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Removing Painted Orange Tip From KWA M93R (Canada)

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4 replies to this topic

#1 McGilli


Posted 16 September 2012 - 09:54 PM

Removing Painted Orange Tip From KWA M93R (Canada)

Hi everyone. In Canada, Airsoft pistols are NOT required to have an orange tip on Airsoft guns.

So, as I live in Canada and ordered two KWA M93R pistols - I searched the net for ways to remove the orange tip. (I hope this post is ok - Being an international forum I thought it might be ok to help out those in countries where this applies)

If you are not familiar with the KWA M93R pistols, they do NOT have an orange 'plug' tip. Instead, the last .5" of the barrel is dipped in orange paint at the factory. So, DIY's like heating and twisting out the tip do not apply to this pistol.

The KWA M93R comes with an plastic outer barrel.

Some of the places on the net I have visited and videos I have watched recommend:

-painting over the tip with nail polish (doesn't match well)
-spraying the entire outer barrel with black paint (must disassemble the pistol)
-cutting off the end of the barrel to remove the orange tip (change characteristic of barrel)
-using paint remover to wipe off orange paint and primer (doesn't match well)

All of these seem to work ok, but the end result was just not professional enough for me as a collector. So, I tried something just a bit different. I wanted the barrel to look really clean. Like there was never any work done on the tip.

I'm sorry - I didn't take any pictures of the barrel after I had removed the orange paint. I just have before and after photos.


0. Pistol with orange tip.

1. I used a cotton ball covered in nail polish remover to wipe the orange paint off. This took about 5 minutes in total. It took me 3 cotton balls for each barrel.

2. Be careful. If you wipe too hard, too much, you can actually start eating away at the plastic barrel once you are through the paint. Best to take your time.

3. More than likely, once the orange is removed from the outside of the barrel, there will be some whitish residue left on the tip. This is from the primer that was used under the range paint. This is ok. But it shouldn't be white. more of a dull grey now on the tip.

4. The inner tip will still have orange paint in it. For this, I use nail polish remover on a q-tip and take care of the inside. Again, it will be a lighter shade once the paint is removed.

5. Once the barrel is dry, it's time to restore the nice flat black colour to the barrel tip.

6. I purchased a "Black Sharpie - Poster Paint felt paint pen" from a hobby store.

7. I colour the outer tip of the barrel. The paint comes out thick and shiny black. make sure you have covered all the lighter parts of the outer barrel.

8. Let it dry for about 15 seconds. Then, using a lint free cloth wipe off the paint. It will mostly wipe off, but also, some of the paint has soaked into the plastic. The tip is now darker, but maybe not perfect. Repeat the process. Pretty soon, the barrel tip will look exactly like the rest of the barrel.

9. Once it is dry, which is about one minute, paint a q-tip end. Then use that on the inside of the outer barrel.

10. You can't wipe down the inside of the barrel tip, but you don't need too. The inner tip will turn a nice deep black with the paint in it.

11. Done. This gave me the best results I have seen, without actually painting the entire outer barrel.

12. I took pictures close and in the sunlight to show that the paint is practically indistinguishable from the original barrel.

Hope this helps!

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#2 Amorton94

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Colorado

Posted 16 September 2012 - 10:43 PM

That looks great! The idiot kid that had mine before me used a dremel.. it looks like shat a-rolleyes.gif
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#3 Standard4130

  • Location:USA
  • Interests:Machining/Manufacturing & Projectile accelerating devices............

Posted 17 September 2012 - 01:04 AM

For future reference............. just soak & swish in brake fluid. Brake fluid will slowly remove the paint & will not effect the plastic. I've done this on several guns with plastic underneath the paint & it works great....... Including my own personal KWA M93r. :)
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#4 Guges Mk3

Guges Mk3
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Minnesota

  • My Temperament:Sanguine

Posted 17 September 2012 - 11:47 AM

It is also subjective to the paint type. Shippers don't all use the same paint.

And one should "Never" use nail polish remover or any product with Acetone. Use model paint thinner, MPT will remove paint and leave plastic alone. Thus skipping the sharpie effect.

However, removing orange is completely subjective to the paint.

I know one shipper that uses a acrylic that can be scrapped off with your finger nail.
Some shippers use epoxy paint and your process will not work.
Another shipper uses a paint that can be removed by isopropyl alcohol.

Know your paint, never use Acetone and have fun restoring.

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#5 McGilli


Posted 17 September 2012 - 12:46 PM

YEs, anyone that has more methods and helpful information - please post it here. Thanks for the input guys.
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