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Today's Birthdays (28-May 16)

Birthday Announcements Today, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  valcan222 (25)SciFiZombie (36)poetof06 (29)xander (35)171stSniper (25)t-tiger (32)Doubloh (23)s7a71c (23)malchikyij (29)gotpez (26)pack916 (21)Oneal Racing (22)TerminalMan (29)Seanboy (21)Fat Rambo (22...
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Semi not working

AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) Rifles & SMGs Yesterday, 09:23 PM
So I have this gun and when in full auto it shoots fines but when I turn it into semi it makes a clicking noise. Any suggestions?
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Codename: Thunder XIII 2Day Event Aug 6-7th Chicago Area

Great Lakes, USA Yesterday, 06:42 PM
CODENAME: Thunder XIII  August 6-7th 2016 AT Legacy Paintball & Airsoft Park Lockport, ILThe Cold War has turned hot once again. With a weakened EU and the US bogged down in the Middle East and other hotspots, Russias ambitious leaders have decided to take advantage of a weak US leadersh...
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still have overspin

Upgrades & Modifications Yesterday, 09:28 AM
hey guys so I short stroked two teeth off sector gear and (by mistake) short stroked 3 teeth off full steel piston rack. now I'm using an m130 and IM STILL GETTING OVERSPIN. any idea of how to fix this? By the way, I'm running an 11.1v. due to m130, the 7.4v wont cut it
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Today's Birthdays (27-May 16)

Birthday Announcements Yesterday, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  kpodolski (49)AndrewMp5k2005 (27)slimefan (23)K4Lic0 (30)madmedic (44)mercedes-benz (24)Riflewizard (23)soldier765 (31)Cabbage (31)nirvana0001 (30)Ranger420 (41)gwizzy (25)nowayitskevin (24)BlackEagle...
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