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      03 Aug

    Ok guys I'm from bc and own 10 acre of land and planning to start a airsoft field and Im wondering who would be interested in playing there in the future the location will be seashell Gibson British columbia

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Orange tips and shipping

General Buying & Selling Discussions Today, 11:23 AM
When you guys ship a gun out to a buyer in America how do you go about the orange tip? Threading on an orange flash hider and putting the black one in the box? Or just simply painting the one in there already? I've heard that orange plasti-dip works and comes off easier than paint. Or do you just...
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Valken v12 engine. Where to start?

Gas Powered Rifles & Polarstar Today, 10:41 AM
I would like to start with saying thanks for all the comments in my last topic! Secondly, I know the V12 system has a bad rap and it wouldn't have been my first choice if I didn't get a good deal on it. Please keep all comments productive! I picked up a...
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Today's Birthdays (30-August 15)

Birthday Announcements Today, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  StarG36 (28)matrixiskool (25)Maverick07 (26)EliteRage (24)Bigaard (26)JudoSniper (36)Ilocosr (46)bobomonki83 (32)bombber123 (25)ScarletLegionaire (27)Jchiu (25)IceDevil (39)koolaid (25)TboneH (22)HDGer...
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Rookie with a high end gun?

General Discussion Yesterday, 10:10 PM
Hi. I'm looking to take up airsoft as a new hobby. I've ordered an ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3, with spare mags, batteries, a smart charger, mask, and gloves. Now I'm worried I've got gear way above my skill level. Money really isn't an issue when it comes to a hobby, but I'm doing this to make new fri...
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MP7/MP9 GBB (KWA/Elite Force/TM/etc.)

Airsoft Items Wanted Yesterday, 04:50 PM
Hey Guys! Really want a MP7 or MP9 GBB in working condition, has at least one mag included, and signs of wear on the gun are absolutely fine with me. I would like it to be around the $200 mark so something like a Old TM MP7 or a Kind of Old KWA MP7 would be sweet! Thanks so much! -Kool  
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