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Airsofting in NRV/South West Va

North East, USA Yesterday, 07:17 PM
Hey all! So I recently moved from Richmond Va (Airsofting was AWESOME there) Into the mountains of South West Virginia (Va tech, New River Valley ect.) and was wondering if there are any local fields or players to get together and sling some plastic. I know of ACVT but they usually take a hiatus...
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Want To Buy Ares L85 Grenade Launcher

Airsoft Items Wanted Yesterday, 01:47 PM
These things are discontinued and I want one... that's about it.
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Army force Romanian style wire folder compatability

Accessories - MISC. AEG Attachments, & Conversion Kits Yesterday, 03:32 AM
Hello, I'm wondering if this stock for the AK is Compatable with VFC styled ak fixed stock recievers (eg. CYMA, dboys, etc.) http://airsoft.tiger...oduct_info.html Thanks!
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Today's Birthdays (26-May 15)

Birthday Announcements Yesterday, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  Avandir (27)IanBoyd (25)themanlyman (23)blazerbub89 (27)sonny526 (22)Projectraven (26)Storm Shark (22)skeleton (21)soomstick (34)this is my boom stick (34)woodsxdragon (26)AEG Shooter#6 (22)jizzchris (...
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WTS: LsHZ-2DTM "Vulcan" Russian helmet

Airsoft Items For Sale Yesterday, 01:54 AM
Full pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/3TPmL   Thank you for looking!               Up for sale is an LsHZ-2DTM helmet replica, it seems to be the replica made by Oleg from HelmetReplicas although this one has a right-side visor. Great quality, but just no...
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