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G&G G96 vs. Well L96 vs. KJW M700

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#1 tryin345

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Virginia

Posted 08 November 2011 - 09:36 PM

Basically, I am extremely interested in getting a gas bolt-action sniper rifle as spring snipers are a bottomless cash pit. Below are my three choices. I will list what I know about them, and would greatly appreciate input from those who have used any of them. FPS is not an issue, as I know they all shoot hot enough and similarly enough on propane that it doesn't matter.

KJW M700. $165 on Airsplat. I've heard that it is a good rifle, but it's downfall is its stock 6.1mm inner barrel (easily fixed with a TBB that ASGI sells for $30-$35). Are its magazines leak-prone? Anyone ever experience problems with it rusting easily? Do the magazines have feed issues? Etc...

G&G Mauser G96. Can be bought for about $250 from reputable USA sellers on Ebay. Even after watching ASGI's review on it I know very little about it. Is its stock accuracy good? Magazine problems? What style hop-up does it have? Does it take a specially cut TBB? If so where can it be found for, how much? Etc...

Well L96. Can be bought for a little less than the G&G, and I believe it is a clone of the Ares AW. Other than that I'm clueless.
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#2 buymystuff

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:New York
  • Interests:Airsofting, Computing, Gaming, basketball, people
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Posted 13 November 2011 - 05:40 PM

I have personally owned both the kjw m700 and currently own the g&g g96.

If you want to check out my youtube channel for a video review on the g96, youtube.com/fatsoftair
Anyways, on to the problem with all of them, they are all inconsistent, very inconsistent, I am not so sure about the well, but I do know that it has leaky magazines.

My kjw magazine never had problems with leaking, but it either shot straight or the bbs just plopped out of the barrel. I sold it because of its terrible performance. Also, I have heard that it has barrel alignment problems, you can check out thenodnarb's youtube channel, he discusses the problems of the kjw's.

The G96, for the small time that I shot it with propane(green gas) it was decently powerful from shot to shot. Although I can't say now, because I have my magazine tapped for external air with an hpa air tank, which is much much more reliable and consistent and I recommend you get. I got my g96 from a "reputable" US ebay dealer for 250$
The G96 has a very sturdy magazine with the g&g upgrade parts(a big plus over the kjw) IT also comes with the power bolt, rubber piece on the bolt, strong striker spring, steel bolt handle, and a 6.04 inner barrel.

The G96 is a copy of the tanaka so it's inner barrel is tanaka propietary. For now, I am sticking with everything stock, no upgrades besides of course the hpa rig which is such a drastic improvement.
If you were to get any of the rifles, I would suggest you get the Bell m700, only if you want to add a few internal upgrades such as hopup bucking and barrel and striker spring etc.. I've heard that the bell m700 has a longer nozzle than the kjw, which leads to better performance and consistency.

Get the G96 if you want a relatively good quality rifle out of the box that you don't really need to upgrade unless you play in colder climates.
don't get the well l96/g96 or whatever they call it. I've heard of the hammer that hits the gas release valve shattering after only 100 or so shots. The gun itself is also huge and heavy.

In the end, the BIGGEST DOWNFALL of all gas sniper rifles is shot to shot consistency, unless of course you opt for the external air rig like I did. Well, good luck choosing, if you have any questions, send me a message on youtube or email me at fatsoftair<AT>gmail.com
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