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    This is a group for players in the Northwest Arkansas area. There are many multipurpose fields in the area though a number of them require group registration. This group is for creating a community to play games in the area and to form a team/teams and friends in this sport.

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    The New York Recon Marines Since 1974 The New York Recon Marines honor all who have served this great nation. The NYRM conducts MIL-SIM role play within the Air soft Community. Further, Many of our members are either active or former members of the military. Or the son or daughter of a friend or family member who served in the military with great pride & honor. It's not the intention of the NYRM to cause harm or dishonor to the men who worked so hard to earn the right to become a Recon Marine. We are Americans who honor our MARINES... and will honor them always. Show your continued support of our Marines serving our nations interests. Please continue your support of our troops as they embark on continued operations worldwide. We look forward to our continued relations with all airsoft operators nationwide.Presently we host MIL-SIM events within New York State. Please feel free to visit our website, The New York Recon Marines. To all our members , We at N.Y.R.M wish you all an exciting & dynamic airsoft Mil-Sim experience for years to come. Semper FI, Col. DeLaRosa, Founder The New York Recon Marines Our Batallions: 1st.BN N.Y.R.M. High-Command, New York City & Westchester 2nd.BN Hudson Valley Area of New York 3rd.BN Covers All Of Long Island, NY 4th BN Pending The Capital Region Of NY


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