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Open Play Airsoft (SW Michigan Recreational Game) ~ 10/01/17 @ HITW

Open Play Airsoft Recreational Game Hole in the Wall Paintball Michigan Airsoft

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#1 CantoXII

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 08:48 PM

SW Michigan Recreational Game (Open Play Airsoft)
Sunday, October 1st, 2017
Open Play Airsoft ~ No Uniform Regulations
All Experience Levels Welcome ~ All Replica Types Welcome
All particiants are asked to at least provide notification of attendance.
 This greatly aids field staff for projecting turnouts.
Hole in the Wall Paintball, 24262 66th Street, Bangor, Michigan 49013
Official Event Post and Current Roster: https://www.miairsof...hp?topic=1403.0
Ages: 14+
Participant Fee: $10.00 (Walk On, Cash Only! No Credit Card Sales On Site).
- Signature of parent or guardian required for minor participants.
- Walk on payment and registration only.
- Waivers will be available at game registration.
Game Times:
Registration/Chronograph Open: 10:00 AM.
Game Start: 11:00 AM.
Event End: 5:00 PM (Weather and Lighting Applicable).
* Registration and game times adjusted for longer daylight.
** Please be prompt or at least on time with arrivials, late arriving players delay the game and decrease play time.
* Registration and game times adjusted for longer daylight.
** Please be prompt or at least on time with arrivials, late arriving players delay the game and decrease play time.
Uniform Requirements:
No uniform regulations of any kind will be enforced for this game. Teams will be based on day of balancing by the use of base uniform colors, armbands, or player selected options.
Eye Protection Regulations:
- ANSI Z87.1 rated full seal eye protection only, no exceptions.
- ANSI rated, full seal goggles or shooting glasses are permitted.
- 'Full Seal' is defined as a foam band separating the lens of the goggle from the frame portion and the face of the user.
- Mesh goggles, lab safety goggles, safety glasses, etc will not be permitted under any circumstances.
- Lower face protection (Mesh Lowers, Mouth Guards, Etc) do not apply to this.
Ammunition-Weapon Regulations:
Handguns, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, and Assault Rifles: 1,500 Rounds.
- All magazine (Low, Mid, or High Capacity) types allowed.
Support Weapons: 2,500 Rounds.
- All magazine (Low, Mid, High Capacity, Box, or Drum) types allowed.
Sniper Rifle and Designated Marksman: 500 Rounds.
- Low or Mid Capacity Magazines Only.
Rocket Launchers, Landmines, IED's, Etc: Undetermined (Normally Allowed).
- Prior field approval only.
Sound Grenades: Allowed.
- Kill Radius: 15 feet.
Smoke Grenades (Hot and Cold Burn): Allowed.
- Allowed with common sense use (if it's starting a fire, put it out).
- Don't ruin it for everyone else (lifetime bans will be issued for reckless use).
- Participants may leave the event at any point to retrieve additional quantities of ammunition, etc stored in other locations (staging area, vehicles, etc).
Engagement Limits:
1 - 350.0 FPS (0.01j - 1.07j) - Arms length engagement.
350.1  - 410.0 FPS (1.08j - 1.49j) - 20 foot engagement limit.
410.1 - 500.0 FPS (1.50j - 2.32j) - 50 foot engagement limit (Permanent Semi-Auto or Bolt Action Only).
500.1 - 550.1 FPS (2.33j - 2.69j) - Bolt action replicas only.
550 FPS+ (2.7j+) - Prohibited under all circumstances.
- Velocities will be measured using the weight of BB being used. 
- All replicas will be issued 'chronograph' tags after being registered and measured. These must remain on the replica for the entire event.
*Participants are encouraged to remove all chronograph tags from previous events/games.
Bang Kills:
- No bang kills of any kind will be used for this event.
Knife/Bayonet/Touch Kills:
- Participants may opt to use a simple 'Touch Kill' to quietly disable an opponent. Players must say "Knife Kill" to the opposing party and physically touch the other.
- Participants may use a replica knife/bayonet to also conduct a kill using a physical touch.
- Do not jab, physically assault, or use undue amounts of force.
- Real-Steel knives and bayonets are prohibited under all circumstances.
Surrender Rules:
- Participants may opt to 'Surrender' to an engaging opponent at any point during the event. Players that choose to do so must return to their respective respawn location, if applicable to game type.
Barrel Bag/Barrel Plug Regulations:
- All participants must have a barrel bag or a muzzle plug on or in their replica when out of gameplay.
- Barrel bags are available at paintball registration for $7.00 each.
Zero Tolerance Policy:
The following infractions will result in immediate removal from field property and a permanent ban from field property. Law enforcement may be used if required to remove problematic players. 
- Theft of field or company property.
- Vandalism or destruction of property.
- Assault of participants, visitors, or field staff.
- Repeated removal of eye protection.
- Unsportsmanlike like conduct.
General Field Information:
- HPA fills are available on site. $5.00 for all day air fills, up to 2,500 PSI.
- CO2 fills are available on site. 9 oz - $1.00, 12 oz - $2.00, 20 oz - $3.00 , 24 oz - $4.00.
- Power outlets are available on location.
- Live firearms (real steel) are not permitted on field property.
- Not responsible for items or belongings that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
What To Bring Checklist:
- Full-Seal Eye Protection [Required].
- Barrel Bag or Muzzle Plug [Required].
- Airsoft Replica, Sidearm, and Magazines. [Required].
- Batteries, Charging Unit, and BB's [Required].
- Red 'Kill' Rag [Required].
- Camouflage or Uniform [Required].
- Potable water. [Highly Recommended].
- Green gas, propane, CO2 powerlets, and Silicone Oil. [Highly Recommended].
- Canteen / Hydration Pack [Highly Recommended].
- Radio and Charging Unit [Highly Recommended].
- Spare Batteries [Highly Recommended].
- Extra Dry Clothing (Shirt, Pants, Socks) [Highly Recommended].
- Extra Dry Footwear [Highly Recommended].
Photos From Previous Events
- Spring Social 2016 Photo Album (03/19/2016)
- Operation: Perestroika Photo Album (01/16/2016)
- Operation: Firestorm V Photo Album (10/17/2015)
- Operation: Corrupt Intent Photo Album (08/22/2015)
- Michigan Airsoft Spring Rec. Event 2013 Photo Album (04/23/2013)
- Operation: Black Eagle V Photo Album (06/09/2012)
- Operation: Firestorm (10/16/2011) Photo Album
All particiants are asked to at least provide notification of attendance.
 This greatly aids field staff for projecting turnouts.
Official Event Post and Current Roster: https://www.miairsof...hp?topic=1403.0

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