame and it's nylon then it's a tropical ruck with some modifications.

The thing is, don't say you have something if you don't. It will give you a bad rep here.
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