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Well Mb-01 Sniper Rifle Review

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#1 schmidtdude3


Posted 12 June 2009 - 11:53 AM

Well MB-01 Sniper Rifle (a.k.a Well L96)
by: Schmidtdude3

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Buying
3. First thoughts
4. Specifications
5. A closer look
6. Magazine
7. Hop up
8. Shooting
9. Accessories
a. Scope
b. Bipod
c. Upgrades
10. Final Thoughts

I have had an interest in the art of marksmanship and sniping for quite a while now, and I thought to myself, why not give it a go?
First, I went on hundreds of forums and sites, trying to find good reviews on snipers, good tips and advice. Many claim that it is not a good choice becoming a sniper off the bat because it requires a lot of patience, skill and determination to become a successful sniper. I was a little concerned about this, but thanks to the L96 I no longer have any more worries.

This gun is quite popular among many online shops so it is not too much of a problem in finding it. I bought mine from a local store in Hong Kong called S3, but you can find this gun on places like www.redwolfairsoft.com which is a major retailer in airsoft guns and ships pretty much anywhere. I bought this gun (bipod + scope) for $800 HKD which translates to about $100 USD, which is very cheap, redwolf sells the gun for roughly the same price.

First Thoughts:
Upon buying the gun I could not wait to rip open the box and take a look at the beauty inside. The L96 has a unique stock design that is instantly recognizable by many who know of this rifle. I had read a couple reviews on the gun and seen countless videos of people using it too. It is known for its power and accuracy as it shoots at around 450fps straight out the box. The gun came in two parts; the metal barrel plus trigger mechanics and the plastic body of the gun. The scope was in a box and the bipod was separate and had to be put together.

These were the specs printed on the box.
FPS Ė 410-430
Weight Ė1430g, 3.2lbs
Length Ė 22.8inches, 1.9ft
Max Range Ė150 feet
Mag Capacity Ė 35

A closer look:
You are given a magazine, 25 bbs, 3 different sized Allen wrenches, speedloader with adaptor and a sling. Along with 2 parts to the gun, the stock and the barrel component. Also this set includes a scope and bipod.

The metal parts first. Everything on the barrel component is metal except for the trigger, the bipod is metal and the scope plus railings are all metal. This contributes to the majority of the weight of this sniper rifle, it feels very solid and sturdy. The magazine is also metal, and it is actually specifically designed for this sniper, actually took a little bit of digging around for me to find a place which sells one of these mags.

The stock is really the only main plastic part; the butt of the stock is actually rubber and feels great up against your shoulder as it gives some comfort when holding the rifle up close.

Overall the gun feels very sturdy and has got a bit of weight on it, the box claims it weighs about 3lbs but the sniper feels heavier. The sling is decent but feels a little unstable, quite a cheaply made sling and feels like it could snap at any moment. I have had this gun for about 4 months now and it still works like a charm, everything is still intact and in great shape.

Note: As you can see, I have painted the gun myself. It was originally fully black and I just added a base tan color with stripes of green across it.

The magazine is unique to the L96 and is made of metal, it holds about 35rds. What I like about this magazine is the mechanism thatís built into it, it literally pops out of the rifle when you press a small button on the bottom of the rifle. Remember though, when loading your magazine into the rifle, you must hear a good solid click, that will indicate the magazine has fit into place. If you donít make sure you hear the click, the rifle will not fire. Loading this magazine with bbís took me a small while to figure out, you require a speedloader with an adaptor which is provided. You place three fingers onto the top of the magazine, push down and load the bbís in sideways.
The picture should explain it a bit clearer:

Hop up:
I have not really touched to hop up, but just so you know, it is located just behind the button to release the magazine. You are provided with an Allen wrench to turn it, turn anti-clockwise for less hop up and clockwise for more.

This gun works best with .25g bbís. With .20g it shoots at around 410 to 430fps, and with .25g it shoots at about 450fps. The gun is quite accurate in stock form and the power compliments it quite well, it maintains decent accuracy up to about 120 feet, then the bullets either drop or they sway in the wind.
The ROF is low, as is with all spring sniper rifles. The pull-back to the bolt has some resistance, but it is not too difficult to pull back. As a sniper you are not going to be laying down bbís on the enemy so this is not a problem.

Note: Be mindful, although the gun is quite accurate, it does have a slight consistency problem with bullet trajectory. Majority of the time the bullets will hit dead on target if not only slightly off, but sometimes they fly way off and I am not sure why. I have read reviews and some claim this is just the way the gun is built, most of the time it will be very accurate but occasionally you will get that weird shot.

The L96 comes with a scope, itís a 3-9x 40mm scope and does a good job. Some feel the need to purchase higher powered scopes and that is up to you, I personally think this scope works fine and does not need much modifications. It was quite off target coming out of the box, as predicted, so it took me a little while to zero in my scope. Once zeroed in, it works wonders.

The bipod is a full-metal bipod that comes in the set, it is a decent bipod and works alright as long as you donít tamper with it too much. Not long after I bought the gun, I was using the bipod quite a bit and found it a little loose; in fact it broke a bit because I bent the gun too far forward causing it to chip a bit. If you feel like you are going to need a bipod during your skirmishes, I would suggest buying a brand new bipod for this gun. I personally donít really use the bipod much, or at all for that matter so I am fine with the one provided.

There are not many upgrades to this gun, frantically it doesnít really need them. Straight out of the box it performs very well and unless you are looking to really knock up the power there are some modifications to the barrel and spring that can be made, but not necessary as the gun already is quite powerful.

Final thoughts:
I love this sniper rifle, it is a great gun. It has a lot power while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. I recommend it to anyone who is out there looking for that special unique rifle, it stands out amongst the rest. I am very happy with the purchase of the gun and have no regrets, after adding a custom paint job to it I would not give it up for anything else!
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#2 Simley

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Somewhere near you

Posted 16 June 2009 - 03:54 PM

10.1/10 great review! I feel like burning my M15A4 to the ground and buying an L96. :D
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Death is inevitable, the question is, are you going out with a bang?

#3 schmidtdude3


Posted 19 June 2009 - 12:01 AM

QUOTE (Simley @ Jun 16 2009, 03:54 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
10.1/10 great review! I feel like burning my M15A4 to the ground and buying an L96. :D

thanks simley! im just waiting for someone to approve this, so it can get on the review forum because I really feel this gun should be on there! :P
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#4 kashmunni

  • Location:Owasso, Ok
  • Interests:Airsoft of course, along with pretty much anything engineering/mechanical. I also collect and shoot real steel firearms.

Posted 30 June 2009 - 01:33 PM

This gun works best with .25g bbís. With .20g it shoots at around 410 to 430fps, and with .25g it shoots at about 450fps.

This can't be right. I think you switched the numbers there, because it would shoot faster with a lighter BB, but have less range. And of course, slower with a heavier BB and greater range.
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#5 schmidtdude3


Posted 27 July 2009 - 03:58 AM

QUOTE (kashmunni @ Jun 30 2009, 01:33 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This can't be right. I think you switched the numbers there, because it would shoot faster with a lighter BB, but have less range. And of course, slower with a heavier BB and greater range.

oh I didn't see that, I'll fix it now, thanks! sorry for the late reply I've been away for a month.
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