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  2. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 WW2 COLT M1911A1 1941 KJ base custom order deep marking, deep 0.3mm real wood grip detail fix
  3. Must be in good working condition.
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  5. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 Taran Tactical Innovations 2011 JW3 STI Combat Master WE base steel QPQ finish finish finish
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  7. A pair of these were given to me with no paperwork or instructions. I'm familiar with SOME AirSoft guns, but not these! What are they? How do I load them? I don't want to damage them by experimenting.
  8. This must be a thread revival record. Nearly 10 years since the last post.
  9. Or perhaps has anyone had this issue with other CA says and have any recommendations?
  10. This one is the better option for you https://www.just-airsoftguns.com/product/colt-m4-cqb-full-metal-ris-aeg-airsoft-rifle/
  11. Hello, I'm unsure if anyone has experience with the classic army ca026m ak74 tactical, but I'm trying to find an adapter or mock silencer/barrel extension that works with this model. The classic army site says it uses a 14mm ccw, but it looks much larger when I removed the flash hider, and the threads diameter measure about 20-21mm. Any advise?
  12. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 WW1 SPRINGFIELD ARMORY USGI M1911 Inokatsu base full steel deep marking, deep 0.3mm chamber unlock spring real wood grip detail fix QPQ toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real after & before
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  14. Yeah, I tried it once but couldn’t figure out the interface. Then again, I was just tinkering during downtime and probably would have been able to understand it if I just watched some YouTube tutorials, heh.
  15. Solidworks master race! I tried Inventor one time, and the sheet metal feature is archaic.
  16. Thanks! I’m mechanical, using SolidWorks at work and in my free time.
  17. Welcome back Klash! Are you an architectural drafter or mechanical/engineering drafter?
  18. I took a break from airsoft about 4 years back. I was still working at Walmart while sloooooowwwwly getting my drafting degree, and thus my hours and days off never gave me time to airsoft. Sold or gave away all my gear/guns but never officially said ‘farewell’ to the hobby. During the last 4yrs I got into collecting and customizing higher-end action figures. It was a fun hiatus rekindling some nostalgia of figures from beloved franchises, but now that I’m starting to make good money as a draftsman with weekends off I’ve finally decided to get back into the sport. Out from one rabbit hole and back into another... XP
  19. I’m looking for an AEG M1 Garand or M14 without the gearbox and battery. I still need everything else inside and outside the gun intact and functional (scratches or minor damage to externals can be overlooked). I would prefer an M14 with the classic stock (fake or real wood), but an EBR will also be acceptable. Fake or real wood stocks on an M1 Garand also equally fine. For calculating shipping, I live in USA zip code 30017 and can do local pick-ups within reasonable driving distances.
  20. *BORNEO OPERATION 3* :take your Airsoft military simulation to the next level, a thrilling scenarios, interesting area from forest to city, from river to coast. Join us immediately and feel the difference from day to night and meet in the morningJoin us and get a free 1-day tour to Tanjung Puting National Park to see endangered orangutans at the end of the gameLocation : Pangkalanbun – Central Kalimantan – Indonesia any interest? drop me a line#Airsoft #Milsim #International #IndonesianAirsoftFederation #TanjungPuting #OrangUtan #Pangkalanbun #KalimantanTengah #FAI #IndonesianForest
  21. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT GX-5857 model 607 WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm real M16A1 ejection port cover real M16A1 Crush Washer ra tech ar-15 steel bolt custom steel flash hider custom handguard custom stock detail fix toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real toy & real [imghttps://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4sK-eA6LnOM/XNlBUt3sHqI/AAAAAAAAL_A/tGmDknmta28nrAjxnE-HqnzvX7mUIZvGQCLcBGAs/s1600/55.jpg][/img] toy & real real
  22. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT M1911A1 Government Model .45 1950 Inokatsu base custom order full steel deep marking, deep 0.3mm chamber unlock spring wood grip Steel decorative Fire Pindetail fix QPQ toy & real toy & real
  24. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT M1911A1 super match 38 Inokatsu base custom order full steel deep marking, deep 0.3mm chamber unlock spring wood grip QPQ toy & real
  25. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT 1991A1 Government Model Inokatsu base custom order full steel deep marking, deep 0.3mm chamber unlock spring QPQ toy & real
  26. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT M16A2 commando model 733 WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm steel stock lock nut M16A2 type grip M16A2 type delta handguard slip ring M16A1 type steel front sight M16A1 type steel flash hider
  27. Used US ARMY OCP/MULTICAM IOTV BODY ARMOR VEST W/ KEVLAR INSERTS, Medium.. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Any questions, message me. Includes pouches and full IFAK . This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. Level I soft armor. Manufactured by KDH Defense Systems Listed on eBay. $650 obo
  28. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT M16A2 carbine model 723 WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm steel front barrel steel stock lock nut M16A2 type steel flash hider M16A2 type grip M16A1 type front sight
  29. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 SPRINGFIELD V10 Ultra Compact super tuned AW V10 base custom order deep marking, deep 0.3mm
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