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Asf Official Introduction Thread

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1000 replies to this topic

#1 Guest_BattlePriest_*


Posted 17 July 2005 - 10:42 PM

[edit= Lacessit]
This thread has been resurected to help clean up this section. Anyone who has already made an introduction and wants to have it restored PM me and I can (hopefully) restore it for you... otherwise, just post a new one if you wish.

You can use the following examples to get an idea of what format to use in your posts. Please do not make discussions in thie thread.. just post your introduction.
[end edit]

Battlepriest..... wierd name?...well yes I actually am a priest. Ordained by the Universal Life Church in Modesta CA. Although anyone who wants to can get ordained, legally by the ULC. I have and do actually use my ordination as a priest. I have performed 2 weddings and have been know to be a spiritual guide for some. I also bill myself as the unnoficial Airsoft Combat Chaplain (If you cant have fun with who you are, whats the point in having fun right?)

My team Geeks with Guns so has about 4 active members, myself and my best friend Yod9 being the founders. At our largest, we had 6 active members, but we seem to have trouble finding people to join us, because we arent in a position to play every month, or even every big game of the year in the Chicago area. Our recruiting policy restricts us to team members over the age of 18, if for no other reason than legal responsibility, but also because we simply want to have a team of adults who at least have some life experience. I do admit that I have met some players under the age of 18 who are very very good, and carry themselves quite well.

GWG Arsenal (list incomplete)

I am also the owner/administrator of http://www.airsoftspecialists.com , an airsoft product review site. I have several reviews and articles there, so please have a look.

I am also a budding Airsoft Videographer, and have published several videos to date...You can see most of them if you look around our Videos sub-forum in the Airsoft photos and Images section.

Our home field used to be Challenge Park in Joliet IL. http://www.challengepark.com They have recently ceased hosting of airsoft events but they are currently the best venue in the country for paintball and they were that be for airsoft for at least a year.

There are also 2-3 other fields nearby that are privately owned and cost nothing to play on. the CAA (chicago airsoft association) is the organizer of several of them. There are also event hosted by Aggressive Sport Joliet, both monthly Skirmishes and 2 day scenario events at various fields in the Chicago Area. We also have lately the local CAA team Sparrow unit, hosting public games at locations such as Paintball Blitz in Gurnee Illinois. With all these choices, there is a relatively good sized game to go to (20-60 players) at least twice a month in the Chicago area.

I started out in Paintball. From about 1990 to 1999. I played on a store sponsored team in various Amatur paintball tourneys. "The Mercenaries" sponsored by "Duck's Blind Paintball" In Davenport IA. I started out playing indoor CQB at the Ducks Blind indoor field which was true indoor urban combat. It was built into a 3 story hotel/motel/apartment building in downtown Davenport. I have 2 trophies from tournaments played in that indoor field. They eventually got shut down by the city though, cause they didnt like the paintballers hanging out on the sidewalks at the end of the day. I eventually quit playing Paintball due to the rise in popularity of the "speedball" genre and the neon colored guns and gear. I was in it for the tactical and combat simulation and not becuase it was an extreme sport.

Hmm lets see, did I leave anything out?.. Oh yeah, Im a Technician/Engineer working as a Biomechanics Research tech.

Edited by Lacessit, 12 December 2005 - 02:54 PM.

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#2 Guest_BattlePriest_*


Posted 17 July 2005 - 10:50 PM

Thank you for starting this topic BattlePriest, it is an excellent idea.

This is very interesting to read about you guys. You all have quite a selection of Airsoft gear, and your posts are excellent. By giving some background on your product knowledge and a little history about yourselves, you add a ton of credibility to your posts. I look forward to your future comments on this board.

As for me, I am fairly new at AirSoft Gaming. I have been collecting military gear, assault gear, hi-tech gadgets & real weapons for about 15 years. For security reasons I can't really list any of that here, but my collection could probably outfit a small Platoon. I'm currently a Signal Support Systems Specialist in the Army Reserves and have 3 years left on my contract. That's basically a fancy name for radio guy and network administrator. I've studied NBC (Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical > for newbies), taken Military Intel classes in Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance and Direction Finding.

In August of this year (2003) I will be taking part in a Military Police Reclassification School for a couple weeks which by the way, will leave this board without an admin person for 18 - 20 days unless we can find more help between now and then.

Anyway, I was in a gun shop one day looking for another sub-compact 9 handgun for a CCW (aka concealed carry permit > for newbies) that I was about to get at the time when the guy behind the counter said to me, "excuse me sir - but I am going to fire this in the store so don't be alarmedÖ" He was holding what appeared to be a UZI SMG. I was likeÖ "WHAT THE #<AT>$%"

Before it had time to even register what was about to happen, he squeezed off a few rounds and to my surprise, it was not a real gun though it looked quit real! Well, imagine my excitement when I saw the advantage of being able to fire an SMG indoors! From that moment on, I was at every gun show and all over the Internet to find out as much information as I could on this thing called "Airsoft".

Soon thereafter, I met some guys at a gun show who happened to live not too far from me who were actual Airsoft dealers and would import these into the United States. For the next few months, I became one of their sub contractors to help them sell guns to stores.

I played a few Airsoft events and learned quite a bit about this hobby. Needless to say, but I was hooked. Being a dealer afforded me the opportunity to handle and learn quite a bit about many of the brands, makes and models, though I did not start this board to sell products from.

This board was created to bring together people from all over the world such as yourselves, who share this same love for one of the coolest military simulated training aides, (or what ever you like to call it) - that I have ever seen

Hello everyone,

Nice web site, Battle Priest! Well done! You are very serious. We, down here in Indonesia are no longer enjoying paintball games like that anymore. Most professional paintball player are only interested in extreme sport style game with sup air balls, and they avoid battle simulation games.

Let me introduce myself, I am a video editor to an IT company in Indonesia. I am also a military enthusiast who enjoys airsoft skirmish games, military history, collecting military uniforms, and re-enactment activities.

My gear up to now is a TM H&K MP5 A5 with a surefire handguard, red dot sight, and laser sight without any upgrade to the spring an neither the battery.

My other guns are a Maruzen MP5K, Kuan Ju Works P8, KJW USP, TM Luger (air cocking) and many other springers from XM-177 air-cocking replicas to side arms air-cocking plastic replicas. The brand may vary from KWC, UHC, etc.

I once owned a TM H&K G3/SG1 previously and I wrote a review for the replica in my personal website at http://ony.airsoftla...yo_marui_g3.htm

Unfortunately the review was written in Bahasa Indonesia, but I believe you can enjoy the pictures as I put many walk-around pictures of my previous TM H&K G3/SG1. I also put Carl Zeiss Diavari DA riflescope diagram that is commonly used by real G3/SG1 or MSG-90.

I also owned a TM H&K MP5A4 and TM H&K MC51 as well, but for some reason due to my father's illness at the hospital last year, I had to sell them. Both of them were never used by myself for airsoft skirmish, actualy...

I am glad to find this airsoft forum as I believe that I will have new friends who are willing to share their experiences in playing airsoft guns

An introduction huh? Alright, here goes :-D

I'm a 22 year old student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I currently have an associates degree in Graphic Design, and am working towards a BA in Animation. I am originally from Vermont, though my family moved around a lot when I was younger.

I have been a paintball player since my senior year in high school. I currently use a Tippman 98 with a flatline barrel. I have considered adding the new reactive trigger to the gun, but I would have to send it back to the factory (I bought it right when it came out). I have never played Airsoft, but since I love paintball, I'm sure I'll love airsoft as well, even though I'm sure there are huge differences in how the two games are played.

The main things that have kept me from buying airsoft equipment are lack of money, and not knowing where in my area airsoft can be played. Thus far I have not been able to convince my fellow paintballers to get into airsoft, though one of my friends does like the idea of having pistol matches with airsoft. Maybe if we ever get around to that I'll be able to get them into it more. Any advice that anyone can offer about anything airsoft would be much appreciated

Ottawa Ontario canada
Male 28y been involved in airsoft for about two years now. I help run the local airsoft field Foxden Airsoft ( my good friend Foxtail ownes it ). We run every saturday in spring to fall with the occasional winter games. I have no gun right now I use one of the field rentals a stock M4A1. We average 25 players every weekend and will start having mid week games
My empolyment: I work for the canadian Corps of Commissionnaires ( security Guard ).
I don't play every weekend do to my work schedual but belive me if I could I would I spent most of my days off <AT> the field building new areas in the fields.

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#3 Guest_BattlePriest_*


Posted 17 July 2005 - 10:56 PM

I chose this name because I got shot at with a paintball marker in the leg at pointblank, it really stung like a bee and broke the skin, never played paintball so my friend did the shooting, I chose airsoft over paintball because you can't freaking aim paintballs since there are no sights, there is an ugly feeder attached to the upper receiver, the painballs are sensitive to temperature, they can't shoot far because the ball might explode in the barrel, and you got too many problems with the equipment in that game.

Anyway, I am born in Taipei, Taiwan, moved to Hong Kong then immigrated to Coquitlam BC, Canada when I was 2 years old where I still live† :) . I am very new to airsoft, I never even knew such a game even existed, I love to look at real firearms, I know a bunch about them, I also like to fix cars and raise my fitness level. I am 17 yrs old, most of the time I am depressed cuz' my family sucks† :( . I am graduating from high school next year, I hope to get a degree in computer science so I can make a crap load of cash, I am looking for a part time job that suits me, I have no car, but I got a learners license, I do not own any firearms or air guns though I wish I do.† Even Though I think I know alot about firearms, I do not know jack pain.gif about airsoft stuff, I am sooooo new that nobody can stand me!† blink.gif† :angry:†  lol.gif


I suppose I'll add my own into this. I'm Dughal, and I've been playing airsoft since 1987 when I learned about them while I was living in Japan. I had been collecting model guns for a few years before that, and shooting at the range with my parents since I was 9, so I was familiar with firearms from very early on. I joined the Marines in 1986, and was sent to Okinawa for two years in 1987. While wandering through the hobby shops, I saw the same model guns that I was used to collecting, but they also had some that actually fired a projectile, and I was immediately hooked. We werent supposed to have them in the barracks, but we did anyways, and used to play just about anywhere we could get away with it, including the halls of the barracks. Since we weren't allowed to ship them with our equipment back to the US, I sold them off. Once back in the US starting finding places that I could get them here.

I have been actively playing since 1987, and have seen the guns go through many changes. Most of the early ones were NBB pistols, or rifles that required external gas. Once the AEG's were mainstreamed, I got into those as quick as I could get my hands on them. I've played with many teams, of all age groups, in most every scenario and terrain, and will continue to do so for quite some time.

At this time, I have the most guns that I have ever had at one time: 16 guns (not counting spring pistols) with 8 AEGs, 7 GBBs, and one spring rifle. This number fluctuates, as I am often buying and selling them, but I seem to have a few too many right now. My girlfriend tolerates this, as she knows it's one of the hobbies that I truly enjoy. By sheer neccessity, I've had to learn how to maintain, repair, and upgrade just about every type / brand of gun out there, to the point that I often have custom parts machined out for me.

I'm 35, live in North Carolina, and served 6 years in the USMC working on / flying in C-130 in-flight refuellers.

Well.. that's it in a nutshell, I suppose.


...am I too late to introduce my self??? or is this for the admins and moderators? oh well

Well, my alias here in this forum is of course Razor8 nothing significant about it jus that I thought razor was a cool name :P . I would say im jus now getting into AIRsoft. jus like most male kids im guessing, I had an interest with weapons and things that are risky and violent a a sense but cuz of my parents :( . I never got to have anything that shoots or in that case anything that can hurt me plasma.gif .

I prefer to claim myself as "Ghost Stalker" in the field† B) . I mostly use it on video games but I like it and would make it a nick name for myself.

Hopefully in the near future I will be playing on the field and probably going to those fields more populated with veteran Airsoft players in the midwest.

Cant wait to get my hands on my first Airsoft gun. I think a modified P90 will do good for a beginner, right BP? :D
Umm..thas bout it I think

Razor8 aka Ghost Stalker

Guess I'm the late comer to this topic. Oh well, here goes anyways:

My call sign on the board is pain.gif Watson, though my real name is Clay. The call sign has a story behind it that would not be funny to anyone who didn't know my former boss, sorry. I live in Atlanta GA, and go to Georgia Tech. I am a 2nd year. Currently, one of my fraternity brothers has started an airsoft club at Tech, and we are desperately trying to get funding from different people, including the school.

As for my experiences with airsoft and related items....
I grew up in the city, but every weekend for half the year, my father would take me out to backwoods Georgia where we would go hunting together. He taught me many important things, like basic survival skills, tracking skills, and proper gun safety. When I was in high school, I picked up on paintball, playing mil-sim games with a WIDE range of guys near our school. We took over a good 200 acres of undeveloped land for about a year, building bunkers, forts and playing hardcore games including many over-night games. However, after a while many people started drifitng towards the more "extreme" speedballing and things of that nature. This lost all of it's luster for me. I still have a Spyder Shutter, and play everyonce in a while when I can find a group of guys who want to play in the woods. do not get me wrong, I really have no problem with "extreme" paintballing, it's just not for me.
About two summers ago, one of my friends showed me a USP. It looked rather real, and I was shocked when he told me it shot plastic BB's. I was wuickly hooked and went out and got my own crappy USP springer. Many of the guys in the neighborhood did the same, and soon we were plastering our backyards with BB's. It then escalated from there, when the first guy got a GBB. Then came the AEG's. I had to go to college though, so I clung to my USP. When I found the GTAirsoft club formed by my fraternity brother, I went out and bought an MK-1 Gas sniper rifle. However I am currently trying to sell that, and replace it with something from the G3 series, preferably a G3Aa4.

So there is my brief background in airsoft and otehr events. As for me personally, I am a second year International Affairs major. plan on doing either coorporate networking, or diplomatic relations. I am focusing on Japan, about to start learning the language, and have been takling culture and govt. classes.

Anything else ya want to know, just ask...

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#4 Guest_BattlePriest_*


Posted 17 July 2005 - 11:00 PM

Oh this is gonna take forever... there are 30 posts in the old thread.... Anyone who wants to have your OLD intruduction.. let me know and I can get it for you... otherwise, just post new ones.. many of the old ones are well... old anyway.

So everyone who wants.. go at it.. you can use the ones above to get an idea of what format to use in your posts. Please do not make discussions in thie thread.. just post your introduction. Any questionable material posted in your introductions (anything that could be construed as troublmaking) will be reviewed by the mods or me.

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#5 ardrummer292

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:NAB Little Creek, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Interests:Airsoft, drumming, hackey-sack, skateboarding

Posted 19 July 2005 - 12:22 PM

My callsign is ardrummer292 (hmmm... imagine that!) because my initials are "ar" and I'm a drummer. The "292" is my piece of flair, I guess. I just don't like talking about my flair. (Office Space, anyone?)

... Right. On with the introduction.

I've been into airsoft for a little over a year now. I got hooked back in May 2004, when one of my buddies mentioned that he was getting a submachine gun. Being a true gun idiot at that time, I asked, "Ya mean like a Glock, or an AK47, or a sniper rifle?" He commenced to beat me in the face for my utterly ignorant comment, then thoroughly described his beloved KWA Mac11. Needless to say, I was intrigued. He invited me to a game at his buddy's house over the weekend; I accepted his invitation. My life hasn't been the same since. We played a gas pistols-only game of capture the flag, where you got shot until you couldn't take the pain any more and dropped the flag. I LOVED IT! First thing I got home, I scoured Shorty USA, Airsoft Atlanta, and JungleToy for a potential first gun.

The rest is history. Live and learn, buy used and pay dearly, spend countless hours on this forum asking and answering questions, etc. I've had an excellent experience with the people on this forum and am very grateful for how much they've taught me. All that's left is to finally buy that P^3 M134A2 minigun I've been lusting after for so long!
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#6 Guest_Lacessit_*


Posted 19 July 2005 - 02:49 PM

I can do this...

I've used the alias "Lacessit" for quite some time, begining in the video game world. Taken from the motto Nemo me impune lacessit from the Order of the Thistle, I chose this from the reference in Edgar Allen Poe's story, The Cask of Amontillado.

I've participated in fairly active pass-times for most of my life including: rock-climbing, SCUBA diving, hiking, mountain biking, camping, and hunting. While I was stuck in Cincinnati Ohio, working long hours in a city enviroment, I fell into the world of on-line gaming and a Half-Life modification called Firearms for 6 years. I heard airsoft mentioned in passing by a few players, but felt it was far to cost prohibitive. Then, in early 2004 while visiting my cousin, I was shown his MP5sd5. I was instantly fascinated, and probably drove him nuts asking when he was going out again. Finally, in July we managed to get our schedules synchronized and I borrowed an AEG and went for a scrimmage of 5 vs 5. By the end of that week I was doing research on buying an AEG, joined this forum soon after and have since tried sucking it dry of all information.

My young arsenal has so far included, a TM MP5 RAS, which I sold as it was just not in my play style, to buy a TM G3sg1 (my baby). I also have a TM M9 Tactical Master, and bought another to fix up along with a KSC G18c that needed just a bit of work.

Tinkering has always been fun for me, and working on airsoft replicas fits the bill nicely. Though I'm not by anymeans an airsoft gunsmith yet, I'm currently working to customize my sg1, and continue to expand on my collection.
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#7 Guest_TriChrome_*


Posted 19 July 2005 - 02:51 PM

My name is Jesse, aka TriChrome. I live in New Jersey. I started out going to college for Mechanical Engineering, transferred to a college in Philadelphia where I graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Design (Product Design). I've worked primarily as a Web/Graphic/Package designer, and am also trained in 3d rendering and drafting.

I first got into guns when I was 18 years old when I drove over the state line into Pennsylvania to buy a pellet gun (since you need an actual firearms license in NJ to own a BB/Pellet gun). I don't like real guns, but love the Airsoft guns because I can shoot people with them (with proper eye protection), can use the guns on my secluded backyard property, and ammo is incredibly cheap; plus thereís no noise to scare anybody.

I got into Airsoft because I saw a realistic looking Glock springer at the local Columbus Flea Market, and bought it for $20. Needless to say, it broke in about 3 days, but I had tons of fun in that short period of time. About a year after that I bought a Y&P NBB M9 from Ebay for $40, and that one broke in a couple of weeks. Another year went by, and I was bored one day so I decided to browse the internet and found the website of RedWolfAirsoft which showed me the world of GBB's and AEG's. So in December of 2004 I bought a KSC Glock 18C, dropped around $900 into mags, spare parts, accessories, supplies, etc., then bought a KWA M11A1, TM M9, and a KSC Glock 19. All of them broke. After that I gave up GBB's and bought my first AEG a TM G36C around 6 months ago, and I'll never go back to GBB's.

I now own a stock TM G36C for CQB/backup/loaner gun, a TM Glock 18C AEP as my sidearm, and a 460 FPS G&P SR-16 M4 as my woodland primary. I gear-up in a Blackhawk LBE Harness equipped with Blackhawk and Tactical Tailor pouches.

I play at the Wrightstown Airsoft field in Wrightstown, NJ. I don't belong to any team, nor do I want to. I've gotten my brother and cousin playing with me as well, and we try to play at least 2 games a month. Attendance fluctuates from around 20 people minimum to 45+ at the larger games.
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#8 Megs

  • Location:Fort Sam Houston, Texas
  • Interests:Combat medicine

Posted 13 August 2005 - 12:32 AM

Ooh, introductions!

I'm Megan, or 'Megs', slowly wasting away in Bangor, Maine. I'm depped in the Army Reserve as a private and I'll be Fort Jackson-bound on August 24th. Not currently an airsofter but will get into the sport after training. In talking with several folks on another forum who are very much involved with airsofting, I found it was something that I was fairly interested in taking it up.

I did some looking around and almost decided on what I'll get as a starter gun. Good things have been said about TM so I'll go with them for sure. newbie question, I know, but any suggestions on a particular model?

My Reserve unit is based out of Massachussetts (Fort Devens). Anyone here from that area?



Edited by Megs, 13 August 2005 - 12:40 AM.

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#9 SciFiZombie

  • Location:Novato, CA
  • Interests:Airsoft, Books, Movies, Video Games....

Posted 15 December 2005 - 11:28 PM

I'm Mike
aka SciFiZombie,

I am the founder of Afterlife, Inc. an airsoft team based out of Marin Co. CA

I live in Novato, CA and I began playing airsoft in June 2005...

I spend way to much money on guns...

I can't really talk about myself that much... It's kinda like a complex...

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IPB Image

#10 MooT

  • Location:Illinois, USA
  • Interests:Airsofting<br />Gaming<br />

Posted 24 December 2005 - 06:45 PM

I'm Robert. I have been using MooT as my handle for a loooong time (about 2 years). I am 20 years old and always down for an airsoft game. Here is what moot means (Taken from www.dictionary.com):

1. Law. A hypothetical case argued by law students as an exercise.
2. An ancient English meeting, especially a representative meeting of the freemen of a shire.

I have been airsofting for alittle over 8 months now. I own a TM G3 SG1, TM MP5A4 with a light, and a KWA G26c. I am always up for playing a game. I prefer indoor over outdoor but whatever works for me as long as I get to play. I usually prefer to play as an assaulter/support. I am always looking for new places to go (ROAD TRIP! WEEE!). My aim name is MooTOwnZ if anyone cares to tell me about upcoming events in the Illinois, Missouri, or Indiana area. Or if you want to play a game of DOD:S, CS:S, or just talk about life in general.

Events I am attending in 2006:
CODENAME: Asylum INdoor CQC (Jan. 28, 2006)
Chicago area (Forest Park) - PM me or message me on aim for details
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#11 fromrussiawithlove

  • Location:fresno
  • Interests:airsoft, (why do you think I'm here?) Magic the gathering, and computers<br />(if you're wondering about the picture, I didn't feel like dressing in camo that day)

Posted 28 December 2005 - 11:07 PM

I'm Alexander, and my screenname is fromrussiawithlove, because that's my favorite bond movie.

I'm new to this form, and I like airsoft. I'm the assalt/sniper for my team. I got some questions, but I'll save them for other topics. My team is 2 people, me and a friend. We are hoping for his brothers to join, but they might not. My dad play airsoft too, but not a lot.

I've been playing airsoft for about a year. I also like WW2 computer games.

I play magic the gathering too, and trying out paintball.

My favorite movie(s) is(are) obivously James bond.
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this is my rifle, this is my gun. this one's for shooting, this one's for fun

Без перевода.

#12 camoman

  • Location:Bay Area in California
  • Interests:Airsoft(#1) ,Atv Riding(Honda 250 ex rules!, I love riding at pismo!),cars,video games, airplanes(favorite is the A10 thunderbolt and the F14), And Airsoft Forum(obvious)

Posted 28 December 2005 - 11:54 PM

Welcome everyone! My screename is camoman. I live in the bay area in California. I've been at asf for almost a year.(in may) Just like fromrussiawithlove, I also love Bond Movies. I have and seen every one of them. I got my first airsoft gun at last Christmas, and soon after I started having airsoft battles. So far Ive own all spring guns and one ebb. I usually only post in the spring guns section except for every now and then. Some things I like doing in my freetime are playing airsoft, playing video games, riding atvs,target shooting, and trap shooting.
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I currently have no signature and don't care. :D

#13 Novalord2


    How much wood does a woodchucker chuck if a woodchucker could...

  • Member
  • 1,419 posts

Posted 29 December 2005 - 07:31 PM

My name is Andrew, and my screen name is Novalord2. I picked this screenname when I was 7, and I use the same screename for any other boards/forums/registraions ect. I never really bothered to change it.

Anyway, I live in Corona, CA, and I am 13 years old (8th grade).

I started airsofting wih 3 of my closest friends about a year ago. We started off with CQB with mini-electrics and walmart guns. Our intrest in Airsoft has grown, and now we have over 30 people who airsoft with us. Most of us have GBB's, and high-end springers, although several have CA's and UTG's. I currently own a Maruzen CA870 shotgun, and a PPK sidearm.

My other hobbies include: Drumming (kit and hand drum), Cars, Tennis, Music (AlternRock, Classic Rock, Metal, Electronica). I also like movies and videogames, and politcs to some extent (Democratic/Libertarian ideologies)

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions/comments.
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#14 Guest_JROTChris_*


Posted 01 January 2006 - 12:16 PM

I'm Jovy ( aka Alpha_1) 35 years from the Philippines. Started playing airsoft 10years back, then stopped, then back again this year. It's good to be back. Maybe just missed the OOcchh!!! (game). Honesly, just want to experience the adrenaline rush again specially with today's upgrades, that will be fun!!!

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#15 Haradrel


Posted 05 January 2006 - 07:11 PM

Hi there

Im a 23 year old guy from Norway who's been into softgunning or airsofting for about half a year or so now. It all started with an impulse buy of a mp5a2 when I had to much money on my hands. I then proceeded to lure some of my friends into it as well.
When Im not doing airsoft Im doing Capoeira (as I am the lead trainer/instructor in the group in my home city), anyhoo I did my 1 year tour of duty in the navy where I got to shoot some real guns, I also had some previous experience when I was younger, as I entered a shooting club (mostly rifles). Im a big fan of action movies and often try and base the mil-sim games around that (and luckily so are my friends, so no worries there).
So far the best game played has been "zombie run", but Im wandering off the topic here. I hope to broaden my understanding of airsoft, both games and guns at this forum.
Play safe and have fun headbang.gif
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#16 Guest_Leon Kennedy_*

Guest_Leon Kennedy_*

Posted 05 January 2006 - 07:22 PM


I'm Leon Kennedy. I have a large family history in the United States Marin Corps. I prefer pistols and snipers over all weapons. Stealth is my forte. I've been at ASF for a few months, but I've learned a lot. PM me of IM me on AIM with any questions. In case you haven't noticed, I'M A RESIDENT EVIL 4 FREAK.

Sorry, thanks for playing, next contestant please.
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#17 Gh0st

  • Location:NW IL

Posted 06 January 2006 - 12:23 PM

hello, I'm gh0st RPLEASE DO NOT POST EMAIL ADDRESSES IN YOUR MESSAGES - USE THE PM SYSTEMven, my family has an extensive military history in all branches of the military. I, myself, was in the US Navy; my wife was with the USAF. My MOS was HM0000. Before I got into any airsoft/paintball/replica stuff I was shooting pistols and rifles. I got into paintball first, and I just recently got into airsoft. I've been playing pball for three years. I have the "fish" (XM8) and the 1911. I have the real Springfield 1911, Walther P22, Beretta M9; and the 1911 is my favorite among my pistols. I don't own a HighEnd AEG since it cost almost as much as the real weps. Though I would like to get the M14 since it's my favorite since my Navy days.
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Sig out of regs. ~Xhado

#18 fishsquatch

  • Location:Minnesota, USA
  • Interests:Dual sport motorcycles, backcountry camping, and putzing.

Posted 13 January 2006 - 11:47 AM


ASF has another newbie in the crowd. I've been recently introduced to this addictive hobby by a friend. I'm one of those older members with life stories. I grew up as an Air Force brat and have fond memories of running around the house with my father's combat gear and M16. My brother and I grew up hunting, target shooting, and playing "war", so the discovery of these realistic, fully-automatic bb guns has been a lot of fun.

After a few backwoods skirmishes with cheapo EAGs, my brother and I recently invested in nicer guns. He's getting the TM G3 SAS and I went with the TM MP5J. It's a great excuse for us to hang out together. We're fortunate because he has five acres of woods and a creek to run around.

Thanks for all the great information on this site! Lurking here for the past few months has been a lot of fun.

Fishsquatch in MN
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#19 AtreidesMarine

  • Location:Methuen, MA
  • Interests:cars, mainly mine, airsoft, war, limited politics, history, WW2, The Third Riech, Metallica, rock-nusic like that, going fast, Star Wars, girls =)<br />oh yea, and Dune, all novels, games, movies, everything<br />House Atreides!!!

Posted 13 January 2006 - 01:03 PM


my name = Andrew K, im 19 (dammit, im gunna be 20 jan 30th hehe)
ive been messin around with airsoft for... about 2 years when I got my 1st pistol, a tangfoglio witness 1911 at chrtismas. I have went through series of cheap airsoft guns, like I got the double eagle MP40 since ive always wanted an airsoft mp40. then that cyma mp5, a uhc? m92, then a badass S&W high grade 1911 (that sucker is pretty heavy and almost all metal) then recently I got a TM MP5K

ive only had a few backyard skirmishes with my 2 brothers who they got sum cheap guns... all have broken so they use my old ones.
selling my mp5 and m92 to one of my lil bros for like 10 bucks. and I plan to go a bit further and am almost complete with my German Flactarn uniform, just need helmet, hat, and sum boots hehe
lookin for sum more people to lure into this amazing sport hehe

I live just north of boston
I play a vast array of pc games, I love driving, cars, history, im going to a community college for information sciences.

I use the name AtreidesMarine for everything, but my AIM name is Atreides1010

rock on mein freund headbang.gif
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#20 Roth Arkon

Roth Arkon
  • Location:England
  • Interests:Airsoft, Off Roading, RPG's and FPS LAN parties.

Posted 20 January 2006 - 04:09 PM

Hello. Another newbie here.

Names Danny, AKA Roth Arkon. Pretty new to Airsofting only been to a few matches.

Own a SPAS 12, KWA Compact and a M11-A1.

Prefer close combat to sniping.

So...Hi all! a-salute.gif
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KWA USP Compact - Just need another now, so I can duel wield.
Mac 11-A1 - For the gangster in all of us.
TM FAMAS - Because we all need automatic fire sometimes...

#21 Spock


Posted 28 January 2006 - 06:21 PM

Ello there! My names Aaron I'm a 13 year old(soon to be 14) who got hooked on airsoft the first time my uncle let me shoot his MP5 on full auto. I don't currently own a gun but will(Febuary 1st) I am also one of the geekiest people youll meet. I live in southwest michigan in Berrien Springs. Though I am looking for a place to play at I might play in my backyard with my cousins (also airsoft junkies thanks to me but they got guns before me spring guns though mines going to be an AEG MP5 from Well when it gets here) well thats about it.
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#22 rdnckjuggalo

  • Location:Kearneysville,WV
  • Interests:Fast cars, Anime, and Airsoft

Posted 06 February 2006 - 01:18 AM

whats up all im new to the site and well im looking for players in the maryland, virginia, and west virginia areas to possibly start a game with I have access to about a 65 acre area so hit me up if your interested in playing and we can all set something up
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#23 shotgunner

  • Location:North Carolina

Posted 08 February 2006 - 04:05 PM

Alright, I think I've done enough of these to know how it goes. My allias is shotgunner, mostly because my main weapon, right now, is a $40 Crosman pump shotgun. I've been in airsoft for a little bit now and I'm looking into getting a TM vsr-10 g-spec pretty soon since I have heard great things about it. Well, I guess thats about it, glad to part of the forums.
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#24 Sniper 1

Sniper 1
  • Location:Utrecht (Holland)
  • Interests:Airsoft , Bla Bla Bla

Posted 25 February 2006 - 07:23 AM

Hello my name is John, I live in Holland and I play now for 3 jears airsoft.
In Holland it is forbidden to play airsoft becose the law on fire arms, lots of BS but oke.
So whe have to play in Belgium or in som other places in Europ.
Are team is cold N-Bat=No-Bull 12 members, whe have 3 Snipers, 2 Para M249 for Team Support,and rifle men.
On the missions whe doe Recon and Assault.
I hope we can share info.

Greets Dominee

Edited by Sniper 1, 25 February 2006 - 07:25 AM.

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The Dominee Dutch Airsoft Team

#25 Hal

  • Location:Tennessee
  • Interests:Outdoor Recreation<br />Sports (football particularly)<br />Music<br />History (military in particular)

Posted 27 February 2006 - 09:18 PM

So I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and this seemed like the appropriate forum in which to do so. So hey everybody, I'm live in rural middle TN, which is a great place to play airsoft, wooded hills everywhere. Just getting started, I'm a student of military history, and I like to get into what I study, so airsoft seemed like a natural choice of hobby. Look forward to recieving airsoft wisdom from you guys.
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#26 Guest_Rob3_*


Posted 27 February 2006 - 10:36 PM

Hi Guys,

My name is Rob. And I'm currently moving across the country from Phoenix to Carol Stream, IL. Just got into airsoft, and love it. I'm in Colorado Springs for a couple of weeks visiting with my parents. I have two MP5's and an M9. Looking for local fields here in CO and in IL. Looking forward meeting some of you guys in my travels, and hope for a chance to get to shot most of ya! :)
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#27 Aeternus_Noctis


Posted 28 February 2006 - 12:57 PM

Uhm, my name is Chris, I'm 19, and I live in the Southern Oregon area.
I have been airsofting with friends for a few years, starting out with little spring pistols and mini's to eventually our AEG's. We all played on an honor system, and rather causually played whenever possible.
Anyways, I've moved alot in the past couple of years and have lost contact with everyone who played, so I'm just on here to look for friends and ask a few questions.
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#28 airsoftkid100

  • Location:In the darkness...
  • Interests:Airsoft (well, duh)<br />Paintball (not so much anymore)<br />Basketball<br />SCUBA Diving<br />Rock Climbing<br />Singing<br />Biking<br />Roller Blading<br />Kyaking<br />Playing Trumpet

Posted 03 March 2006 - 04:20 PM

Hey, airsoftkid100 here to introduce myself.

My screen name is airsoftkid100 (obviously) and my real name is Nick.

I am currently 14 years old and got my first airsoft gun when I was 11, at Christmas. It was a Crosman P22 springer and I am proud to say that it still works today. At first, I was not even aware of the MILSIM games that you use airsoft with, so I just plinked around the neighborhood for a year or so. In November '02, I realized that my friend up the street owned an airsoft gun as well, and he told me of a game where you use these guns like paintball. I arranged a game between me, my friend, my other friends, and my brothers in a large field near my house.

We brought all of our guns (I had added two onto my arsenal and my friends had five) in a few carrying cases and began our game. All I can say is wow. The game was amazing and it was so much fun with every man for himself. We were instantly hooked and began playing regularly. It's all downhill from here.

I now have a five gun arsenal of mainly springers and a few NBBs. I have formed a team now with 4 of my friends, called Team Red Dawn and we have about two games a month from the local neighborhood kids.

Thanks for reading...

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#29 R3D C0A7

R3D C0A7
  • Location:Fresno, CA
  • Interests:Video Games, Airsoft (duh), reading, keeping in shape... the usual for a 'softer

Posted 13 March 2006 - 01:41 AM


Im Patrick AKA "RED COAT" or "R3D C0A7" in L33T

I got my first airsoft gun about a year ago (a GBB M9) and I fell in love with the game.

I got my nickname RED COAT from being English, a minor history buff, a love for James Bond (so many people on here seem to be 007 fans), and modeling how I look in the feild after the British SAS.

Newbie RED COAT reporting for duty

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"Who dares, wins" British SAS

#30 marchand

  • Location:Gainesville Florida

Posted 13 March 2006 - 05:05 PM

I'm Lt. Marchand call sign muscels.

I have a TM sig552 to which I have jerry-rigged a scope and flashlight.

I'm also a founding member of the CSA airsoft team which is based out of Gainesville Fl.

I havent been able to play much because of school, but I plan to play every week over the summer.
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#31 nightstalker


Posted 15 March 2006 - 09:16 PM

Hey guys I'm brand new to airsoft and I just wanted to ask if there are any places to go airsofting like for tournaments and stuff? Maybe like paintball where you make a team and play anyway I just wanted to ask
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#32 airsoftkid100

  • Location:In the darkness...
  • Interests:Airsoft (well, duh)<br />Paintball (not so much anymore)<br />Basketball<br />SCUBA Diving<br />Rock Climbing<br />Singing<br />Biking<br />Roller Blading<br />Kyaking<br />Playing Trumpet

Posted 20 March 2006 - 04:02 PM

QUOTE (nightstalker @ Mar 15 2006, 08:16 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hey guys I'm brand new to airsoft and I just wanted to ask if there are any places to go airsofting like for tournaments and stuff? Maybe like paintball where you make a team and play anyway I just wanted to ask
Ummmm... This is an introduction thread. Did you read the title?

You can ask that in this section of the forums: http://www.airsoftfo...hp?showforum=88

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#33 Lasairiona

  • Location:Liedekerke

Posted 23 March 2006 - 03:58 PM


My callname is Lasairiona (because of its meaning...).
My real name is MichaŽl H. I'm 16 years old(young).
I live in Belgium near Brussels. I started playing airsoft in 2005, my secondairy is an KSC USPc and my primairy TM-VSR-10 G-SPEC upgraded with pdi parts...
I've read a little bit on the forum and I like it so...

Grtz MichaŽl
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#34 End_Game

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Ft. Gordon-Robins AFB
  • Interests:PT, shooting, and MUXing.

Posted 02 April 2006 - 02:51 PM

Hello Everyone,

My name is Brandon. I'm 17 years of age and I live in the great state of Kentucky. I've been playing airsoft off and on for about a year but just now am getting really involved in it. I've been through 4 years of JROTC, with the last year focusing on Survival training and advanced leadership techniques. I'm currently a Licensed CNA (Certifed Nurse Assistant) and I'm working on my Nursing degree. I live near several major military bases (Ft. Campbell and Ft. Knox), so that means I have enough tactical gear to equip a small third world militia a-laugh.gif . I like this site as it has many things to teach. I hope that I can assist with gear, first aid, and other questions...Thanks alot

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#35 xbx1120

  • Location:Carmel, Indiana
  • Interests:chillin with friends, running, biking, etc etc.. oh and of course, AIRSOFT

Posted 03 April 2006 - 11:52 AM

hey everyone

My name's Matt, I've been on this forum for a while and I have been playing airsoft for about 2-3 years.

I was the first one with an Airsoft gun out of all my friends. I got a cheap $20 springer at Galyans, and a few of my friends followed, buying cheap airsoft guns. I played a little bit, but the game started to seem stupid in the wake of big, powerful paintball guns, which is quite popular in Indiana.

That is, until one of my friends showed me the "real" airsoft guns, with realistic Tokyo Marui AEGs, full metal sidearms, etc. Thats when I ordered my first gun, a TM M4 right here from the ASF store.

The rest is history. I sold all my paintball stuff and dove right into airsoft. All my friends have bought "good guns" (over $100), and we now play almost every weekend. Paintball was fun, but it cant match Airsoft. I can buy a big bag of BBs for $15, and still afford BDUs and other tactical gear that I need.

Airsoft is fun, and I'm glad to be a part of this forum
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#36 MikhailKalashnikov

  • Location:Pittsburgh
  • Interests:Airsoft (of course) - Dagorhir - Modern firearms - writing

Posted 05 April 2006 - 12:28 PM

Hey, my real name is Craig, but I chose the name Mikhail Kalashnikov because I am amazed at how he began creating the AK-47 in post WWII, and yet it is still in use today. I would have chosen the name of whoever created the Stg. 44 . . . but Poland lost %17 of its population due to Germany. And I am %100 Polish.
Enough about that, I have played airsoft since 2003, and have slowly fallen in love with it. My primary weapon is a TM FAMAS F1 which I've had since early 2005. It has served me very well, and all those nasty rumors about it being the first AEG and how bad it is are very, very false.
Well, that's all I feel like saying for now, so I'm out.

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#37 Praetor Stealth

Praetor Stealth
  • Location:High Charity

Posted 08 April 2006 - 10:33 AM

Well my real name is Koby and I live in Cerritos, California.
I just very recently joined the forum and I am 14 years old and started to gain interest in airsoft at the age of 8 years old ( but never could at the time). I am a huge fan of all kinds of tactical pistol and preferably play in CQB-type areas.
As my screen name ( Praetor Stealth ) states, I do like the "covert" style of airsofting.
Other then that, I look forward to meeting everyone here.

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#38 jackass068


Posted 08 April 2006 - 12:25 PM

I've been using this SN for over 4 yrs. I use it for everything, aim, e-mail, etc..
I'm new to this stuff and I don't know **** about airsoft........ahahahaha........but I want to buy a utg mp5, so if an1 has a good deal pm me.
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#39 NY_Eric

  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Long Island
  • Interests:Live life to the fullest, regret nothing.

Posted 09 April 2006 - 10:48 AM

Hey, My name is Eric and I've been "playing" airsoft for at least 2 years now. Me and my friend were first introduced to some small Spring pistols, and since we love guns, we had to get them. After a year of playing in my friends backyard we got bored. It is then, one year later, that I purchased a KWC M9FS gas powered pistol, which is crap, but was great then, and mad the gameplay interesting. Between us, at that point, we had about 5 airsoft guns between us, 3 for him, 2 for me. After I ran out of gas we stopped playing and went on with our lives. Not only until MARCH 06 did I purchase a High Power Classic Army m15a4 and KWA USP OD-GREEN we really get into this sport. The sad thing is I don't even have the rifle yet because of backorder, but when I do get it, I'll have pictures on the forum. Even though we are spending a fortune, we still never went out to a field! We are hoping to soon, so wich us luck!
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#40 Kordyte

  • Location:Chicagoland
  • Interests:Other than the obvious, cars, real-steel guns (Heckler &amp; Koch especially)

Posted 09 April 2006 - 11:42 AM

My name is Peter, I'm 17, and I've been into airsoft for about 3 years now after a trip to Asia. I have a TM G3SG1 and a TM SR16. I'm looking to upgrade my SR16 (the full monty) and its proving to be rather confusing, so I'm looking for some help. I play airsoft with a ragtag group of friends, mostly with AEG's, in backyards, warehouses, farms, what-have-you (legally). I really wish airsoft would grow as a sport, because it's wicked fun!
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