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How does a KWA KR12 compare to the Krytac MK2 Crb?
Feb 06 2017 01:08 PM
  • cool name here?'s Photo
    cool name here?
    Krytac 1.0 is basically KWA 2.0, with one of the biggest mind behind KWA having left to go help start up Krytac. Initially, KWA QC was very, very good, but has supposedly dropped recently. At the start, Krytac had some problems, but they fixed it and the new MK2 lineup is a great stock gun. Just don't expect laser accuracy OOTB or cheap repairs if it does break. Krytac guns actually share a lot of similarities with KWAs but also has a lot of improvements. I know all this because I was con...
    Mar 15 2017 11:19 PM