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WTS WE G39KV RIS + 7 mags

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#1 Sith

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Posted 16 July 2017 - 02:21 PM

Hello everyone, up for sale today is my pride and joy, the most badass g36 in existence. Unfortunately the wife says I have too many guns, and it was between this and my kwa vector so it's got to find a new home.


shipping from 46324

Ready? Here we go.


Base WE G39c (250)

+ WE-Tech 500fps nozzle for G39 (30)

+ RA-Tech NPAS Velocity adjustment (15)

+ RA-Tech CNC steel Trigger (35)

+ RA-Tech CNC steel Charging handle (30)

+ Nine Ball purple bucking for VSR-10/GBB (15)

+ G&G Aluminum RIS for g36 (only available as half of a $220 barrel package for AEGs)

+ SRC steel rail stabilizer (20, pulled off a vintage SRC STAR RAINBOW G36 RIS. Unavailable elsewhere. Absolutely vital to minimize barrel wobble within the free float RIS, and probably irreplaceable. Mounts solid as a rock via a grub screw on the bottom.

+ Madbull Gemtech suppressor (40)

+ SRC Low Profile flip-up sight rail for G36 (only 1 pic of this online, extremely hard to find. Unknown cost. (50?)

+ SRC G36KV retractable stock for g36 (originally 99, also not in production anymore. Locks in place when folded)

+ 6x WE G39 Magazines (40 each, all fully intact non leaky)

+ 1x WE G39 magazine missing follower pieces ($10 on evike) and has a broken baseplate. Everything else is intact and it does not leak at all. (20)

+ SRC Steel magazine catch (This is one of my proudest custom jobs. It was pulled from the same vintage SRC G36 RIS and professionally modified for compatibility with a WE G39. It locks the mags in solid, same as the stock magazine release, which is also included. I've picked the gun up by the magazine and shook it vigorously to make sure of this)

One other thing to mention is the velocity range after installing the NPAS. Fully adjusted I chrono at 345 fps, no adjustment yields 440 fps. I also have an awesome storage compartment made for the adjustment key accessible by folding the stock.

The nine ball purple yields 200-225ft effective range on .3s.

The rifle has seen under 1000 rounds it's entire life.

Also included is a spare selector bar which was modified to shoot semi auto only.

Well over 800 has been invested into this rifle which is beautiful inside and out. It has been professionally maintained and upgraded its entire life, AKA babied - and it's worth way more than I can ever ask for it.

If you need any more incentive, do the math on how much one of these new (and completely stock) plus 6 additional mags will cost you.

$439 shipped CONUS

Optic not included


Thanks for looking!
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