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  1. I thought about comparing mine with another one similar to it. I don't know if it makes a difference but the way they got it mounted is under the counter and it dark. I don't know if the tube kind work off light or not.
  2. How can you tell if a chrony is accurate? I have one of these http://www.straightshooters.com/chrony-mas...hronograph.html it reads different from a local airsoft field. Theirs reads faster than mine by about 15-25 fps. I don't know the brand but theirs if the kind you shoot thru the hole. I have a Top Tech and it said if shoots 330 but my chrony says about 370 - 375, theirs shows low 390 to a couple shots over 400. How do I know if theirs is right or wrong? How do you tell if one is reading accurate? How do you calibrate them? Thanks,
  3. I went to my parents house for the 4th and my nephew wanted me to bring my airsoft stuff to play, I did but I didn't play. Him, my son and my nephew on my wife's side did,though. He has a DBoys full metal M4 and as I was shooting it was making this pinging noise like in a lot of spring air rifles, like the spring is wobbling inside. Not that it's a bad gun because it did shoot good and didn't misfeed or anything like that and was fairly accurate. I chono'd it and it was shooting right at 374 +/- 1 with one that hit 378 out of about 8 - 10 shots, surprised me how consistent it is. I have a G&G Top Tech M4 and it doesn't sound like, neither does my old Echo1 G36 or any other AEG I'v shot. Is there anything wrong with it or is that how they sound?
  4. I was just reading the the rules for SS Airsoft and George Town says no CO2, but I guess if it's regulated not to shoot over 400. Green Gas and Propane- same thing, basicly. This is how I did it for a game, I filled up my KWA at the car with propane and went inside to play, no harm done.
  5. Why is it that they won't allow you to use a CO2 powered gun even if it shoot less than the field limit? I have a cheap Crosman CO2 pistol I got several years ago that said it shoots 350 fps (on the package), but I haven't chrono'd it but that's well below the limit. What does it matter as long as it shoots less than the limit?
  6. What is spawn camping/trapping? If he used full auto, wouldn't that disqualify his hits since he was not playing by the rules. We can use full auto except when storming buildings or simi-only games. Deception, I've heard of people doing things like walking into an enemies territory with no arm band and shooting them or better yet, knifing them, but not to deceive them by wearing two colors or non. I had to watch my son the first time I took him to the local arena, I thought he got shot and I asked him and he said yes. I told him to go re spawn and he said, we got 5 lives! I told him every time he got shot he had to go to the re spawn area and then he'd be back in the game til his lives are used.
  7. Even though I grew up around firearms (no handguns,though) I still find myself not checking my airsoft good every time I put it up. Sometimes I forget to discharge it after use or leave the mag in there with out making sure it's empty. I still need help in that area as well as my son. This is at the house, though. Before I leave the house to go to the arena I make sure all guns are empty, mags out and sock son. At the arena is a different story, before you walk off the field a guy makes sure the mag is out, you shoot a few times in a barrel to clear it and there is a sock on before going into the safe zone. Last time I was there a couple kids had to sit out 3 games for taking mask off on the field- they are strict on that. Second time it happens your done for the day, no more play. I don't see how they can forget so quick, they stress that before each game. 400 fps is the limit and no CO2 unless it has a restrictor so it doesn't shoot over 400 fps.
  8. How are you suppose to use a chrono? The one I have is a Chrony Master, http://www.straightshooters.com/chrony-mas...hronograph.html My Top Tech TR4 chronos around 370-380, but the local arena chrono shows it shooting 394-404. I put my chrono in the back yard in shade with muzzle about 1'' above the sensors. I don't know the kind the arena uses but it's the kind that shoots thru a hole, I think it may be a MadBull. It's under the counter and it's all ready dark inside where they check it. I think theirs is showing it shoots faster than it really is. Is there suppose to be in a well lit but not direct sun light or florescent lights?
  9. OK, I don't know the name of the parts but on the part that goes onto the back of the light that makes contact, will it and turn the light on? If it does that's good. The end cap that screws on the light is it too small for the pressure switch part to go thru? If so, you might can open the hole up some so it will work. My son has a N Star laser with pressure switch and I had Inova flashlight. I had to open the end cap with a deburring tool ( kinda like this http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRIT?PMAKA=3...p;PARTPG=INLMK3 ) so the contact thing would fit and it looks pretty good on his G36C. Or you could cut the part off that goes into the flashlight end and hook one wire to the battery end and the other to light body, make sure it won't short out. I did that on one of my lights and it works. It's just a regular LED flashlight and I rigged up a switch I got from Radio Shack. I work at a machine shop so I got access to some tools a lot of people don't have.
  10. I prefer LED because you can get a bright light and batteries last longer. I do have a Xenon bulb type flashlight, although it's bright, my little LED I got from Sams Clubs is just as bright and batteries last longer in it. I got that light mounted to my M4, taped for now but I'm looking for a different way to mount it. I also made a cover from 1/4'' plexiglass so a BB won't shoot my light out, they also sell covers at the local arena for $3.
  11. Well, kind of embarrassing because it shows what I don't know. When I noticed it wasn't working I didn't have a mag in it, when I shot it with BB's - Whala, it worked. I guess it needs the pressure forcing the BB out to operate, didn't know that.
  12. What is flash-banged? I wear my V-Force Profiler, problem is it's hard to use the iron sites or scope with it. I'm gonna try to whittle to where I can use it better.
  13. I have a Top Tech TR4 and noticed yesterday the blow back slide ain't going back too far, not even enough to open the dust cover. I got it last month and I bet it hasn't even seen 2000 rounds yet, I don't know if it just needs a little oiling or what but I don't what to take it apart and void the warranty. Not that it effects the shooting part but if it's suppose to work, I want it to work. Anyone know how to fix it without voiding the warranty? Thanks,
  14. I have looked in to buying bulk but I really feel its not worth it for me unless they ship it for free. I can drive to the local airsoft store (35 mile from the house / 40 minutes) and buy a 4000 bag of .20g Golden Balls for $10.59 w/ tax and 5000 bag of .25g TSD for $18.01 w/ tax. Yes, it takes gas money to drive there but it's less than $8 to go there and back plus I get to talk to the guys there and look in the store and also help my local store stay in business. Of course if there is no store near you, you have to order online.
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