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What do you guys think of mag fed?

General Discussion Today, 03:43 PM
  What you guys are looking at are .68 caliber mag fed paintball guns. The same caliber the hopper fed guns, I'm sure you guys think of when you hear paintball, shoot. Mag fed has recently blown up in the past few years in paintball. More and more companies are dip their toes into it, g...
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KJW Hi-Capa Differences

Gas Powered Handguns & SMGs Today, 03:13 PM
I am looking into buying a KJW hi-capa 5.1 soon, but I was wondering if there was a difference between the 614 or 615 versions. Externally they look the same, but are there differences between the two models?Link to 614 versionLink to 615 version
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DISCOUNTS for Black Friday at AirSplat including 80% Off*...

Airsoft Items For Sale Today, 02:33 PM
AirSplat's Blackest Friday Sale starts MIDNIGHT Thursday, November 27th! Up to 80% OFF ALL ACCESSORIES with coupon code "BLACKEST"PULL THE TRIGGER! Get up to 55% OFF Anything with a Trigger for AirSplat's Blackest Friday Sale! Coupon code "TRIGGER55"EXCLUSIVE Tanfoglio Gold Custom IPSC Bundle for...
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Cutting Inner Barrel?

Upgrades & Modifications Today, 01:58 PM
I was thinking before, have any of you cut and crowned your inner barrels on any of your guns before? I saw a video of a guys custom WE HK 416 and he had a shorter inner barrel and outer barrel which looked cooler on that then the standard longer barrel. I know you can obviously get a shorter inn...
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WE Barry Burton M9 help

Gas Powered Rifles & Polarstar Today, 01:52 PM
Just acquired the WE Tech version of the Barry Burton M9 and have been wanting to put in a TBB that actually extends to the end of the compensator. I learned the hard way the inner barrel is not compatible with any of the other GBB pistols I have and I was wondering if any knows if the WE version...
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