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  1. From my experience, all those replica ACOG's can be detached from its weaver mount piece. However you may need to file down the sides on the bottom of the ACOG for it to fit between the sides of the carry handle.
  2. Price drop: pistol package with Safariland hoslter now $180+shipping.
  3. Switch the selector to the middle, rack the slide, and pull down the tabs, the slide should come off.
  4. Lets clear this up here. What's for sale is what I listed: the pistol and 5 magazines. If you want some mags, it's up to another person to come and buy the pistol. Add a Safariland holster to the package for $190 + shipping.
  5. Bump. Will consider splitting package into two ONLY if I have a buyer for both parts.
  6. What happens when you do this is you bring a dead topic back to the top of a section. This is especially annoying in the for sale section when other people have current sales ads up but someone brings an old one back to the top and bumps the current ones down. Also, this isn't AIM, learn to type properly.
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