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Full Version: VFC HK417 Mag compatability
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So I'm thinking about an HK 417 but mags are not on the market and when they do they will be expensive and bulky. MagPul makes 7.62 Pmags that are relatively cheap and slim and I heard the real HK takes them. the VFC SCAR H took them with some simple deremmel work but will this? I've looked it up and everyone asked before realase but even after no one seems to have tried it or figured it out. Has anyone here tried it or know if any existing mags fit it? Any feedback is appreciated.
The VFC HK417 mags are unique--they feed from a tube pretty much in the center of the top.
The 20LR Pmags can be modified to fit (have a friend who did the mod). I just opted to buy 3 VFC mid-caps as the difference in price is minimal ($29.99 at airsoft GI before coupon code vs. $19.95 from ehobby-asia for the 140rd PTS Pmag--I know it seems like you're saving a lot of money until you get to shipping costs). If you're daring, you can modify the magwell to take SR25 magazines, but the operation is tricky and you can easily screw yourself, so I don't think I'd recommend that route unless you are supremely confident in your abilities.

p.s. just checked and the PTS Pmags are $26.99 at airsoftgi. So $3 is $3 I guess. Apparently all you have to do is dremel off a bit of the ridge on the back edge of the magazine and you're good to go.
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