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WTB P90 OR FN2000

Airsoft Items Wanted Today, 07:55 PM
I just simply want something new to mess around with. After building 2 M4s I don't want to build another one for a while.
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$1 Airsoft Guns, 30% Off Sale, American Milsim ESR-1...

Airsoft Items For Sale Today, 02:22 PM
**What the LUCK?!** Spend only $1 for a High-End airsoft gun at AirSplat! Get the chance to score a $350 WE 416c GBB for JUST A BUCK! Coupon Code: "WHATTHELUCK"**Don't get pinched!** This March get 30% OFF Select Green & OD Airsoft Guns & Gear at AirSplat! Check out our new Don't get pinc...
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Magpul PTS Masada SV & HPA Air Rig

Airsoft Items For Sale Today, 12:22 PM
A few rules about this sale: * The only payment that I will take is through PayPal. * I do not ship first but will ship immediately once payment is received. * If you have stuff to trade, please post or send me an offer & picture.   Entire sale items:     First item: (1a) Magp...
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Umarex M27 IAR GBB Upgrades

Gas Powered Rifles & Polarstar Today, 04:14 AM
Hello, I will soon get this rifle, pricey as hell but its beautiful what can I say. Either way, I did a lot of research online but I am still having trouble. I understand zparts makes upgrades for this but so far I could only find a steel bolt carrier. Is it even necessary to get a steel one? I w...
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Today's Birthdays (06-March 15)

Birthday Announcements Today, 02:07 AM
We would like to wish all our members celebrating their birthday today a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  herzblutx88 (26)longbow371 (46)DDR1991 (24)Kommander_Kactus (28)driftslap (23)TheChinaManWithOpium (33)4howler12311 (23)Howzer (28)Flashgordon (27)GlorifiedPatriot (23)SharkDude (23)god_of_thunder (22)...
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