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  2. From the looks of it. It's an OEM Big Box model from JG, GE...I am going to guess Double Eagle.. Clear Nozzle is a partial clue. Can you drop the motor and show the maker.
  3. The silicone oil? There is a complicated issue/history with the oil found in most American Airsoft products. The myth is to put it in the Gas to help keep the rings and seals lubed. Sadly...this is all mostly WRONG. Some seals don't need this "oil" treatment, Viton, Buna-N...etc. Some seals will degrade with this oil "Rubber" and start leaking. Can you post a picture of your 40mm AI "Shells".
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  5. I know this post is old. I had the same issues when I bought mine. I was never able to find any either. I gave up and bought another pistol. Both of these websites used to say out of stock. They don't say that anymore. https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/HFC-1911-27-rd-CO2-Pistol-Magazine-Black-40547/ https://www.airsoftmegastore.com/37075-hfc-27rd-co2-magazine-for-hg-171-series-co2-pistol-black-hgc-171m
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  7. Hello from Texas. I come in peace. Passing through hoping to get a little help. I just purchased two Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Magnum Grenades from a garage sale. They are new but missing the box and instruction manual. Can somebody please tell me what the oil is for? Do you put oil where the bb's go? Sorry for the stupid question. First time using airsoft grenades. Have a great evening. And thanks for any and all help. Peace, out...
  8. I found a broken M4 at a garage sale with no buffer tube, stock, branding logo, and broken wiring. I wanted to see if I could put new internals into it and I just can't find this gun anywhere on the internet. I already have parts coming in for a new hopup and I've already rewired it for a Tplug. The upper reciever has a built in mock suppressor that cannot be removed. The upper and lower reciever are metal but I'm not sure about the quality of it. The only markings on this gun are what I think is a serial number, BY0381356321, and a made in china stamp. Any help on locating the make/model of this gun is appreciated.
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  10. Don't know who the heck is "Maddog", could they have put the wrong spring in the wrong bag. That happens more often than not for these "off" brands. You don't need a double bearing in the mechbox. Heck, you don't even need bearings. Bearings in the mechbox is a throw back to a design mistake with SystemA springs. How long is your stock barrel, have you tried the magwell tissue test?
  11. Thanks, I found the product on eBay. I just need the "MR 50" and the "Omega Nub Hollow", right? I also noticed some rather disappointing FPS issues with the same AK. The internals consist of: SHS Metal Toothed Piston (swiss cheesed), SHS Double O-ring Cylinder Head, Crossman Tappet Plate, Lonex A2 High Torque Motor, Maddog M140 Spring (reported to give me 459 FPS), SHS Metal Spring Guide, Maxx Aluminum Double O-ring Piston Head **The Maxx Piston Head was a bit of a mistake, good quality but heavy and with the unnecessary ball-bearings.** The issue is that even with all these upgrade parts, I can't seem to get more than 270 - 300 FPS (w/ .25g BBs). I don't know what Maddog springs are (hard, semi-hard, etc.), but with this result I suspect that they are soft. I'm not sure of the FPS immediately after installing the new spring (since I just got a chronograph), but I suspect it hasn't changed much. The Maddog spring is pretty easy to compress into the gearbox, maybe even easier than the stock spring (M130?). I did disassemble the gun and check the compression, and was not impressed. It was terrible. After checking the piston head I adjusted the O-ring (enlarged it) and reassembled the gun. If anything, the FPS dropped! Do you have any idea why I can't get more than 300 FPS with these internals?
  12. It really depends on one's needs. With out defining needs, a discussion would be hard to start.
  13. Lets discuss it in detail. Also sharing one information related to this query: https://www.securityprousa.com/blogs/news/tagged/how-to-choose-body-armor
  14. WTB: G&P Navy Mk63 Airsoft SAW Machine Gun/ Stoner 63 gun and parts does not need to be new in box. please let me know what you have. cash in hand. thanks Darell
  15. You you are on a budget...you can source these Same pistols from overseas for a bit less.
  16. Thanks for your reply and recommendation. About 3# is fine. My 1911 had some trigger work done, and it's pretty light. Price doesn't seem too bad either. Thanks for the info.
  17. You would want these items made by KSC/KWA https://store.kwausa.com/product-category/gun-type/pistols/ They are the ONLY Airsoft replicas that are actually made to represent the real steel variant in "functionality", except for a few late model units by TM. However, you won't find those in the US readily available. And you are not going to get the same trigger response. Most trigger pulls are 3# or less for Airsoft. With that your can actually retrofit real steel trigger springs into each of these three models made by KSC/KWA. Other companies...not so much.
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  19. Hi, Need the grip safety and hammer for Inokatsu M1911 A1. Anyone have the spare parts from an old or pistol not used, I will buy it from them. Also if any of the members can direct me or sell me maybe an aftermarket, would be great. Thanks for your help.
  20. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 BERETTA 92G ELITE IA SRC SR-92 ELITE IA base deep marking, deep 0.3mm tritium night sight steel hammer custom grip stainless steel grip screw cerakote Anodizing detail fix
  21. I'm looking for a semi-automatic airsoft pistol that emulates the light and crisp trigger pull of a Colt 1911, Sig 226 and a Beretta 92. These are the pistols that I use for IDPA and I'd like to be able to practice in my back yard off-season. Thanks for any help that you can give me.
  22. Hi and welcome to a new addiction. You should also sign up on Airsoft Society. When ASF went down some of us migrated there. The people that went there are some specialists. Like battery, tuning, mechnical optimization. Me...I am a logistic and procurement specialist for Airsoft...I now and then peek in here (daily) to help all with my 3 decades of experience.
  23. 16 round mags and CO2? That is EF1911...one of the Worst Airsoft pistols ever. Don't buy that. Not Effective hop-up and not adjustable for range. CO2 is a terrible power source. Inconsistent and suffers from cool down more so than Organic Gas. The only good thing about that pistol is that it will make you a better player. CM16 Raider is a fine AEG. However, you don't need a mosfet and Any AEG can run Any type of battery as long as the voltage is around 8.0v IUnder load and it puts out 15A of power. If you want some thing...import one to NY via a private Sale like most airsofters do... 20-to 50 feet? This isn't paintball. These thing out of the box can hit 50 yards and with slight tweeking...90 yards. Since your son has an AR, I would get an AR also to share mags I can start you off with a package, granted my items are slight more "rare" and a step above a base G&G CM16... If you can spare 300.00 I can give you a AEG package or I can work up a pistol and AEG package...on second thought...you should just stick to AEG's at this time...not need to get ahead of yourself with equipment at this time. Package includes a unique AEG, battery, Good charger and spare mags. My trader rating on the left is 74...and my ebay rating is 5500+ just as a reference.
  24. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 SIG M17 WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm cerakote
  25. Well, that seems to fit with the 366fps law then as making them illegal? store guy said: "Technically electric pistols are under Canadian fps requirements for airsoft and are prohibited from importation. Gab" It's a shame, I just wanted to play target for minimum hassle.
  26. Update:LBS bb's solve the feeding problem and it shoots well with all the mags, however, the selective fire modes, doe's not work as it should, it's like, when I switch to full auto and fire it, it shoots fine, til I release the trigger and trying to fire again, then it acts like on safe, and after some trigger jiggling, it works again, and then it's not.I've aligned the gears properly, semi and safe modes acts fine, but, I can feel it, like, on the full auto, the trigger is being caught a bit with something before I press the trigger fully, so, what are your thoughts ? https://imgur.com/a/ZOa1PBP
  27. So unfortunately I live in Upstate NY and purchasing airsoft guns from websites has proven to be a little difficult as not many will ship to me. So Im afraid Im limited to the few shops we have in my area. I haven't played yet but from everything Im reading the M4 style seems to be the way to go. I thought about a pistol because of the size and mobility but with most clips only holding about 16 rounds I would need to buy extra clips and extra CO2 carts. Since I spent all my money on my sons setup money will be an issue for me. Cant afford to drop $200+ for a gun if Im not sure I will be able to play often. The only gun I have really researched is the G&G CM16 Raider which they sell at the field near me for under $200 but I don't think it has a mosfet and Im not sure if it takes LIPO batteries. Mind you, Im not SOLD on getting the Raider but I do like the style. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. - Forgot to mention - I would be playing mostly at outdoor field and engaging from 20 - 50ft. I don't want to be a sniper. :)
  28. Just posting to say hi. Havent actually gotten into airsoft yet. My 14 yr old son just started and loves it. Bought him a G&G CM16 SRS and hes only played once but he is hooked. We rec3ently found out we have an outdoor field - River City Airsoft - right around the corner from our house. I was able to spectate and watch him play and it looks like a blast. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself before I started asking a bunch of questions to help me decide if this is something I want to get into. If I rent Im looking at about $60 a visit. If I buy my equipment its like $20 a visit. Trying to weigh my options because money is tight and I spent all I had on my sons gear, lol. I will be posting questions in the appropriate forum soon. Great site by the way,
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