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  3. Get a M90 Prometheus Spring or a PDI 100% However, it's not drop in simple. If you are not mechanically inclined, have a Japanese Airsoft Tech do it for you.
  4. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT M16A2 commando model 733 II HEAT movie 1995 version GHK base deep marking, deep 0.3mm steel stock lock nut C7 upper kit custom steel pencil out barrel 11.5" M16A1 type steel flash hider Real FSB Real rear sight Anodizing phosphate coating detail fix HEAT movie 1995 HEAT movie 1995
  5. I recently purchased an M4 style AEG and it's shooting around 390 fps. I am playing in Japan and the legal limit is 300 fps or lower. Someone told me that you can replace the spring inside the gearbox to make it less powerful, but are there any other options to make the gun shoot much less? If I do change the spring, does anyone recommend a spring or something else to buy to replace the current one? Any feedback is very much welcome. The gun MUST shoot 300 or lower FPS.
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  8. Hey everyone... I'm Shaikh (pronounced shake). Just moved to Atl from jersey and looking to join a team. I prefer to play the bigger ops but don't mind walk on games whether indoor or out. I was on a team up in the north and we ran ranger green if that plays a factor. Thanks in advance.
  9. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 COLT XM177E2 model 629 GHK base
  10. I know this goes back more than a couple years but you still have any openings?
  11. I’ve come across a list of certain screws, etc on here but does anyone have recommendations for sets of screws, nuts, spacers, snap rings, etc for AEG’s and Replicas? I know a lot are metric but do the replicas use SAE or metric and what kind? Trying to stock up on ALL items related to this for my own personal tech work and am having a difficult time sourcing answers covering these items regarding AEG’s, Replicas and GBB. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! Scott
  12. Is there any MCX owner here? and if you do mind to share some photos of yours?
  13. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 Resident Evil 92 Chris model SRC base deep marking, deep 0.3mm stainless stell out barrel stainless steel trigger steel hammer steel recoil guide tritium night sight cerakote video game video game video game
  14. Would anyone be able to help me out with how to solder mod my systema ptw to convert it to burst fire instead of auto ? I’ve heard it’s a pad you need to short ?
  15. Are you on Arnies?
  16. Anything made by Tokyo Marui will be supported for a very long time. As well as WE "main stream" pistols. WE GBBR's nope...not supported heavily.
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  18. Is there a brand, or a model, that seems to be here to stay forever?
  19. 5 years ago I bought a handful of Airsoft guns expecting to get into it... Then got married, became instand dad, moved 20 hrs away and had a kid. Now I'm stable enough to do stuff. Yay! The guns I got were: Rifle - WE G39 GBB (HK G36) Pistol - Marushin FN Five-Seven Pistol - Marushin Walther PPK/S You might understand my frustration when ALL these guns are now out of production and are very much unsupported via parts. The Five-Seven's magazine seals have cracked, and the PPK needs an inner barrel (as it was used as a movie prop). Luckily the rifle works great and I have enough magazines. But I have a 12yo stepson that I was going to give the PPK to because it fits his grip well. That clearly can't happen anymore. So when buying my next pistol and rifle, what do you experienced folk suggest I get that will still be IN PRODUCTION when parts are needed? Should we really just get an M4 and 1911 out of the thousands of choices out there? Thank you so much, Steve
  20. If you are running it in the USA...you don't need anything but stock form.
  21. I am interested 🙂 Are thery still units avaiable? Or has anybody else a Project like this? Looking for a Bagpack-feeding system.
  22. Looking at purchasing a KWA KM4 SR7 but am wondering if it would be worth the upgrade cost to look for one of their models that have the newer 2.5 gear box? Possibly something like the KWA Ronin T6 PDW VM4 2.5? Thanks!
  23. Please provide as much detail when you pose a question to help us better help you. Maker and Type of Battery What type of Charger, again maker and model. You most likely didn't charge the battery correctly. If not that, then you may have a bad pack.
  24. Hi - I am new I plugged my battery into my brand new umarex hk416a5 aeg and the gun without pulling the trigger went full auto for about 20 shots and then shutdown. any ideas?
  25. Novafbaby36

    New guy

    New guy just starting out in airsoft. I just overall enjoy the sport. Nd besides beats sitting around playing video games lmbao🙃
  26. TM is a solid base. Everything is "Made" for TM. AW is mostly show and average go with high rate of failure and parts that are not compatible with other platforms.
  27. I came from paintball...and I continue to wear my thermal lens JT Full face paintball mask... Many of the Airsoft items are not rated as high for impact as Paintball. How much do your eyes and teeth matter to you and their worth, I wouldn't skimp... Your two combo items is is pretty safe.
  28. Hi everyone 🙂 I’m a bit new to airsoft but not for paintball. I have a question: is it reasonable to buy a full head mask like this one? I wear goggles and a helmet separately now but sometimes I don’t feel safe (don’t know why). Another option is to buy ear protection for more...protection. It seems to be cheaper. Any thoughts/ideas?
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