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AEG: CYMA M14 SOCOM 16 (CM.032A)

Table of Contents



Real Steel History


First Impressions

Externals/Feel/Build Quality



Trigger/Selector Switch




Future Plans

Pros & Cons

The Final Word


Brand- CYMA

Model- M14 SOCOM 16

FPS- ~365

ROF- ~750 rpm with stock 8.4v battery

Weight-7.8 pounds

Length- 37 inches

Gearbox type- Version 7

Battery Type- Comes stock wired for small type. Comes with 8.4v 4/5SC

Recommended BB- .25's for accuracy

Cost- $145 from

Real Steel History (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Not much here because I really don't care about RS history.

The SOCOM II and SOCOM 16 are variants of the M14 with 16-inch barrels, the shortest barrel length for a rifle permissible without taxing and registration under the National Firearms Act in the United States. The gas system was reworked to ensure proper operation with the shortened barrel, and a new compensator was added to help soften recoil. The SOCOM II features a "Cluster Rail System", while the SOCOM has a single short scope base.

Picture courtesy of Ithinkihadeight. Source: Wikipedia


I ordered this gun from for $145 along with some .25g BB's and a neoprene face mask. I decided to get the black version since I don't really like faux wood. I placed my order in the late morning of August 3rd. The package came via UPS August 10th, the seventh day. Not bad considering it came all the way from California to Maryland. I'm quite happy with the transaction. 

First Impressions

When I first picked up the box all I could hear was BB's pouring through it like a rain stick. I realized that one of the bags of BB's must have burst and they went all over the place. When I opened it I realized that the box from the gun was sitting on top of the bags of BB's. The corner of the box ripped open the bag and sent 4000 BB's throughout the box. ASGI should really rethink how they package this stuff. Oh well, could be worse. I took everything else (CYMA M14, unbroken bag of BB's, neoprene face mask) out of the box and then poured the BB's into a plastic bag.

Okay, now that I told that little story, let's get to the gun.

When I first picked the box up it was really heavy. I was glad about that, I like hefty guns. I opened the lid and saw the gun, manual and the extras that came with the gun. Everything was well packaged and each item had it's place in the styrofoam.

I took the gun out and admired it's heft. I pulled the bolt back and heard that nice clank. The gun felt perfectly balanced and was definitely not to heavy or long. I actually started thinking that I should have got the full length M14 since I'm 6'2” tall. Oh well. More info on the gun later.

Included with the gun:

-8.4v 4/5SC battery wired to small connector

-400 round hi capacity magazine

-Cheap sling

-Wall charger

-Small bag of 200 Crappy BB's

-Small bag with a quick wind tool for the magazine and a small allen key for the flash hider set screw

-Barrel cleaning/unjamming rod

Appearance/Feel/Build Quality

Pretty much everything on this gun is metal so I'm not going to go over every part one by one. The only parts that aren't metal are the stock and heat shield which are both high quality ABS plastic. The gun is very solid with no creaks or wobbles. Since the rear sight is adjustable it does wiggle a bit but not enough to notice unless you are specifically looking for it. The cocking mechanism is awesome and gives a nice metallic clank when released.

Heres the bolt

Heres the button you push for the working bolt catch 

The stock has a nice feel to it because it has a rough finish (sandblasted). It feels very good and has smaller texturized areas where your hands go.

The overall gun is very nicely built, I have no problems with it. In my opinion it is about the perfect weight and length (maybe a little bit short for me since I'm 6'2”). I think it would be a good woodland gun since it's maneuverable and has great ROF and FPS.


The stock 8.4v battery that comes with this gun is horrible. This battery is a 4/5 sub C (not large type) meaning that the cells are only 4/5 the size of sub C cells. However, it is wired for small connectors.

The battery compartment is able to house a full size large 8.4v battery. You may have to re-run some wiring or replace the stock connectors with deans but it is possible. I'm not positive but I think that a 9.6v 4/5 sub C battery will fit. You will have to take out a piece of plastic that is right behind the butplate door if you want it to fit.  Just unscrew the 2 screws holding it on and under the butplate there is a piece of plastic that is pointless.  It takes up valuable space in the battery compartment so just take it out.  When you do this make sure you don't lose your rear sling mount.  It comes out when you take the bottom screw out.  To put it back in just slide it back into positon and put the screws back in.

I purchased a 9.6v mini Elite battery and it works great proving a good trigger response and good rate of fire. I also added deans as soon as I bought the gun so I never even used the gun with the stock connectors.

Heres some pictures of the back of the gun and the battery compartment


The magazine that the gun comes with is a standard Tokyo Marui compatible hi cap. It is all metal and can hold 400+ rounds.  It also comes with a metal winding key.  You can see the hole for the winding key on the side of the magazine in this picture.

I have had no problems with it yet and plan on getting some mid caps soon. One bad thing is that 4-5 BB's fall out when you take the magazine out but it doesn't really matter. Since the magazine well is pretty shallow it wobbles a slight bit but no big deal. You could probably fix it by adding electrical tape to the magazine or inside of the magazine well. It is inserted like you would insert an AK mag, put the front in first and then push the back up. Release is also like an AK, you pull the lever towards the magazine and pull it out. This has worked perfectly for me so far.

Heres an overview picture of the magazine well

Heres the hop up adjustment.  You can still use it when the magazine is in.

Heres a shot of the trigger and magazine release lever

In this picture you can see how it looks with the magazine in.  You can also see the AK style magazine release.

Trigger/Selector Switch

The trigger is all metal as well as the safety and trigger guard.  The trigger functions well and has suited my needs so far.  The safety is a small lever type thing that you push forward or back in the trigger guard.  It has a smooth, firm click and works good.

Safety on

Safety off 

The selector switch is just a knob that you turn.  It feels kind of flimsy but it should be good if not abused.


The gun came from ASGI and they chronoed it at 360 fps. I don't have a chrono but people have chronoed it to be consistently in the 360+ range.

Next is the accuracy. I did accuracy tests from 50, 75, 100 and 150 feet. I was shooting at a regular 8.5”x11” piece of paper with a target on it. I used the iron sights so many of the grouping issues are due to user error rather than the gun not having tight groupings. 

On that topic, heres pictures of the front and rear sights

The rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage.  You just use the knobs to the left and right to change it.

Heres the pictures of the targets.

50 ft is very easy to hit with this gun.  The groupings are high because I am not used to the iron sights yet.  I just kind of played around and sprayed BB's all over the target.

Next is 75 ft which is also a pretty easy target

Next is 100 ft.  This is where it gets hard with iron sites.  Still hit the target most of the time though.  With a scope it would probably be a breeze.

Last is 150 ft.  This is pretty hard but I can consistently hit it with a short burst.  Again, a scope would be useful here.

I was actually kind of disappointed with the accuracy of this gun.  I have never used any other AEG's so I don't know what to expect though.  I suppose a new bucking and nub would help alot though.  The stock bucking is very inconsistent but I guess that's to be expected.  


Since it is an M14 you probably won't want to add many accessories to it. It does come with a rail but it's pretty far forward so if you want, you can buy a RIS/RAS kit.  Then you can add a scope/red dot site/reflex site/whatever you want. The gun does not have threads on the end for a silencer. The flash hider is held on by a set screw.  Once you loosen it it just slides right off the end. 

It also has a hole in the front of the stock for a bipod if you wish to add one. There is a front and rear sling mount on this gun that are both metal if you want to add a sling.

Front sling mount

Rear sling mount

I don't think many other accessories are necessary on an M14.


Since this gun is a full Tokyo Marui clone it is compatible with all after market upgrades that will work with a TM. The gearbox is a version 7 and is fully upgradable. Heres the compatibility chart of all of the internal parts. 

Spring Guide--------------------Version 3

Barrel Length------------------------420mm

Nozzle--------------------------------Tokyo Marui Version 7 (M14)


Cylinder------------------------------Tokyo Marui Version 7 (M14)

Cylinder Head-----------------------Tokyo Marui Version 7 (M14)

Tappet Plate------------------------Version 7

Gears--------------------------------Version 6/Version 7 Spur Gear


Anti-Reversal Latch-----------------Version 6/Version 7


Wiring/Switch Assembly------------Tokyo Marui Version 7 (M14)

Gearbox Shell----------------------Tokyo Marui Version 7 (M14)

If you don't know how to work on a version 7 gearbox watch a few disassembly/reassembly guides on youtube.  There are a few and they really help by walking you through step by step.

Future Plans

 I plan on slowly upgrading this gun. I want to add an m120 spring, replace the motor with a high torque, Ball Bearing spring guide, Systema bucking and SCS nub. I'll post updates when I do upgrades.

Pros & Cons


-Nice weight/overall feel

-Nicely textured stock

-Good length

-Good FPS

-Good ROF and trigger response (with 9.6v or high quality 8.4v)

-Metal where there needs to be

-Bolt makes a nice clank

-Nice, adjustable iron sights

-I like the safety design



-Not the best accuracy but I suppose a new bucking and nub would solve that problem

-Version 7 gearbox is hard to work on

-Magazine is a teeny bit wiggly

-Rail that it comes with is a little to far forward for a scope

-Selector switch feels slightly flimsy

-Could have better accuracy but a new bucking, nub and tight bore will fix that

-Not really any big cons

The Final Word

This is a great gun for anyone on a budget or someone just starting out with airsoft. Only bad thing for a newbie is the version 7 gearbox which is kind of hard to work on. Not to bad though, just watch some disassembly videos and take your time. I highly recommend this gun because it's compatible with after market products to fully upgrade it. Not only that but it has pretty good stock accuracy and ROF. Get this gun!!!  Heres some more awesome pictures.

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