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  1. I have a G&P Aimpoint replica with cantalever mount. If your interested PM me.
  2. Early spring cleaning sale. Just afew items for now, more to come. PM me if your interested. MO only, no paypal. With that out of the way, heres the sale: ~ 10 STAR Ak low caps $20 ~ Paraclete Tripple M16/9mm pouch. Painted tan. $10 ~ OD BHI Tripple MP5 Mag Pouch $15 ~ BHI small utility pouch, painted tan. $10 ~ BHI Admin Pouch. Painted Tan. $10 ~ 7 Black Magpuls, 5.56 style. $10 ~ Underarm Holster. $5 ~ Uncle Mikes holster. $10 ~ AK47 Sling. $8 ~ M4 Stock Butt Plate $5 ~ TM MP5 Standered Mag $10 ~ 2 USGI issued mag pouches. $10 ~ G&P Metal Body. Full Trades. Will only work with G&P GBoxes. $70 Thanks for looking. PM me if interested. Mike.
  3. I have a box of 10 Star AK mags, brand new & never used 30 rounders. $35 shipped. Let me know if your interested.
  4. Recon

    My New Gear!

    Sacrifice her to the Krylon gods! MC M14
  5. The repro CIRAS's are POS's. Stiching isn't quality, and the design dosn't accomodate some setups. I've got a real one I'm looking to get rid of. Its TAN/MED and I'll let it go for $300.
  6. I'm getting rid of my CIRAS MV, med & tan, for $350. Drop me a line if that interests you.
  7. The CPX game are a joke. The people who run the park are more interested in putting money in there pockets that in providing a safe and fun enviroment. Most people who have been around in airsoft for awhile boycott these CPX open games, just because its not worth the hassle of playing there anymore.
  8. Price Updates: #1: $250 #2: $550
  9. I got a bunch of NATO 5.56 Magpuls in black, PM me if you want them.
  10. Hey Tedtay, watch who you talk to like that. I havn't been on this forum in weeks, I thought it had gone down. I'm not screwing ANYONE over, and I would gladly show all of our communications to anyone who would like to see them. So if you have a problem, handle it in private. Can someone please clean that trash up. I have a deal working on the Mod 0, but if worse comes to worse, then I will part out the scope and rings.
  11. #1: Mod 1 SPR Project Gun ~TM M4 Base Gun ~ G&P Mod 1 SPR Kit ~ Systema Metal Body ~ Upgraded Gearbox by Bob Kranker (M120 and Gears) ~ Re-Wired to the Rear with Large connection $300 #2: Mk12 Mod 0 SPR ~ CA M4 Base ~ PM Concepts SPR Kit ~ PM Concepts SWAN Rail ~ G&P M3 Scope and Rings ~ Systema Metal Body ~ Upgraded Gearbox with M120 and Gears ~ Wired to Rear with Large Connection $600 #3: "Mini" Mod 0 SPR ~ TM M4 Base ~ Systema Metal Body ~ PM Concepts SPR Front ~ Upgraded Gearbox w/ Systema Helical gear set (original ratio) Systema Metal bushings Systema Silent head set Systema Tappet plate Systema Air seal nozzle Systema Type 0 Cylinder Systema Piston Systema Spring guide w/bearing Systema M120 spring Systema Low resistance wire set Prometheus Selector plate KN TN tight-bore inner barrel (cut down to ~ commando length) Systema Hop packing Guarder steel handguard cap Guarder light weight reinforced outer barrel Guarder M16 “bird cage” flash suppressor Guarder M16 enhanced pistol grip ~ G&P 1pt Sling Adaptor ~ Wired to Rear with Large connection $350 All guns are in excellent condition and work perfectly. Always interested in trades, but don't waste my time with low ball offers. Prices are negotiable, to a point. Paypal is prefered. More pics upon request. Interested? Contact me via PM, AIM, ect. Thanks for looking! Mike.
  12. Fragile nailed it. So hopefully that answers those questions. Yah its expensive, but you gotta pay to be uber1337. Bump.
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