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Hop Up Nub Idea

Today, 07:27 PM

So I was weeding through forums, and found someone tinkering around with the idea of hot glue as a hop up nub. I wasn't sure if they were talking about forming the glue after it had been melted (difficult idea!) or about shaping and cutting down from the stick, or perhaps combining both and melting some down and then shaping it. It got me wondering to if similar applications could be used with silicone.




I've done this mod, found it actually kind of fun to do, and a really nice way to alter the sound profile of the gun. And the combination of both the hot glue idea, and my previous experience with the caulking made me wonder if it would be possible, either to shape a nub from the unshaped caulking itself fresh from the tube, or if I could wait for a bit of it to dry and then attempt to make a nub from that.


Similarly, I was wondering if anyone had attempted to make a nub out of the the rhop material itself? I understand that the m nub is considered the best option, but I've heard of many options, from the use of delrin rods, to peices from formerly used barrels (tackett's idea), to the use of HS5's snibbles http://www.clandesti...page=2&sort=20a

and I figured I'd ask.


Thanks for your time!

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Hey y'all from Hong Kong

24 Apr 2017

Posted by Quiet in New Members

At age 18, I have lots of time, money and testosterone to expend. I have chosen to expend those resources on Airsoft.


Born n bred in Hong Kong, also known as the world's airsoft capital. Got hooked after 1 CQB birthday sesh game and so here I am. Still completely new to the sport so looking for a bit of support from these forums before I invest fully into this. 


See you around! :) x

  57 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by Guges Mk3 )


What GLOCK should I buy? (brand and model)

27 Apr 2017

Hi, I want to get a glock as a sidearm and a primary in CQB matches. I have heard many posotives and negatives around various glock models. I was wondering what brand should I get (TM, WE, KSC. etc) and what model is known to shoot best out of the box, is the most reliable and last longest. I DON'T WANT TO DO ANY UPGRADES STRAIGHT AWAY! (I plan to also get either a TM hi capa 5.1 or MK23 due to the low prices here in Hong Kong).


Any help will be much appreciated.

  65 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Guges Mk3 )


Problems with Umarex/Elite Force Mini Uzi

28 Apr 2017

OK, first of all, I know the Mini Uzi CO2 SMG is technically made by KWC, but mine was sold under the Umarex/Elite Force brand, hence the thread title.


Anyways, last Sunday, when I played airsoft, I used my Uzi to lay down some covering fire during one match, but then I encountered a problem: when I let off the trigger, the gun ran away on me - in layman's terms, it kept firing. I tried test firing it when I got home, only for the gun to have an accidental discharge when I cocked it after loading a fresh mag in.


Now, there are a couple of other problems: 1. With no mag in the gun, I can't :censored2: it and dry fire it. 2. I can't put the safety on unless it's cocked and ready to fire.


I wonder, have I not been cleaning this gun right or what?

  35 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Guges Mk3 )

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