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Full Version: G&p Cqbr Stuff, Tm / Prime P226 Kit, Eotech 552
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G&P CQBR Metal Body (Marine)
- Includes: everything a new G&P Metal Body comes with, some of the parts are already installed:
* Upper/lower receivers
* Receiver pins (front, rear, and above trigger)
* Forward assist with pin
* Hopup chamber/bucking
* Dust cover, corresponding pins/clips
* Fake bolt (since the G&P CQBR does not come with a fake bolt, the included one is TM), corresponding latch for the charging handle
* Charging handle springs x2 (one is a modified short spring, and the other is a standard spring)
* Basically, the only things you have to add to the receivers are the trigger guard, selector lever, bolt catch, and charging handle. Also, since this set is from the G&P CQBR, modifications to use a crane stock battery have already been completed from the G&P factory.
- Condition: I sanded down two small areas toward the top front of the upper receiver (easily covered by electrical tape as in the pic, or by paint). Other than that, same as new.
- Price: $75 shipped

G&P CQBR Crane Stock
- Includes: G&P Crane Stock (buffer tube not included)
- Condition: new
- Price: $40 shipped

G&P Free Float KAC RAS
- Includes: G&P FF KAC RAS, inner ring/pins, outer ring (everything needed to mount to the upper receiver), PLUS G&P KAC rail covers x2
- Condition: some small paint wear from mounting items. Other than that, it's in good condition.
- Price: $50 shipped

G&P CQBR Outer Barrel
- Includes: G&P CQBR Outer Barrel
- Condition: Some wear from the front sight hex screw underneath the front sight and two small marks on the sides (nothing a little paint can't cover).
- Price: $35 shipped (I also have a new G&P KAC A2 metal flash hider for it. Add $10 if you want to add to it, or $15 if purchased separately)

- Includes: TM P226, papers (everything as retail)
- Condition: New in Box
- Price: $120 shipped

Prime P226 Metal Kit Navy Model (Non-railed)
- Includes: Frame, Slide, Barrel (everything as retail), PLUS Guarder Enhanced Recoil and Hammer Springs
- Condition: New in Box
- Price: $360 shipped

EOTech 552 A65 Rev. F
- Includes: EOTech 552, Manual, 2 mounting screws (hex and thumb), hex wrench (everything as retail except 2 AA batteries)
- Condition: New in Box
- Price: $375 shipped

More M4 parts:

a. G&P pistol grip w/ screws (no base plate)
- Selling for $20 shipped.
- Like new.

b. G&P M4 nozzle w/ o-ring
- Selling for $10 shipped.
- Like new.

c. G&P 14mm CW Knight's flash hider
- Selling for $15 shipped.
- Like new.

d. G&P M4 front sight
- Selling for $20 shipped.
- Like new.

e. G&P Spring from CQBR
- Selling for $10 shipped
- Like new
- Haven't chronoed it, but G&P CQBR's are around 360-400 FPS

f. G&P Metal M4 Magazine catch
- Selling for $15 shipped
- Like new

- From my EBR project were born these two batteries.

a. Elite 8.4v 3600mAh NiMh large pack with mini tamiya connectors installed
- I paid ~$50 shipped w/ upgrade from CPB. Was selling for $30 shipped, now $25 shipped.
- Like new, charged once.

b. Sanyo 8.4v 1900mAh NiCd large pack with no connectors installed
- I paid ~$40 shipped. Selling for $10 shipped if separate, or $5 if purchased with Elite battery.
- Charged once, although I accidentally shorted it for a split second and haven't tested it since then, so selling for cheap as is.

Pics of the M4 parts and batteries can be seen here. Ignore the packaging since these parts came off my CQBR and I need some place to store them for the time being. Also, some of the items in the pic have already been sold (if they are not listed, then they have been sold):

No trades unless you are willing to ship first.

I accept Paypal or USPS Money Order.

References are easily found in my Arnie's rep, but I've done business elsewhere so let me know if you want more. Show me some too if you have it.

Thanks for looking!
Can't edit because of the extra pics, but PM me for fastest response.

I am interested Tango Down Battlegrip replica pistol grip and vertical grip (KA). If I get offer for those items, my Star Hogue pistol grip and vertical grips will be up for sale:

PM sent.
I would love to buy the TM P226 with the Prime non-railed kit. But I need the money for my new gaming rig. a-censored.gif a-angry.gif

I wish they would make non-railed P226 stock. O well, bump for my dream Sig P226.
The following items are sold:

EOTech 552
Elite Battery

The following items are sold pending cleared payment (Wednesday, 1/31):

G&P Metal Body
G&P CQBR Outer Barrel
G&P Crane Stock is sold.
Buyers for the Prime kit backed out so I'm going to take both the P226 and Prime kit off the market and install them myself. Apologies for the inconvenience.
The following items have been sold:

G&P Marine Metal Body
G&P M4 Magazine Catch
G&P Standard Pistol Grip
Star Hogue Pistol Grip
Star Hogue Vertical Grip

The G&P CQBR barrel is no longer for sale.
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