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Full Version: To whom it may concern
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This announcement is directed to all those whom I am currently dealing with or otherwise have stated issues with me.

I am very sorry for the large delay that was put on things. I never wanted this to happen and would never intentionally do something like this. A small number of packages I sent out were mislabeled under a mad rush. Under short notice I had to leave town the next week to visit relatives and family which completely cutoff all my communication, and I also had a few emergencies that I absolutely had to deal with. All mislabeled packages were thankfully returned, but with me out of town I had no way of dealing with anything other then using the phone to contact ups and usps. I just got back a few days ago, so I am now here to help in full swing.

I do not write this to ask for forgiveness or your belief, I am simply here to say that everything is now straitened out and I am here and acknowledge all those whom this concerns. Anything that was mislabeled and returned (I had about 25 boxes to take care of) is going out in a few days.

Thank you for reading, and again my deepest apologies.
Sweet, thanks. Just don't forget any of the parts I sent you as well! I can send you or post a list of them if you like..
I still have the old list you gave me so don't worry about that. Everything is all organized and ready to go!
QUOTE (Age @ Jan 13 2012, 06:41 PM) *
I still have the old list you gave me so don't worry about that. Everything is all organized and ready to go!

Don't forget the wii tech hopup and nozzle kit I sent you and the modify bushing after the fact! Thanks again.
Age, I am glad to see you working things out here. I understand that more important things pop up that require our attention.

Please remember though, that you have peoples stuff that can amount to some large sums of money. We all know that this isn't the first time we have run into communication and amount of time issues. As such, I would encourage you to perhaps lessen the number of projects you take on at a time, that way you don't keep people waiting, and when issues do arise such as what you have recently experienced, that you don't get large backups and numerous concerned and sometimes angry members.
Has anyone actually heard back from Age since his last post?

Anyone get any tracking number or anything?

Age, please get me my tracking number by Saturday (1/21/12). I will place a follow-up call to your number if I am not sent a number by then.
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