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  1. Thank you, Winter. Very much appreciated. It's cool wiz.
  2. Ok Shingatashway, I didn't read anywhere in this forum about 'Extreme airsoft stories'. So dude don't be such a tightwad! It's just a story, AIGHT!?!
  3. these are the closest thing you can get to MARPAT w/out signing up--------->Brigade Quartermaster
  4. well I look into the gun you said earlier and its outa stock. :ranting but im getting a job at a local retierment home as a bus boy. and il make like 150 bucks every two weeks. so I could get a high quality gun soon.
  5. I would like to have people reply as like: well ill look into other places, I think in sw one for cheap on ebay. or simaler
  6. are there any events in the sourthern Oregon region? if there are PM me
  7. Me and three of my brothers and a couple of his friends got together in my in my backyard to have a war.for obsticals we had matresses and box spring.in my far back yard we have a trench like area that we like to call the "bunker" and it started w/ me hit my brother right in the foreheaddroping him on his rear for a sec and me running to the bunker. and as I laid out fire two of my brothers freinds charged me and my little brother we got reamed with bb's. this war lasted about 45 min and we all left w/ welts.
  8. hey I found one here tho its pretty pricey Brigade Quarter Master
  9. im looking for this gun I see it at cheaper than dirt for 35 bucks and I've seen it at airsplat and its for the same price im looking for cheap around 20-25 bucks Cheaper than Dirt
  10. well its not like im a newbie or nuthin,I finally convinced my parents to get me a gun and its when im in a war w/ my brothers and his freinds I need more than one gun and when I leave one round in the chamber its jst does'nt cut it theey still charge me so thats where I need another gun. so I can whip it out and defend myself BTW im 15
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