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  1. m1928 haversack, m1936 pistol belt, m1916 holster, m1 helmet, m41 field jacket,m1910 canteen + case
  2. I use hicaps not to spray and pray, but to not have to load very much. loading hicaps is a pain in the arse
  3. any advice on upgrading a simple mini electric to an extreme fps and rpm by converting the power source to a car battery, new gear and such?
  4. plain and simple, maruis are crap. tokyo marui :mf_plasmawhore:
  5. Classic Army guns definately beat TM guns, they're not wall hangers, they have metal bodies, better stock fps and better feel. they require more maintenance, so what? they also have metal 7mm bushings, unlike TMs which have garbage nylon bushings. also who likes plasticy guns? :mf_plasmawhore:
  6. I'm not sure where he got it, I'll just have to ask him. Also, it's amazingly realistic-ive shot a real k98 before and it feels the same except for recoil.
  7. That's good. I'll be playing as a sniper against tons of guys with classic army m16s and mp5s. I think I might have a disadvantage against full auto, but if it shoots 600 fps.......
  8. Hey, my uncle just bought me a tanaka k98 for my 13th b-day(he loves airsoft)and I don't know what to do with it. Pros and cons?
  9. So, I decided to go paintballing at an indoor arena yesaterday. Took my A5, cleaning kit, field jacket, 500 marballizers and cheapo brass eagle mask.(Big mistake, I shouldve bought a better one) Anyway, the game started and I took cover behind a bunker. I held my gun up and fired off 12 or so rounds and recieved about 20, which hit the bunker. Suddenly, when I fired again, the ball chopped and I took out my squeegee and cleaned it. A guy came around the corner and fired a shot at me, going a few inches above my head but I shot him. I strafed to another bunker, and saw a kid about 20 feet away. I took a careful shot and hit him right in the mask, dead between his eyes. Yes!!! Suddenly, a ball hit me square in the goggles of the mask, popping them out and spraying paint all voer my face. I was lucky not to get my eyes knocked out!!! My mistake, cheap mask. So , I just ordered a v force profiler. Wont let that happen again
  10. Posted by odp: One word:shrapnel. What are you talking about??? It doesn't explode, didn't you read my post, it's spring powered. Geez.........
  11. I use .12 gram bbs,as they are lightest. The force is like a shotgun, but they tend to fall of a few feet in other directions.And it helps to put a lead weight or something in the bottom to insure that it lands right-up, or else it won't work properly.
  12. Sorry about the wording,it was a little confusing. The directions you listed were correct. It throws them about as fast as you can throw a bb, and it fountains them up in the air about 6 feet, then fall in other directions. It's not really too high powered, but it works.
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