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    What wrong with Airsoft and you are going to ask only someone who has only "6-month" of EXP? You are not going to get one that is qualified to answer your initial question accurately. I'll tell you the major issues of what's wrong from 3 decades of experience. 1. Wrong information is passed as the Gospel - People don't think big picture or ask...why is that? 2. Airsofters don't like to be corrected - See number 1. 3. 80% of the parts sold are just stock parts rebranded as an "upgrade" part - SHS (upgrade) and A&K (OEM) come from the same production line, literally. 4. US Distributors do NOT have your best interest in mind. They want to fleece you quick and go after the next newb - Tenergy Products, Silicone Oil 5. No standards in componentry - Most things are not TM compatible any more. 6. Products are made, sold and used due to a defect of "another" part. And then it gets canonized as a necessary upgrade part - bearings on spring guide/piston head and o-ring nozzles. I could think up about 5 or 10 more things...but I get distracted easily on 'What's wrong with Airsoft".


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