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Ipsc Pistols

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  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Austin, TX

Posted 16 February 2009 - 04:17 PM

Hi, im looking to start doing Airsoft IPSC. but im not sure how and were to get the guns. I have been searching but I have only seen them in foreing websites.
What are some good websites to get some of these guns (in the US)??

I want to get a 1911 and a glock. (and I was thinking Western Arms could be a good brand)

but im not sure.

Any kind of information would be appreciated.

thank you

#2 Treble

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:NYC

Posted 16 February 2009 - 04:41 PM

If you want to get good stuff, overseas retailers in HK would be the way to go. If you want a pre-built Ipsc pistol, you could contact one of the retailers to build you one. Or you can build it yourself starting with a Tokyo Marui Hi-capa. Those are pretty popular and less expensive than a Western Arms. Western Arms are great guns, but their upgrade parts are more expensive and seems to have quite less aftermarket parts compared to the Marui Hi-capas.

Not to mention extra Western Arms magazines are 50 bucks each and Marui is only 30 or so.


  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Austin, TX

Posted 16 February 2009 - 04:57 PM

Okay, I was looking at dentrinityshop to see what they have. What do you think would be a good model because they have a huge variety of 1911s??
And is TM also a good brand for a glock or should I at look some other brands for that??
Sry, im really into practical shooting but I don't know that much about airsoft.

thx again

#4 Treble

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:NYC

Posted 16 February 2009 - 05:03 PM

I don't know about a Glock being used in Ipsc. I have never owned a TM Glock, but I've read everywhere that they are very reliable and accurate. Power for the TM Glock is a bit down compared to KSC/KWA, but TM is more consistant.

I'm more of a power-hungry person so I never found a reason to own a TM GLock since I've owned a few KSC Glocks (and ended up selling all of them)

Now for the 1911s.. do you plan to use 134a gas (duster gas) or Green gas (propane)? The new Western Arms series aren't good at taking propane unless you upgrade it (which can add up and be very expensive)

Marui is easily the best brand to chose since they have so many spare and aftermarket parts. Western Arms is great, but if you plan to shoot it a lot, prepare to spend some money for maintenance. KSC and KWA has released a new batch of guns (labeled System7 or NS2) and have better performance compared to their old guns. These are the 3-4 brands I recommend.

#5 FenderJoshBass

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Arcata/San Diego, CA
  • Interests:Wildlife Management & Conservation major, Humboldt State University. Future LEO of America. :)

Posted 16 February 2009 - 05:18 PM

If I were to get a 1911 for IPSC purposes it'd definitely be the KWA 1911 PTP DS. For a Glock I'd either go for a TM or KSC with a metal slide. Both the KSC and KWA are real accurate because of their System 7/NS2 gas systems. Not to mention like imphranki said, there are a lot of parts out there for these guns and their quality is proven.

Edited by FenderJoshBass, 16 February 2009 - 05:19 PM.

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#6 Hush02

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Hawaii
  • Interests:Airsoft...

Posted 16 February 2009 - 07:09 PM

Western Arms used to be king of the airsoft IPSC. Until TM introduced the Hi-capa in 2004 and knocked if off its podium. from there, the rest is history.

What I've learned about ISPC shooting, its best to choose a weapon that has a lot of aftermarket parts for performance modification. The KWA has the power and spare parts, and I have nothing against it, but it lacks aftermarket parts to adjust power and accuracy as TM does.

As for Glocks, TMs and KWA/KSCs have about the same amount of parts,
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

Got a stupid question regarding airsoft? PM me and I'll try my best...

#7 BaltimoreCS

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Baltimore, MD

Posted 17 February 2009 - 12:52 PM

The top competitors use the TM Hi-Capa as a base, and basically build their own from the ground up. You are realistically looking to be in the $1,500 to $2,000 range for a competitive gun. Illusion over at Airsoft Canada is a genius when it comes to IPSC, and he competes in Canada. Check out this thread of race guns:


Here is a Glock thread:


Keep in mind that Glock parts are rarer than Hi-Capa parts, and therefore more expensive.

Here is the American Airsoft Practical Shooting site too


#8 Allizard

  • Gender:Male
  • Interests:Travel, Photography, Gadget etc...

Posted 20 February 2009 - 03:03 PM

Guys... don't you know we are a separate forum here about IPSC shooting?!



  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Austin, TX

Posted 13 March 2009 - 10:06 AM

Thank you

That helps a lot

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