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Motor difficulties

Upgrades & Modifications Today, 10:07 PM
I'm not sure why but my motor won't cycle my gearbox but is spins. All gears and teeth on my piston are in perfect shape. When I take out the spring and test it the gears spin and will pull the tappet plate.etc but won't pull a spring.the gun cycles with my other high tourqe motor. Motor: SHS hig...
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polarstar questions

Gas Powered Rifles & Polarstar Today, 06:21 PM
my local field has a 420fps limit. I am planning to use .30g bbs and run a silver nozzle at about 80-90psi. any other ideas?   also how many shots will a 90/4500 non spa tank last me with a redline regulator(how many shots)?   any other tips will help
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Dual Use Flashlight

Accessories - Scopes, Sights, Laser & Red Dot Systems Today, 05:30 PM
Hello All, I am new to air-soft, I am working on hunting down a flashlight to put on my gun.  I want a light I can remove from the gun and use as a handheld light. I found this light but it does not have a on/off function you have to maintain pressure on the pad. Does anyone know of a s...
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Daniel Defense Rail Incompatibility?

General Discussion Today, 12:11 PM
Hey, so I recently mounted a Daniel Defense 9" rail on my M4 and I cant fit any accessories on it. I tried my Colt vertical grip and that didn't fit. G&P Ladder rail covers those didn't fit. It doesn't bother me too much but I'd like to add a flash light with a pressure switch grip. heres the...
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Which Gun Should I Get Today, 02:26 AM
Price Range:  (Primary)$100-150(Gun Only)-$200(Gun+Scopes, Lasers, etc.) (Secondary)$100 (Tertiary)$50 Type of Gun:  (Primary)Electric or CO2  (Secondary)Full-Metal/Mostly Metal CO2 Pistol/ or Spring Shotgun (Tertiary)Full-Metal/Mostly Metal Sprin...
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