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      06 Feb

    How does a KWA KR12 compare to the Krytac MK2 Crb?

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Today's Birthdays (26-March 17)

Birthday Announcements Today, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  savoy6 (48)Souljaboy (25)Jeff3point0 (35)RevolverBob (30)lil' j (25)Beta08 (25)CalvinTat (30)AJB32690 (27)yuppers (24)HeXxXaKore (28)SS3 (22)cgibsong002 (27)Monto313 (25)G36canen (27)RollingStone000 (3...
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WTS: SR47; H&K G36c; & Echo 1 Scar-L

Airsoft Items For Sale Yesterday, 11:25 PM
A few rules about this sale: * The only payment that I will take is through PayPal. * I do not ship first but will ship immediately once payment is received. * If you have stuff to trade, please post or send me an offer & picture. * Prices do not include shipping costs.First item: Echo1 Scar-...
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KWA magazines for Glock 19

Gas Powered Handguns & SMGs Yesterday, 06:34 PM
 3 magazines , 2 well used and 1 almost new.  Fill all 3 at the same time and no order used, mixed order as filled.  The 2 older mags will shoot  over 2 and maybe 3  plus loads of BB's on one gas fill depending on how fast I shoot.  The newer one will hardly sho...
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Today's Birthdays (25-March 17)

Birthday Announcements Yesterday, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  Arsonry (32)llxENDERxll (30)philman213 (38)OverSoul (27)Jasper (31)Ryutsuki (28)kevinr (37)bmxnlamalover (26)Heckler&Koch (23)sea_biscuit (30)BroInArm (26)lonesniper24 (23)iloveco2 (24)Xevin (3...
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Looking for new complete reciever for M4(AEG)

Upgrades & Modifications 24 Mar 2017
Sup community, been a while.  Bought a G&P receiver years ago and had problems with a fairly large visable gap between the upper and lower receiver when shut.  Looking to get a new one, what yall reccommend. Been out of the hobby for at least  years so I have no idea what manuf...
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