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M249 Saw Dissasembly

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#1 Jon

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Posted 16 March 2009 - 07:03 PM

M249 SAW Dissasembly Guide (A&K Version)

To start off, unplug your battery and take out the mag.
First, push the barrel lock lever back and take out the inner/outer barrel assembly.

Here's a close up of the inner barrel and hop up.

And then unscrew the end of stock pin, and flip the stock down.

Now flip up the feed tray cover.

Next, unscrew the two screws on the left side above the trigger. These are the only things holding the gearbox in.

Then, unscrew the screw in front of the cocking handle and pull that out. You may need to take the handgaurd off. This is done by pulling it down and towards the stock of the gun.

Now the gearbox can be lifted up and out of the reciever.

Here is a picture of the behemouth gearbox. It is ~1/3rd the weight of the gun.

Here is how to take out the spring:

Pull up the feed tray cover and push this little lever back.

Push in the spring guide on the back of the gearbox at the same time.

It should just pop out.

Now you are free to change out the sping guide by unscrewing the screw on the back of the guide (while holding the guide). You can also quickly and easily change out the spring for different styles of play etc.

If you have any questions please PM me and I will try to help.

Thanks for your time!

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