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Tokyo Marui Vz61 Scorpion !help/advice needed!

Spring powered rifles, shotguns, long guns & handguns, LPEGs and EBBs Today, 04:40 AM
Hello everyone!   So recently I bought a Tokyo Marui Vz61 Scorpion, although used. I noticed that if I pull the main spring it doesn't want to chamber a pellet. The magazine's spring is stressed but not enough, and the fire rate button(?) gets stuck between safety and single-shot, although I...
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Today's Birthdays (22-August 14)

Birthday Announcements Today, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  MikhailKalashnikov (24)BeastKeeper (23)The Chade of Spades (28)ThPhox (28)Sphinx13 (23)Arcalite1985 (29)classicarmyfreak (24)Stealth Killer Hamster (24)BikemanMAA (31)zane (22)Snippysnap22 (25)Goldmemb...
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I sucessfully transplanted a gearbox from an aps M4 into...

Upgrades & Modifications Yesterday, 09:58 PM
For clarification the mp5 parts that are needed are the trigger and its spring, air nozzle and selector plate.  The selector plate was the most difficult part of the process as the mp5 one fit very tightly.  sanding on the y and z axis is required. The tappet plates varied slightly and...
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TM 5.1 Hi Capa Race Gun. Limcat!

Airsoft Items For Sale Yesterday, 09:18 PM
For starters, the gun has velocity issues. Sold as is. Basically, the gun blows back nice and crisp but shoots the BB very softly. It will sometimes shoot harder when rapidly firing, but the problem can always be replicated when taking time between shots. Wish I knew the problem, I wouldn't be of...
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WTS G&P Reciever , madbull 13" Keymod

Airsoft Items For Sale Yesterday, 08:57 PM
Looking to sell Paypal only Everything sold As-Is. No returns/refunds, pictures and accurate descriptions can/will be provided. First is a G&P receiver set. It consists of a standard black upper with forward assist, ejection port cover and charging handle. Upper is in good shapes, very light...
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