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  4. I agree with the first two but on the third I would suggest that if you have a good idea of where they're going and your goal is to kill them to move to put them to your left around some cover. This should generally force them to left shoulder to pie slice more effectively which is generally going to reduce a persons effectiveness. There's definitely scenarios where this isn't advised such as the cover of the position that would put them to your right being more favorable if you feel comfortable shouldering left. Also, if a person is sprinting taking a couple of shots while they're out of cover is really good but I wouldn't spend the entire amount of that time firing at them. They'll most likely be looking at where they're running more than anywhere so if you cement the idea that you're somewhere by shooting at them but then move while they're still positioning and manage to be out of sight once they check again they'll act on faulty information while yours will be more accurate.
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  6. There are two possible issues I can think of: 1. Your battery doesn't have enough juice to cycle the gun on full auto. 2. The gun's motor doesn't have enough juice to drive the geartrain. Do you have a 11.1V LiPO you can use to test?
  7. Hi Everybody, I'm Greg and I have 1 acre that I'm developing as an airsoft training base/campground and 7 other lots on the plains East of Belen, NM, South of Albuquerque. What I'm Doing I'm a retired (on disability) ex-80's era Corpsman and I'm building this project to test out some of my personal theories on how to train people to shoot, move and communicate; not because anyone else is doing it wrong but because I was laid up for 8 years with a spinal injury and I had time to think some stuff through. Camp Loco is a 1 acre airsoft training base with ranges and camping. Camp Loco is a 24/7 free fire zone for members only, where I'm running various training classes, and I specifically want club members to attack the camp at random, literally whenever you feel like it, with any non lethal airsoft type weapon you have that's safe to use. I'm not going into a lot of detail here because that's all in the business plans and I'm nowhere near launching any sort of public program. Who I'm Looking For Right now I'm looking for 5-10 people over 21, preferably vets, who live locally and who take the project seriously. I have a series of modular courses on pistol, carbine, land nav, first aid, etc. that I'm offering for free to the first group of Trainers, to work the bugs out of my own parts of the system. Then I'm going to open the training courses up to prospective club members, who have to complete the courses and pass with a certain grade to join the club. It's not hard to get into, but you can't play at it either. The Trainers from the first group can either assist the training classes, or serve as Opfor under their own direction. Once we get a reasonable sized cadre of members and Trainers my intention is to open the training courses up to the public and offer weekend, immersive, scenario-based basic training courses where the newbies learn the basics while under random attack by people with more training and better tools and gear. If you live within easy driving distance of Belen and this sounds fun then PM me, camping is available. If the pilot program works then all the club members will be able to get paid for the public training events, even if it's just with gear. PM me if that sounds fun. G:)
  8. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 BERETTA 92SB & M9 KJ & WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm grip detail fix
  9. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 Colt Delta Elite 10mm Stainless WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm grip guarder Stainless Steel Grip Screw chamber unlock spring cerakote detail fix toy & real toy & real toy & real
  10. Where are all you guys? I left Airsoft, I don't know if it's permanent but I sold all my gear. I got into FPV Freestyle quads this year and loving it. Goodluck to you admin and forum. I hope traffic pics up here like in 2007 lol, it was the first massive forum for airsoft and I think it's still was the biggest to this day even though the heyday is long gone. Take care guys.
  11. Hey guys! I would like some input if possible. I bought an AW Hi-Cappa Black Ace (HW2003) basically for CQB. But, I found it rather bulky and it's SA - it's no use, I tried, but I'm a DA kind of guy. Still, it's a FANTASTIC gun, very well made and a straight shooter OOTB. I really liked it, so I'm gonna keep it basically for plinking. Therefore, I would like to make it as accurate as possible, and the first thing I thought was to swap the stock barrel. My idea was to use an AW Hi Capa 109,9 mm × 6,01 mm barrel, and here is where I need your expertise. I haven't put the Black Ace through a chrono yet, since my new one will only be here next week, so I can't say what's the barrel speed right now. I really don't need higher FPS, I want precision, but since upping the speed makes the BB travel straighter, I guess it's a good parameter for accuracy. Or at least, that's how I'm looking at it. So would a barrel swap be the first upgrade to do if I want precision? Would that actually improve accuracy or should I think of something else first?
  12. I purchased a brand new Bolt BR-47 from Evike. Immediately out of the box, it fired fine in semi auto. But after a few burst in full auto, the the rifle/motor locked up. You can hear the motor clicking, but it wont turnover. I sent it back to Evike on a RMA and the sent it back (supposedly repaired, though I don't know exactly what they did). But upon receiving it, the issue remains: in semi auto, the rifle seems fine; the moment you do a few bursts in full auto, the motor locks. It's been sent back in two RMAs, but the issue remains. Either Evike is not really doing anything in the RMA, or the quality checks before sending it back is really lacking... or I am doing something wrong. The battery I am using is the Turnigy 7.4 15c-25c Lipo. I am completely new to Airsoft. This rifle is actually a gift for my son, but sadly he's not been able to play with it as the RMAs takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Having sent it back in 2 different RMAs, I'm hesitant to send it back for a third one as it will likely be the same result. I feel like I'm stuck with this $300 rifle and will need to find a way to fix this issue myself. Anyway tips or guidance or suggestions would really be appreciated.
  13. Hey everyone! I'm from Brazil, and though I was pretty active in AS some time ago, it's been a few years since I'm away from the action. Work, kids, family and the usual stuff got in the way, so I took a long sabbatical. But a couple of months ago my interest was drawn back to AS - specially because of GBB pistols. Back in the day I didn't have any, but always wanted one. Also, I have developed a chronic back pain, so I really can't run around and throw myself under bushes anymore, but a (quiet!) CQB pistol match is doable. So, guess I'm back to the madness 😁.
  14. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 BLACK LAGOON Sword Cutlass WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm cerakote custom grip custom Stainless steel Recoil Spring Guide guarder Stainless steel Magazine Catch guarder Stainless steel Tactical Ring guarder Stainless steel Safety guarder Stainless steel Trigger Lever guarder Stainless steel Slide Stop guarder Stainless steel Disassembling Latch guarder Stainless steel Hammer guarder Stainless steel Trigger guarder Stainless steel Inner Hexagon Grip Screw
  15. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 GLOCK 19X WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm
  16. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 Kitagawa Kogaku Seizosho base toy & real
  17. Hi everyone, I am a veterean paintball player, I am trying to get into airsoft since I found some people to play with. I would like to get a full metal rifle, I like the weight on a weapon. I will be playing on a 3-5 acres paintball style open field most of the time. Just like the title, my budget is $200 and I really don't like the look of an AK. Here are the top 3 chooses I have found and I hope people with experience with them can give me a recommendation. Any other recommendations would be really appreciated, thank you for the help. G&G Combat Airsoft Full Metal GR4 G26 AEG Rifle https://www.airsoftmegastore.com/17011-g-And-g-combat-gr4-g26-full-metal-aeg-rigle-black-bnb-ncm-adjustable.aspx Lancer Tactical Full Metal Body Gen. 2 LTM-04B AEG Rifle https://www.airsoftmegastore.com/22785-airsoft-lancer-tactical-full-metal-body-gen-2-ltm04b-aeg-rifle-black.aspx CYMA Full Metal M4 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle https://www.airsoftmegastore.com/8064-cyma-full-metal-m4-ris-aeg-airsoft-rifle-w-ultra-high-torque-motor.aspx Any other recommendations
  18. I want to get some new furniture for my gun but I cant move the gas tube because the cleaning rod is in the way so I cant unscrew the screw to move it. I am stuck with the screw at the bottom of the gun I will inclued a picture of where it is approximately. Any suggestions? (sorry if my post is confusing)
  19. Here we are. 9 years later. Guess what has happened to my baby. Receiver snapped. I guess it's my own fault. After all this time of using the old awss system and loving it, I had to do an overhaul and found parts for the brass tube system to be unavailable. So decided to upgrade to the open bolt system. I ran one mag through it before it blew the back off. And do you wanna know why? Forgot to reinstall the recoil damper. It just slammed itself to death in less than 30 rounds. I'm so sad because I literally got serial number 0040 off the line. We wont warranty it and also wont do another reciever with my serial on it. So sad. Time for a new reciever!
  20. Jethro.sims .... did you ever find the solution to this problem? changed the piston, piston head, cylinder head, air nozzle and tappet plate on mine and when first fired it was flawless with an extra 20 FPS compared to before. When I got it out again the FPS had dropped to well below 300 which alerted me to the issue. Have checked and rechecked everything and can’t see any damage or issues with any of the parts which is driving me nuts! thanks
  21. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT M16A2 commando model 733 WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm steel stock lock nut M16A2 grip M16A2 lower M16A2 Aluminum delta handguard slip ring M16A2 forward assist early type M16A1 steel flash hider Aluminum CNC buffer tube 2 position cerakote Anodizing detail fix toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real
  22. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT M16A2 forward assist early type toy steel toy & real toy & real
  23. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 SIG M17 WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm
  24. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 Installing tritium sight GLOCK night sight_toy
  25. I bought some from https://killerbeeairsoft.com . free shipping with a small order.
  26. I use the ASG CZ P-09 and love it . The new G & G pistol I heard a lot of good things about , GPM92 I think is the name . I checked it out at a local store, and found it to be very comfortable and nice kick. A good bang for the buck.
  27. I agree that it can add up real fast. A lot of parts from you re-use , you will be searching day and night for a screw , spring, etc. If you had a bone yard , and upgraded that , might be a more practical solution .
  28. Some bbs could use a washing, but when they are bio, its important you plan on using them right away. some off major brand bb's leave a white dust, especially the ones that come in bags. I recently switched this newer brand, called Killer Bee , they seem to very good, they feed well, and shoot pretty accurate for me . I use them in my sniper, pistol , and p* 416 . I shoot a alot and never had one issue.
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