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Where to find WE G18C Replacement Parts?

Gas Powered Handguns & SMGs Yesterday, 11:24 PM
Hello everyone! I have a WE G18C Boneyard I'm reviving and I'm in need of one single part. I've spent a good amount of time scowering the internet looking for it but have been unsuccesful. Thought maybe someone here could help me.   The part I am in need of is Part# G-20.   Here is a li...
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WTS: G&P LMT MRP lower

Airsoft Items For Sale Yesterday, 05:47 PM
Rules: Don't offer unless you have the cash. Please refrain from thread crapping, if you have something to say don't hesitate to pm me. I do not ship first, ever. All sales are FINAL. Once the gun leaves my hands, I'm not responsible for it. I will make sure it is fully f...
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WTB: G&G G4 Series/Combat Machine BLOWBACK Upper Rece...

Airsoft Items Wanted Yesterday, 05:10 PM
Hello there,   I am looking to buy an upper receiver for the G&G Combat Machine series M4. Has to be the BLOWBACK type in black. Looking to pay up to $30 for the upper but will pay up to $50 for the upper and lower together.   Thank you!
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Greetings from nowhere, IL

New Members Yesterday, 02:07 PM
Hey y'all I am not sure how to introduce my self, but I'm gonna try :P   My name is Trooper51, which is just a randomly picked name for the forums and I have been airsofting for almost two years now. I am 14 and a freshman in HS. My current setup is kinda crappy, just bdu's (m81), boots, a c...
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I want a aeg pdw and I dunno what is the best

Which Gun Should I Get Yesterday, 02:00 PM
I don't have any experience with aeg's, I want top quality, there isn't really a budget, I suppose under 500, and I am at a loss by all the brands! I hope some of the pros here can help me out and make sure I get the best. I poked around online, and I heard the lancer pdw is the worst and lowest...
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