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    time to add my nerdy speculation: I beleive that what this does is that by adding weight to the piston, it adds energy in the most critical part of the piston stroke. let me explain: when the piston is all the way back, the spring is applying the most force, while air pressure (ahead of the piston) is applying the least force. when the spring decompresses, the amount of force it is applying decreases, and the inertia of the piston as well as the air pressure increase. if you have a light piston, it will not conserve it's momentum against that air pressure as well as a heavier piston. though the heavier piston will not reach a higher velocity, it will have a greater mean velocity than the lighter piston, meaning that it will impart a smoother, (possibly stronger) amount of air pressure to the bb. of course, this is all speculation...


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