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Today's Birthdays (23-June 17)

Birthday Announcements Today, 02:08 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  Agouti (28)=Blackie= (25)kiyotsu (30)Vamp (40)Salami (38)KungFuHampster11 (27)deadshot77 (27)AUG KEVYCITO (27)Gunsmith64 (55)ThePwninator (26)VictoryRoll-91 (26)Grippster (27)SvKatsura (32)Kuligow (40)...
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[Preview] Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE GBB Pistol

General Discussion Yesterday, 10:01 PM
The first impression of the Desert Eagle (DE) Mark XIX is a big baby, the overall length is about 27cm and is about 4cm thick with 7 cm width on the pistol grip, big boys gun!! Different with other DE models in the market, this Desert Eagle mark XIX 50AE is World first GBB replica pistol fe...
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For sale: Raine Inc. 2 point sling/ G.P.S grip pods

Airsoft Items For Sale Yesterday, 08:31 PM
For starters I'm new on here. I'm also an active duty USMC scout sniper. I have a bunch of new gear I'm looking to sell. I have several of each that I just don't need. I've used a set of these on my last deployment and they are both very durable. I'm sorry I havent figure out posting pictures...
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WTS VFC SR16 Package

Airsoft Items For Sale Yesterday, 06:34 PM
Selling my VFC SR16 which was rebuilt by techs at Airsoft Extreme in Sacramento CA. It has been sitting in my closet unused for the past 2 years and my local field is no longer open. I have never used it. Gun is shooting 420 fps at unknown rof (I forgot). It is wired for deans and has a mosf...
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