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FirePower Co2 WSCG-103 Handgun

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#1 Riley Hass

Riley Hass
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Wisconsin

Posted 09 July 2009 - 03:04 PM

FirePower Co2 WSCG-103 Handgun

By Riley C. Hass

Table of Contents

I. First Impressions
II. Appearance/Feel/Build Quality
III. Function
IV. Performance
V. Pros & Cons
-- A. Pros
-- B. Cons
VI. Ordering/Shipping
VII. Final Words

I. First Impressions

- Similar looking to the Colt 1911.
- Mistook the ABS plastic as real metal.
- Amazed at how simple it actually was.
- Thought at least one Co2 cartridge would be included. It wasn’t.
- Shipping was great, fast, and easy.
- Not really a FirePower company fan, but I thought I'd give it a try.

II. Appearance/Feel/Build Quality

- Main Body is strong ABS plastic coated so it feels like metal.
- Upper body (The slider) is cheaper plastic and almost flimsy.
- Heavy for a pistol, feels real.
- Bulky and requires medium or larger pistol holsters.

III. Function

- Basic Co2 design. Most of the “internals” are based off of the magazine.

- Magazine has a push down spring so BBs can easily slide in
- Co2 is placed in magazine and held nicely inside.
- Magazine is extremely easy to put into the pistol as well as it is to get out.

IV. Performance

- FPS with .12 BBs was 360.
- FPS with .20 BBs was 340.
- Works very well in combat situations, no jams.
- Clips are easy to take out of vest/pockets, but harder to put back.
- Easily able to shoot through light brush, cardboard, and cans.
- The gun works great with Co2, can shoot 150-250 rounds (depending on how much it is in use) without it effecting speed or accuracy.

V. Pros & Cons

-- A. Pros

- Metal like feel and is heavy like a realistic handgun.
- Nice back up weapon.
- Doesn't jam, can be used easily.
- Moderate in price; $40 - $60 depending on where it is bought.
- Doesn't need a whole lot of cleaning, can work perfectly fine and remain trusted in battle.

-- B. Cons

- Only comes with one magazine.
- Co2 is costy these days, especially how the economy can be.
- Upper body plastic is weak and should be handled with great care.
- The lower body (Or main body) plastic is ABS. Not real metal, which is a disappointment.

VI. Ordering/Shipping

- Shipping was great! Fast, only took 3 days to arrive from California to Wisconsin.
- Shipping is a bit more expensive than other pistols, comes at $8 - $10 which is usually the airsoft rifle range.
- Packaging was neat and nicely assembled, ordering it was easy and the phone operator was kind.
- Comes with a speed loader (pistol modification included so it can be fed into the magazine).

VII. Final Words

It's a great pistol, especially a starter one who's looking for a bit of power and something that you can trust in your holster. If you already have experience with Co2 pistols, there's really no need to buy it then because there are better out there (With a lofty price of course) and should only be bought as something if you have a lower budget and need some firepower or just starting airsoft and you need a backup weapon. I don't know how many of you may trust the FirePower company (I do only somewhat with great caution) but this pistol was nice and well shipped to me.

Edited by Riley Hass, 09 July 2009 - 04:09 PM.

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#2 nieb15

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:California
  • Interests:Longboarding, engineering, rowing, airsoft

Posted 09 July 2009 - 03:22 PM

Good review. Just replace the word 'clip' with 'magazine' and your set.
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