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Full Version: Lrrp Loadout From 29th July
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Very nice. You and wesker both gave your gear a good "dirtying". Good to see it used the way its supposed to be used a-thumbsup.gif
You and Wesker, I assume, had a blast at that game.

I love rain battles, nice loadout man. Looks tight, just because it's dirty. a-cheesy.gif
Thanks, guys.

I got a few more that I might upload later. :)
Yeah, here's a few more.

that looks totally awesome. especially the first pic in the post above mine
Hey, now I'm curious now, how do you insure your AEGs will keep working in the rain?
QUOTE (Kozy @ Jul 30 2007, 10:50 PM) *
I had the same question!

AEGs are remarkable water resistant. There are videos of someone coming out of the water (from being completely submerged) and firing on AUG instantly. The first 2-3 shots are crap when you have water down the barrel, then its all right.

Me and my buddy once tried to jump across a ravine at our local field, but we didn't know that it was actually about 3 feet of mud, so we got mud up to our knees, and you know how luck goes, our rifles were almost completely under the mud. After a good cleaning, they're still shooting as good as before. I still find mud in odd places, though a-crazy.gif
Aren't you worried about rusting on scratched parts of your rifle?

Don't get me wrong, in the feild, I'm all about doing what needs to be done. No matter how wet, muddy, scratchy, or tough the terrain is.. I go through it if it needs to be done.
But if it means making my 400$ + (for some of you) AEG looking like pain.gif, then forget that.

And are your internals (I.e. motor, electrical outfit) still the same? What if they had short circuited?

I would want to know EVERYTHING that could happen before I submersed my gun. I play in the rain all the time, but I'm not about to go diving.
If everything is still top-notch, props to you man. Sounds like a blast. a-thumbsup.gif a-cheesy.gif
AEGs are perfectly fine in the heaviest of rains.

I once found a spring pistol that was submerged in a puddle of muddy water. I took it out and it fired normally. I wouldn't want to try that with an AEG though.
Technical issues have been covered.

I'll add this. Rain should never stop Milsim play. NEVER.
I'd gladly parade my rifle around the worst of conditions. Like gear its supposed to be used.
QUOTE (wasted_youf @ Jul 30 2007, 01:14 PM) *

Is that you Wiskers in the IBA there? Is that the new loadout?
Nic pics, makes me want to go play in the rain for the sake of getting my stuff wet.
QUOTE (NoRemorse @ Jul 31 2007, 02:27 AM) *
Is that you Wiskers in the IBA there? Is that the new loadout?

No, I just happens to be another guy in MARPAT, and IBA, and that boonie (type thing...)

love the loadout by the way you look little wet
Please don't bring back threads that are old.
QUOTE (Nbrew875 @ Oct 9 2007, 12:28 AM) *
love the loadout by the way you look little wet

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