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    Correct. Green Gas is bottled with no standards at all, much like the majority of the industry. I worked with some of the USA bottlers and they just let the "crap" flush into the GG tanks. We have found solvent, water, rust particles and improper levels of silicone oil in various GG gases. You can get the Propane Canisters any where there they sell Propane, hardware stores, Lowes, Target, Walmart, many places. It's not that hard to find. They are sold under common names like Bernzomatic, Coleman, Worthington....etc. Adapters are sold on airsoft sites or ebay. Plus when temps get cooler, run a higher pressure organics, Propene. When it gets hot, run R152 duster gas to keep the operating pressure around 115psi. DO NOT put any silicone oil in the gas. If anyone tells you to do this...they are ignorant of the facts of oil in the gas. Back in the 1990's sure...but not in modern Airsoft. As to which one...that is Up To You. You asked for a 1911...get the "1911" the closest to matching what you want to replicate. Got a Classic 1911...get the 1911A1, more modernized in the MKII, get the MKII...etc.
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    Get a KWA PTP 1911. They are certified for this... https://store.kwausa.com/product-category/gun-type/pistols/ DO NOT put oil in the mag. This is detrimental to KWA seals and the industry is too dumb to realize this. Dry propane is all you need and regular gun grease for the rails.
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    US players has gone to the tether...Asia left the tether 30 years for it's lack of "realism". Thus with that, it's all personal choice now. Get what appeals to you. However, Tippmann is not highly supported. Items in stock now...get it while you can...plus all the cool new tech developed for AEG...not always available for Tippmann or easily adaptable. Sure...you have FPS consistency...but the guy with a ML MR hop-up will out range you by 10 yards. And when he needs to he can hand the gun off to a teammate and does a door breach with a flash light and a pistol. Mean while the tether guys has to play a supporting role...because they can't get "skinny". But, that is an extreme example at a Scenario op that lasted 2 days at an old sanatorium
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    This is not indicative of any E&L. You may have a bad batch of bbs. SA bbs are rebrands. Can you find a factory brand, say G&G, KSC, BLS? Do yo have a caliper?
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    Sounds more like your charging/cocking arm broke. You should be using silicone spray as a lubricant (the industry is wrong on this BTW...). You should be using a heavy oil or a light grease. As for disassembly, I cannot assist. You might want to pose this question on Airsoft Society for when ASF went down...the flock went there and to Arnies.
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    Talk to July_Pi on his Custom GBB Thread
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    Your light shines no matter which direction you face. You extend a piece of your spirit wherever you go, and you also leave a part of it behind. Let your light shine inward as well as outward, so that what you do offer of yourself might be a beacon to others while also illuminating your own path.
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    I do....I am very astute and watchful of the battery makers. Sadly...90% of the player base doesn't know a good battery from a bad one and then on top of that they over pay by 250% for a bad battery when they could have had a better battery for less.
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    If you're looking for a more skirmishable subgun, I highly recommend the Avalon MP5. The only upgrade needed out of the box is a 22TPA high torque motor for crisp semiauto trigger response. I'm a big fan of mine.
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    Any Airsoft gun can be put into the hands a "beginner". As a matter of fact I shoot more "rich" kids with expensive AEG's with my pistol at about the same rate as my AEG...why...because they lack any type of skill. If you want a trouble free 'starter" AEG. Get anything made by a branded house. G&G, ICS, VFC, G&P...etc. Distributor Rebrands like Valken, Lancer Tactical, are less "ideal" for new players for they are batch made at the lowest cost factory found. Big Box AEG's are also bad due to those items made a really low price point...most are 40.00 wholesale btw... Best gun for a beginner IMHO is a used one from a reputable player. You get something more at less than retail price.


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