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New and Improved Signature Rules... 7/16/2010

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#1 Guest_OpSic66_*


Posted 26 November 2009 - 05:12 PM

These are the new and improved rules for user signatures here on ASF. As drafted and voted on by the Moderation team, and approved by the Admins.

Max TOTAL image height = 150 pixels.
Max TOTAL image length = 700 pixels.

This means, that no matter how many images you have in your signature, together, they cannot take up larger than a 150X700 space. See example sizes below.
IF you have a photo of the Max Total size allowed, You will NOT be allowed anything else in your signature. No links, no quotes, no text.

Text lines in signatures:
If you have ANY image, you can have a total of 4 rows of normal sized text, with a carriage return at the end of each row so that your rows of text do not extend beyond 100 characters including spaces, per line..
The largest text size you can use is "Size 4". BUT If you have one row of size 4 text, you can only have 4 total rows of text, if your entire signature text is size 4 text you can only have 2 rows of text.

A blank line = a row of text. If you want 6 rows (again of regular size 2 text), then you can have no blank lines.

If you have NO photo in your signature, you can have a maximum of 6 lines of regular size (size 2) text. Provided you do not have a "blank" or "Carriage Return" line in your signature.

QUOTES in signatures: New rule added 11.14.06
Due to the recent popularity of using quotes tags in signatures this new regulation has been added. Because of the amount of physical vertical space used up by quote windows themselves. Only one quote can be used per signature, and with a maximum of one line of size 2 text within the quote window. Also, if you quote someone from the airsoft community in your signature, it had better be an ACTUAL real quote. Intentionally misquoting someone could be a bannable offense. This most certainly covers anything of LOL or LULZ misquoted for shaming a user of ASF.

Carriage Returns in Signatures:
This rule needed clarification, A carriage return, is when you hit Enter to insert a blank line of space inbetween 2 sentences.
You may only have 2 carriage returns. However, if you have a photo in your signature, you will only be allowed 1 carriage return. Those whom have a "Max Total" image size, will not be allowed a carriage return at all.

Links in signatures:
The following are links allowed in Signatures:
Links to pages (of threads, posts, etc) within ASF
Links to your own team page (NOT a forum... if you have a forum, must link to a MAIN page, not the forum)
Links to airsoft related photos for your signature.
Links to your "Store front" or items on SportsOnlyAuctions.com, or for approved sellers. Items listed in the Buy/Sell/Trade section. There however is a maximum amount of items you can have in your signature, and are covered above as "lines of text".

The following types of links are NOT allowed in Signatures:
Links to other Airsoft Forums (that are NOT "team" sites).
Links to ANY type of FILE for download
Links to ANY non-airsoft related site.
Links to ARTICLES at other airsoft sites, that are NOT within an Airsoft related forum.
Links to REVIEWS at other airsoft sites, that are NOT within an Airsoft related forum.
Links to Ebay Items. - Simply put, those links can die quickly, and go invalid.
Links to news stories at reputable news sites, about airsoft. - This is simply for the fact of content. Some news sites change links or "move" content from time to time. Other sites just delete it, or even lock it to subscription services.
Links to Airsoft Stores, Business's Etc. - Unless you are an ASF Sponsor.

Signature CONTENT regulations:
No pornography
No political or religious images commentary
No Slander. Racial, Personal, Religious or otherwise!
No pseudo pornography
No tasteless imagery of any kind
NO Links, text, or images for Airsoft Stores, Business's Etc. - Unless you are an ASF Sponsor.
No disturbing content (the definition of disturbing is up to the staff's discretion)
Any "Anti-ASF rules" banter of any kind. This relates to the "I play backyard airsoft" or any other topic that ASF has rules against.

It is suggested that your signature contains only imagery and text relating to airsoft or your airsoft persona.

In general, ASF Moderators and Admin's usually do not police peoples signatures. Unless they are grossly over the top, or pointed out to us.

You will notice when posting that your signature has been modified by whichever Moderator or Admin. They will do so, and leave their name in your signature, a link to these rules, and what was in non-compliance in your signature. This will be your first and only warning. In some cases, the Moderator or Admin may also choose to send you a PM, notifying you on the issue with your signature. Generally this is not the case.

You will be allowed, 1 warning. After this, any other time a Moderator or Admin needs to modify your signature, you will get your warning level increased. Any point after your second violation, If a Moderator or Admin modifies your signature, it will also be accompanied by a 24 to 48 hour posting restriction.

There will be NO Adult content allowed, This includes words, photos, links, etc. There is NO allowances on this. Violation of this will earn you an instant 72hr suspension of your account. An account suspension means you will not be able to Post or PM people on this site.

Here is a Sample of the Maximum allowed total signature size:

Amendment: added 7/16/2010 by Admin
QUOTE (admin @ Jul 16 2010, 12:57 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I am not trying to single anyone out intentionally, I am just using this opportunity to make it known to all of the admins, level 2 moderators and all of the forum members that...

...It has been recently brought to my attention that banners, avatars, and signatures containing strobes such as black & white, Blue & Red, Red & White can cause a problem for a few people with medical conditions like epilepsy.


Regardless of the small number of people in the population (maybe around 5%), these types or avatars and graphics in signatures are very annoying. The moderators and I will be removing them as we find them, and ask for your cooperation. If you see a member with these and they are overly-annoying - please ask them to kindly remove the graphic or let an administrator or moderator know and we will remove it for them. There is no need to use the report button. A simple PM will do.

If you are not aware of what I am talking about, here is an example:

http://img535.images...09/sigflash.gif -=- Click at your own risk.

Again, I am not trying to point fingers or single anyone specifically. The photo linked above is for REFERENCE ONLY.

Additionally, most of us here at ASF want the topics and forums to be easy to read. This is why we can choose our own forum skin templates, but when it comes to posting something that can potentially offending or cause a problem for someone else, we have to seriously evaluate what we allow and we do not allow to be posted publicly.

Hope that helps clear up a few things and we look forward to your support in resolving this issue


Edited by OpSic66, 06 October 2010 - 11:35 PM.

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