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Any technical/"how to" pb q's?

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#1 Slyck

  • Location:GA
  • Interests:Anything strenuous and outdoors, rock climbing, airsoft, ultimate frisbee, watersports, skydiving....

Posted 02 March 2004 - 08:12 PM

Ive played pb for five+ years, and I know there's other members who have as well. So if there are any airsofters that are curious bout how something works or how something is done (ie reffing, air systems, gun mechanics) ask away. If not, I suppose they'll just close the thread
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#2 Guest_BattlePriest_*


Posted 02 March 2004 - 08:54 PM

Q. How do they use the sights with the new generation of paintball markers, when the feed tube runs straight down into the top of the gun? Or do they just sight by paint flow direction now?
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#3 Slyck

  • Location:GA
  • Interests:Anything strenuous and outdoors, rock climbing, airsoft, ultimate frisbee, watersports, skydiving....

Posted 02 March 2004 - 09:05 PM

well, a lot of the newer guns don't even have sight rails any more. you don't really see scopes used except for the 24hr guys and snipers who all have highly customised guns. obviously no paintball will fly perfecly straight anyway, which is why using a scope never really made sense to me.
some people do judge by the flow, which is good for distance shots, but now most tournaments are actually determined by snapshots rather than the "spray and pray" technique. now the stock guns actually do shoot straight for as far as 20yds (ie 2003 Shocker)
but really once youve had a gun for a while you get so in tune with it that you can aim it without a hitch, and after playing the sport for a while you can aim just about any gun.
for instance my spyder is so upgraded that I can hit things better w/it than I can w/my tourney gun sometimes.
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#4 Guest_BattlePriest_*


Posted 02 March 2004 - 09:46 PM

Well when I played paintball, I had 3 different guns.

I started out with a gun that was slated as the loudest paintball gun ever made... and they even made a sound AMPLIFIER for it that you put on the end of the barrel. I had a cheapo daisy red dot sight (the kind that you could see the led glowing inside it) on it and that gun only got used in indoor CQB... the loudness of it was awesome to scare the crap outta your opponents. I used the red dot very effectively. People at Duck's blind indoor paintball used to tell all the newcomers "if you look down one of the long halls and see a glowing red dot... its too late, Chicago's got ya" (Chicago used to be my call-sign)

Then I got another marker, I cant remember what it was called, It was from a small company, it was their only gun. Later on I think Brass Eagle bought the design, put a bottom line on it and called it the Mirage. Anyway, with this gun, and a 3-9 power simmons shotgun scope, I was the dread of all in our scenario games. Using my scope on that gun, I had more 1 shot kills than I can count. Along with the appropriate "you little piece of #$&%" out of my opponents mouths. I would only shoot about 300 rounds in a day, and get more kills than those who shot a case.

From there I got a traccer pump, added a venturi bolt, an externally rifled 14 inch barrel, a 50 round loader and the Simmons scope. Took the pump handle off and just used the handle bolts as a bolt action rifle.

No one could understand how I did as well as I did, only shooting so few rounds a day. My reply ALWAYS was "by aiming BEFORE I shoot"

Paintball can be accurate... if you use the right paint, chosen for its roundness and consistent size, rather than by price or color.
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#5 Slyck

  • Location:GA
  • Interests:Anything strenuous and outdoors, rock climbing, airsoft, ultimate frisbee, watersports, skydiving....

Posted 03 March 2004 - 04:26 PM

thats pretty cool, you should see some of the stuff they have for today's senario games. Im talkin things as crazy as tanks with cannons and launchers that two people can get inside and drive around. but one of the coolest things is that for aiming mortors (huge 8 foot long carbon fiber monstrosities) a lot of people still use the whole sketch a drawing of your area on a grid system that was the original way of aiming large artillery, and lemme tell ya, ya don't wanna be around if one of those shells lands near.
And I know what ya mean bout the minimal usage of paint, im pretty cheap so I use mid grade paint and only shoot bout 800 rounds in a regular full day, and my paintball claim to fame is my snapshot, and if you can snapshoot well then you can dominate any speedball field, im not that good just yet ;) but yea its cool to be able to school people game after game and leave the field with some money still in your pocket, except for tourney's, then it all hangs loose.
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#6 Guest_BattlePriest_*


Posted 03 March 2004 - 11:00 PM

In my Indoor CQB PB days, it was my snapshot that did me well, and the reason for my two trophies from their 3 man team tourneys. My teammates for those 2 tourneys kept getting upset cause most the time, they never got to shoot with me running point. BUT in the final rounds they got to shoot plenty...and saved my arse and then some.

Those 3 man tourneys rocked... Picture this.

An old hotel in a downtown area. 2 floors, 144 rooms, 6 foyer style stairwells 12 long hallways and all the doors removed from the hinges (for safety)

6 teams playing CTF at the same time, in the same field, every team for itself. 3 flag stations at the back of the building in the second floor foyer of the stairwells. 3 flag stations at the front of the building on the ground floor foyer of the stairwells. You start at a different flag station every round, with no previous knowledge of which flag station your flag is at... you gotta search all 5 flag stations to find your flag, then return it to where you started. All with 5 other teams doing the same.

I really loved that place. :mellow:
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#7 Guest_Ra1j1n_*


Posted 03 March 2004 - 11:12 PM

Sounds like fun playing there BP...
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#8 Slyck

  • Location:GA
  • Interests:Anything strenuous and outdoors, rock climbing, airsoft, ultimate frisbee, watersports, skydiving....

Posted 04 March 2004 - 09:20 PM

yeah, one of the fields near me built a new castle field. its sweet, a full blown castle w/a perimiter wall, tower, even a moat. they also built one called "dodge city", its like an old western movie set, pretty fun
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