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Today's Birthdays (26-April 15)

Birthday Announcements Today, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  mjfly1 (28)undercovercqb (--)J0KER (24)kiki-jiki (25)bat21win (26)rzrssndrome (31)cheesetastic (23)DeadEye88 (27)spartan_child (28)Trzy (24)sniperelite7 (23)andrew banules (45)StealthInferno (23)airsof...
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BB's causing non-feeds?

BB's Yesterday, 11:50 PM
I played today and only got off about 8 magazines <1200 bb's... I notice I kept shooting and nothing was coming out. I used matrix .2's last time and I just put lancer tactical .2's through my gun today. Can bb's cause missfeed/no feed? very mad this was happening, I threw in a high cap and j...
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Mosfet install gone wrong.

Upgrades & Modifications Yesterday, 05:26 PM
First off, hello everyone! So, I bought a bunch of parts for my echo1 MP5A4. An 3S 25C 1400mAh Li-po, M110 spring (stock M120), Gatee PicoAAB fet, and some trigger contacts. I'm about to tear my hair out at this point for a few reasons. First, the gun cycled once after reassembly in semi, but wou...
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Accessories - Scopes, Sights, Laser & Red Dot Systems Yesterday, 04:44 PM
Removed. Wrong section. 
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Hi, hey and hello

New Members Yesterday, 04:18 PM
Well… seeing that I’m new here I decided I should introduce myself. :) I have been interested in airsoft for quite some years now. I’ve been in several scrimmages here and there, mostly with springers until recently, my brother and I bought two LPEGs for fun and sparked our inte...
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