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    That is a "Max" rating. And the link has this note: "This is a very high current battery, but the 35A rating might be a bit optimistic." Continuous is the more important factor in Airsoft and that is usually 1/2 of the max rating, which put's it around 17.5A of which your 18650 is like "most" other 2500mah cells...it's at it's operational maximum and not the best for Airsoft with a "stock" gun...now that you are looking to install a M130. That cell is going to struggle in FA fire. And the graph shows it...under a normal AEG discharge of 15A. The voltage is sagging very hard at an average 3.3V per cell. Most LIPO...won't even sweat it at that rate and is at 4.0V per cell. And at 20A for the M130, let's say...it drops another .15V on average...that is horrendious.


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