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  2. It's a great time, man. I've been playing for just over 15 years. The thing that keeps me interested isn't the guns, the gear, or even improving skillsets and winning games. It's the people I've met along the way. Get out there and have fun!
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  4. Greetings from Ken in NJ, I used to play paintball competitively and miss that type of sport. I'm a 50 year old airsoft newbie and look forward to learning and playing. Thanks, Ken
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  6. It's likely possible to thread your outer barrel, but it would probably be easier to purchase a replacement outer barrel with threads. That is assuming that your gun has aftermarket outer barrels available.
  7. Choosing an airsoft MOSFET for your Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) may not be an easy thing to do. On the one hand, there are many products that offer plenty of fancy features. On the other hand, there are also MOSFETs that are designed only for basic functionality. Not everybody needs a smart MOSFET unit or "computerized" as some people call them. I know that this thread is pretty old, but I wrote a short guide on choosing between basic and computerized MOSFET on my blog and thought that it's a good place to let know as some people are still might be looking for such an answer.
  8. I know that is an old thread, but I got there by googling for AEP MOSFETs, so maybe more people are still visiting this thread. I discovered that many people are asking whether there are MOSFETs dedicated to AEPs because those for AEGs are too big to fit them to the pistol. That's why I decided to build one with my colleagues and soon we're going to launch it on Indiegogo to start shipping it. So, now it will be easier to prevent trigger contacts wearing and taking control over lipomod and ROF.
  9. Nova SAI BLU, EMG BLU frame I have this slide kit since it was released in 2016 I think. Build it a bout a month ago.. I can't decide which barrel to leave on the stock black barrel or the Airsoft Surgeon brass fluted Brass barrel Wolf
  10. Hi, I’m very new here and relatively new to the AS world. I’ve been playing, modifying, and messing up my hi-cappas (6 to be exact) for a little over a year now. I’m pretty sure these things are not designed for the amount of abuse I put them through, however I’m sick of buying a new gun every 2 months because the frame is broken in half. I use the AS to practice for USPSA in my backyard, I shoot in open division, so naturally I want my AS to be set up similar to my race gun with a frame mounted optic and thumb rest, among several other things to increase recoil that I realize are contributing to my problem. My question is will a Airsoft Masterpiece aluminum frame with full length rails or something similar hold up to the abuse? Or am I just pushing the capabilities of an AS gun too far and wasting money?
  11. Hey so I have an m4 and it has no threads and I think it isn't built to be threaded. I want to know if it is possible to somehow thread it so I can get a tracer on. Thanks for helping a newbie.
  12. I know this has likely been presented many times to a forum such as this, but I would like to visit and or revisit the feasibility of a Counter Strike game mode for airsoft. It was inspired by watching CS:GO majors. "But what if it were a real life thing, instead of an eSport?" I asked myself. And here we are, talking about how this would happen. Would it be possible? Would it be reasonable? Likely not, is the answer. It would require a full on company to support, however, I would still like to talk about it. (And also Valve copyrights and stuff.) Making a Counter Strike game mode for airsoft would present many issues from the start. -Expenses -Locations -Cheaters/Rule Breakers -Guns (In a different way. Hold on, I'm getting to it.) And while, I do know that there are some things on this list that are issues of a typical airsoft game. There could be ways to counter it. I will explain them in later posts or below. =+=Expenses=+= -Guns -Batteries -Ammunition -Magazines I know this gets messy, I'll have it a bit more organized at the bottom. Being the most influential factor of this entire idea, the average cost to supply a game like this is pushing $k. It's ridiculous. Assuming each gun costs around $200, Multiply that by the number of guns in the game plus 10: At least 1 gun per player. That's an immediate base of $68,000. Assuming each battery costs around $18, another ridiculous amount of money would be necessary. It totals to $6,120. Ammunition wouldn't be too much of an issue. BB's are relatively cheap, and considering magazine sizes for each gun, it shouldn't be too much of a dent in the price. We'll take the M4/AK from CSGO. Both guns get 120 bullets per round. 120 x 10 x 30 = 36,000 BB's. A bag of 5,000 airsoft BB's costs around $20. That's 8 bags of BB's with 4,000 BB's left over for extra use. The total cost for BB's alone is about $200. (Rounded way up because of weapons like the PP-Bizon, with a generous 184 BB's per Round.) Magazines might be a bit of an issue, due to the 30rd standard of most guns. There would need to be milsim magazines for EACH gun. That could get difficult. I'll do more precise research later, but let's call the average cost of a magazine to be about $15. The number of magazines is the next problem. WOW, there would need to be a crazy amount of them, so we're going to take a very vague average and say 1360. That's 4 magazines per person, per gun, for 10 people. At an average price of $15, it calculates to $20,400.............fun. The total cost of the game alone, and I know I've forgotten something, totals to about $95,000. ($94,720) Definitely not realistic. No typical airsofter could pay for something this huge. =+=Locations=+= This portion will be much shorter than the last, thankfully. Where would a game like this take place? An intellectual question, young Padawan. One to which I have no answer. I personally live outside of the US, so if there's a massive stadium or popular location I don't know about... But really, it's the cost of renting a place like that. The answer is: A load of money. I can't go into specifics since I have no idea how much acreage would be appropriate for a game like this. =+=Cheaters=+= We've all experienced this one. Considering how Counter Strike is, it would be impossible to keep every player in check, even if refs were standing over the field. You would need something ridiculous, like video coverage. I can't even fathom how expensive that would be. Cheating is an issue in every game. But in a game like this that costs so much, it's effect would only multiply and blow up. It removes the fun from a game, and, again, considering how much this costs..... wow. =+=Guns=+= Why buy an M4 when you can get a P90, a weapon with a better magazine capacity that's lighter and shoots the same distance? This is something I've taken a bit of time to think about. How would we balance weapons? FPS limits. Pistols have a certain FPS, SMG's have a slightly higher FPS, Rifles have a slightly higher FPS, and Snipers have the highest. "But Cortercia, how can we find guns that fit every requirement of each need?" You're right. We can't. I doubt we can find the perfect AK-47, or AUG with however many Joules. It's one of the largest factors that makes this unrealistic. I wish it were so simple. To finish it off, again, is it realistic? Of course the *bleep* not. Take a look at everything. No one would fund it, no one would want to manage it, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad astra, forever and ever. Well, I'm running out of time, so I'll have to revise this a bit later. I want to put this out there before I go to sleep because I want to know your thoughts or additions. What do you think about this whole thing?
  13. I'm working on a friend's KWA ERG RM4 and it's not making any trigger contact connection except when the selector switch is in full auto. It may be the selector plate but it's hard to tell when you can only fire it when it's in the receiver with the buffer tube. I'm also trying to not open the gearbox or anything like that because I only have it so I can resolder some wires, I was going to fix a selector switch problem on the side and it turns out that's not the only problem. I think it has to do with the two contacts that the selector plate pushes together when it's not in safe. EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.
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  15. Bringing this back to life for 2019. Hit me up if you play in Las Cruces and aren't already a part of the Las Cruces Airsoft facebook group.
  16. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 Knighthawk Custom 1911 WE base deep marking, deep 0.3mm chamber unlock spring tritium night sight cerakote grip safety slide stop other fix parts after & before
  17. If you can, get a TM glock, then upgrade the slide. Hard to get in the USA. Avoid umarex glocks, they are plaged with issues for the price. WE/AW arent TM spec but they are upgradable. There are also KWA and KSC glocks but I know little about them.
  18. Hi Everyone, I am totally new to airsoft but have been shooting firearms for years and want to get a replica of my Gen 4 Glock 19 for training purposes. I need it to be operate as much like the real deal as possible and able to do the following but don't know where to even look. 1. Fit hard plastic holsters made for Gen 4 glock 19 without modification 2. Gas blow back operation 3. Last round hold open and working slide release 4. drop free magazines 5. trigger that feels identical to the real gun Any ideas? price does not matter
  19. Hi guys I’ve been testing this system I’ve designed for a year now and it works fine, no fogging issues anymore. This type of goggles are designed to be worn with a helmey which restricts the airflow behind the lenses. Furthermore in airsoft a mouth mask is a good idea but this reduces the flow even more and it potentially make humid air from breathing getting inside and worsens the fogging problem. With this air pump the air is pulled from inside the goggles and fresh clean air enters through the surrounding frame. This way humidity decreases and the temperature in the interior gets closer to that of the exterior. It works also in 100% relative humidity. The disadvanges: it adds complexity to setting up your carrier and googles, a little bit of weight, the tube that attach to the goggles is a bit incomodating but at least for me it’s not an issue. It makes some noise but you can turn it off when needed. Thanks
  20. I think they are more worried that the people I would play with are not responsible. I have had a bb gun since I was like 7 or something.
  21. When I first started back in 2004, my parents were against airsoft too. If you show them that you're responsible, they just might change their minds. That did the trick for me.
  22. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I was unable to get the gun but hopefully, in the future, I can play airsoft. It's pretty harmless if you make sure to wear goggles. IDK why my mom's so anti airsoft but...
  23. On my local field I am Downrange the Junk Dealer of Death, aka. the king of radiation, I have been trolling this forum for a while now looking for "education" so I just figured why not join so here I am. I'm 45yo, been playing post-apacolypse airsoft for a few years now, I play at the Joplin water hole which is an "abandoned" water park in Joplin Missouri, the group I play with refers to it as Joplin Wasteland or Wata-Pa, we usually play the third Saturday of every other month, we share the field with another group called The First Saturday Ops, my primary weapon of choice is the CA m249 running 11.1v Titan and.28's.
  24. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 IMI DESERT EAGLE .50AE ISRAEL Cybergun base deep marking, deep 0.3mm steel valve lock steel fire select steel barrel release steel trigger steel fire pin steel hammer steel slide stop cerakote
  25. Hi, I am from Bulgaria and I'm a woman. I'm a newbie to the airsoft, but I like it very very much! It's amasing for me, although it's very difficult . After a game, I am like broken for two weeks. I'm playing with this team: https://cqb.bg and we are a lot of people, but we have only one woman except me . However I see this extreme sport is getting more and more popular in my country.
  26. Hi all, I'm just getting into the hobby and this is my first post. I am torn about which starter AEG to get and would really appreciate the input from more experienced guys. Right now I'm undecided between the G&G CM16 Raider 2.0 combat machine and Ares Amoeda AM008 M4 CQB. Both seem to have decent reviews and my indecision is mainly related to the following: 1. The Ares is slightly more expensive, which my consumer brain tells me must mean its better. Is there any truth to this? 2. I like the look of the G&G slightly more. The two tone tan model is just beautiful. 3. There seem to be more options and accessories available (at least where I live) for the Ares. 4. I've seen people complain about the sights on the Ares, apparently they are little more than cosmetic. The G&G sights seem to be somewhat adjustable which is nice. At this stage I'm not looking to get optics so the standard sights are somewhat important to me. That's basically it, my main concern is the price difference. I like the look of the G&G but I'm worried that its an inferior gun because of the price difference, although paying the difference isn't a deal breaker for me (+- $230 for the G&G and +- $270 for the Ares). Before you freak out about the price, airsoft guns are more expensive in my country than you are likely used to. Thanks for your help.
  27. I have, for all intents and purposes, a BNIB G&P Mk23. It has an absolutely kick *** performance (NOT an exaggeration) of around 28rps with a velocity of 450 + fps right OUT OF THE BOX! It's from my collection and I am the original owner, having purchased it at least 5 or 6 years ago. It has only been used to show off it's amazing performance (maybe 3 or 400 rounds fired (launched?) max, if that). A beautiful Stoner LMG. To my knowledge these are no longer available, except, perhaps, overseas. Guges may know it's availability, if any!Here is background info:https://www.evike.com/products/36450/My price is $420. Shipping is half on buyer, half on seller, me. It's a pretty darn large box. No trades. Shipping CONUS only, via USPO.May have equally new extra box magazine (just have to locate it in my many, many boxes of parts, accessories 😕Absolutely immaculate shape/condition. And Rip-Roaring performance. I kid thee not.... Please note, today I'm not being allowed to load even one picture (at a size of 426KB)! Please PM me with email addy and I'll be happy to send.Gunner79
  28. In my opinion, if I were in a situation like that, I would probably get it. If you choose on getting it, you should most likely tell your parents and say that you are going to be responsible with it and you take proper safety precautions. When I first got into Airsoft, my parents were against it. (Mostly my Mum but still.) But I convinced them by saying I will responsible with them and will atleast try to take every safety precaution I can. But don't only make your decision on my opinion, since mine can be biased at times and your parents might be different to this than mine did. Best of luck, auto
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