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Airsoft Atlanta is your source for quality airsoft guns and rifle parts
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There are 3 ways to sell products on our website:

Authorized Seller Elite
ASF Dealers
ASF Advertisers (also known as ASF Sponsors)

Authorized Seller Elite Accounts are members that want to sell their new and used gear that they are not using. They are not dealers, retailers, suppliers or advertisers, and are not allowed to post advertisements, sales copy, or have website links or banners.

ASF Dealers are members who don't have a website and are not interested in having any links or banners but they have lots of stuff to sell. These are people who have lots of new items and are probably drop-shipping items to customers but do not have an airsoft store or website. They are not suppliers or advertisers and are not allowed to post advertisements, sales copy, or have website links or banners.

Rates and prices for the above two accounts (AS-Elite, and ASF Dealer) are show on our Membership Page

ASF Advertisers can do all of the above and are retailers, distributors and suppliers who want to advertise and sell new products here. They can have banners, links and promote an external website.  They can also post items for sale and industry news on our forum to promote their products and services. Rates and prices are shown below for Advertiser Accounts.

To become an ASF Advertiser, you can choose an option below or if you already have a forum account, you can check this page: Advertiser & Dealer Upgrades.  To view common banner sizes that we display on our website and other publisher sites along with descriptions and locations of banners, Click Here for banner size and description examples.

Step 1 (to sell on our forum) If you do not yet have a forum account, join as a member, and then once you do that, then you can either choose a membership plan to upgrade your account  to "Authorized Seller Elite", "ASF Dealer", or "ASF Sponsor" depending on what your goals are as explained above).

If you are not yet a member and have questions, comments or would like to send an email to the administrator, Click Here to send an email to the administrator. Or you can also call or text 616-617-4103.

ASF Advertisers get to:

Advertise in Zone 1-5 (any or all depending on your budget and which option you choose)
Sell new and used items in our BST (Buy Sell Trade) forums
Post in our Industry News Forum,
Have clickable links in your post signature,
Have your website link on our home pages,
Display your banners across our entire website for unlimited views and clicks depending on which zone or ad spot you choose.

Zone 1 ad spot includes: This is the basic advertiser choice that gives you permission to have a signature link for the duration of your forum subscription as well as permission to sell in our BST forums. It also includes banner ads located in 3 spots (left of the chat room, at the top right of the forum, and at the bottom of every forum topic). The banner sizes are 160x600, 468x60, and 728x90 respectively. This is a shared ad spot which means that your banners rotate with other Zone 1 Advertisers on each page load. Zone 1 also includes a text link on our home page with a link to your website in the "ASF Sponsor List".

The price for Zone 1 is currently $79.95 a month or $799.50 for a yearly subscription (get 2 months free when you choose the zone 1 yearly subscription).  To advertise in Zone 1, you can either use the signup page on the forum or you can use the "Subscribe" buttons below.

It is preferred (but not mandatory) that you have a forum account and use the forum upgrade process; However, if you do not wish to have a forum account and simply want to place your banners here, you can use the subscribe links below. If you use the forum upgrade page, you will need to first signup or login to the forum before being able to access this link: choose ASF Sponsor Membership and choose the $79.95 (or $799.50 yearly plan).

Otherwise, choose one of the following Paypal subscription choices:

Zone 1 Pricing

Zone 2 is a premium ad-spot 180x30 banner that does not rotate or share ad space with other advertisers at the top and bottom of all forum pages and a premium 250x40 banner that is shown to the right of all home pages that also does not rotate with other advertisers. Both of these banner ad locations are called our Zone 2 banner ads.  If you would like to place your banners in zone 2, You can pay $89.95 a month or get 2 months free when you pay $899.50 for a yearly subscription. If you would like to advertise in both zones 1 and 2, you can pay $119.95 a month or $1199.50 for a yearly subscription.

Zone 2 Advertising

Zone 3 is a custom text link at the bottom of all home pages and a custom text link at the top and bottom of all forum pages. Also in zone 3, you get to have a Private Message Ad displayed in member Private Message Mailbox on the forum. If you only want to advertise in zone 3, you can pay $119.95 a month or $1199.50 for a yearly subscription. If However, you would like to advertise in zones 1, 2 and 3 (all 3 zones), pay $129.95 a month or you can choose to pay the yearly subscription of $1559.40 via Paypal subscription.

Zone 3 Advertising

Zone 4 has been merged with zone 3 effective 8/11/2011. Basically you get the text link spots + the addition PM Message for one low price. We are reserving the Zone 4 location for another ad spot that has yet to be announced.

Zone 5 is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE 300x250 banner shown at the top left of all forum pages. This is a shared banner spot that rotates with other advertiser banners but due to the exclusivity, many advertisers are not able to compete in this location.

UPDATE FOR 2013-2015: We are now including all Zones 1-5 with the purchase of the Zone 5 ad spot!

The cost to advertise in Zone 5 is $299.95 a month billed monthly or $3,599.40 for a yearly Paypal subscription. Previously the rate for all ad spots (zones 1-5) was $399.95 a month or $4,495 / yearly - but for a limited time, we are offering all ad spots (zones 1-5) for $299.95 / monthly or $3,599.40 / yearly. Please choose the $299.95 / monthly or $3,599.40 yearly rate and we will include all zones at this reduced rate.  This is subject to change if we need to raise the rate to slow the advertiser growth to protect exclusivity. If you are locked in at the lower rate, that's the price you pay regardless of price increase until you cancel.

Zone 5 Advertising

*Please Note: If your account should expire or cancel, the link in your signature, your link on home pages, as well as your banners will all be removed at the time of your cancellation. The advertising prices here are subject to change at any time without notice. We make no guarantee about the actual number of visitors or sales you might expect as those depend mainly on your banners and website which we have no control over. Therefore, your results will vary and we cannot give refunds unless there are special circumstances that may warrant a refund or extended ad runs at reduced rates or no charge. Click through rates for your banners will depend on the quality of your banner. Animated banners seem to work better than non-animated ones. Conversion rates will depend mainly on your website. If you violate our advertising rules such as spamming the board with ads in un-designated areas, or irritate our members with repeated bad service, we withhold the right to remove your links and banners and cancel your subscription if the problem is not corrected in a timely manor.

To manage your banner ad account for zone 1, 2, 3 or 5, Click Here. This will first be setup and configured by our administrator and you will be emailed your log in information before you can access it.

If you are subscribed to our services and paying a monthly or yearly subscription and you wish to cancel, please note that your services are canceled at the time you submit the cancel subscription button, not at at the end of when you think the subscription term should stop so if you plan to cancel, be sure to do this towards the end of the duration if you're thinking about stopping the subscription.

If you need help or have questions, please text, or email me.  You can cancel your PayPal subscription at any time for any reason from inside your PayPal account (or I can do it for you if you let me know). To cancel it, get into your PayPal account and find the original transaction and then click on the unsubscribe (at the bottom of the detail view page). 

Otherwise, try this:

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