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Full Version: Biodegradable bbs
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At my field we are required to use biodegradable bbs. Im curious to know if anyone else also has to do this.

And also which bbs are biodegradable that work well. I am using a UTG L96 if that info is needed. Its stock. So 2g bbs,
Most places allow any form of bbs, but I believe we have one field that requires bio bbs, though I have never played there.

Regardless, there are still quality bio bbs made by good companies. All of Bioshot's bbs are biodegradable, and many people like them, G&G also has a biodegradable line which is very good. Excel bbs at No Limit airsoft are another option to consider.
I have been using bbking, some time ago I have a friend , he told me have a new brand(BulletBalls) that product Biodegradable bbs and good quality,so I am testing this brand.
They can provide free samples for you to test, you may pay the freight. The website is, Email is bulletballs<AT>
I don't recommend the Excel BB's, I've tried them myself, they aren't properly round even. One gun would literally jam and not even shoot with them, and they made my magazines jam alot.
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