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  1. Sold. PM me your PayPal addresss.
  2. Selling/trading off some of my stuff. I have just about any accessory I can include with any of these that is on the market. All my prices are "or best offer". Trades of any sort are welcomed, but cash is king. For trades I do not accept any off-brand (LPEG/MPEG) guns, and pistols are not very welcome. Any AEGs for the most part may be considered. I am looking for G&G M14 accessories and parts and the likes, those wil score you brownie points. * Marui M733 - Asking Price: $200 Tokyo Marui M733. The barel extends slightly past the flashhider. It occasionally double-feeds. * Metal M933 - Asking Price: $320 Guarder M4 metal body, Prime LR300 folding stock (non-adjustable type). Shoots 320fps. Has at least sporing and bushings, almost certainly more. * CA M24 - Asking Price: $350 M24 with aluminum piston and spring guide, 280% spring, tightbore. Might have extra parts but not sure. * Tanaka M700 Breakdown - Asking Price: $450 With G&G short barrel, 25rnd long magazine, G&G QD suppressor, QD scope w/ mounts, King Arms bipod. * ICS CQBR - Asking Price: $400 ICS M4, Prime LR300 adjustable/foldable stock, G&P CQBR front set, G&P 9.6v 3300mAh PEQ unit, Prometheus barrel, all Systema internals: Flat standard gears Antireversal latch Bearing bushings Piston/head Spring guide Tappet Plate/spring PDI 140% spring. Shoots about 29 balls per second. * KSC MK23 HW - Asking Price: $200 KSC MK23, Nine Ball tightbore barrel installed, in original box w/ all papers and accessories. In mint shape. * WA Wilson FBI Trial Pistol (See http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?I...LBJ_srch_wilson for info and retail price of $217 in HK). Light holster wear. Right grip has scratches towards the base (see pics). No magazine, but I may be able to include a used magazine in great shape. Asking $180 shipped w/ a mag, $150 without the mag. Will take any SCW single-stack magazines. * Tokyo Marui M16A2. Guarder metal flattop body, King Arms SPR MK12 front set, collapsible stock. Wired to the back for large battery. PDI 150% spring, metal bushings, might be more but no less. Looking for $350 shipped. * ICS M4, fullstock. With King Arms MRE front. Looking for $320 shipped. Can switch to standard ICS M4 RAS front and knock off $100. * ICS M4 RAS front. Bottom rail broken and front half missing. Looking for $75 shipped for the whole set, from the barrel nut/D-ring forward. * Prime LR300 (Tube stock version) Marui M16A2 based. This is the mechbox that was in my laserbeam G&P-clad M16E1. PDI 150%, all the following Systema: bearing bushings, duracon piston (older stock, has held up to about 15 hicaps since the upgrade so it's not a bum one like some of the newer ones), silicon bearing head, steel bearing spring guide, flat metal standard gears. Prometheus 6.03mm barel installed, broken in. Systema Magnum motor may be included for $60 more. With the Magnum and the 10.8v battery, I'm putting down about 30-35 BBs per second at 350fps/.25 steady. I can sell it with the Prime front set, the MRE front set, the SPR front set, or the ICS M4 RIS front set with whatever sized barrel is needed. As it sits, with the Magnum motor, full Prime garb and tightbore, I'd like no less than $500 shipped. The kit alone is $440 new, so I think it's reasonable. * MT Haynes Billet Box V2 billet aluminum mechbox. Brand new in boxes shipped from MT. I'm switching to an all G&G M14/CA M249 loadout so I no longer need them. Paid $250 each. Will sell for $210 shipped each, both for $400 shipped.
  3. I sell them for $60 each. And they sell every time. You will have better luck getting the G&P M4/XM1014-style stock.
  4. A lot of units are issuing M9s as well as a long arm. I had an M9 and an M4, we did detainee operations (Abu Ghraib. Ugh). I see a lot of the Striker guys rocking sidearms too. Something to be wary of, a 9mm to the face or a .45 to the face is just as effective. Most people, when shot, lose their wits so even a .22 would be enough to stop most threats if you wanted to be a semantics tough guy. A lot of the 9mm vs 45 debate is all BS. Now, I carry a .45 civilian side. Reason is I like big wounds, since I am of the school that larger permanent wound cavities are what stops threats. That said.... Not at all like the MK23. Nobody uses the MK23. Too big to be useful as a pistol and too small to be useful as an offensive weapon. I hate the trigger system on the M9, but it could be worse. We'll never switch to a non-NATO caliber for a general-purpose sidearm, nobody else uses it as a GP round. There are a lot of .40 SIG pistols rolling around CID units and stuff like that though.
  5. Nice two-week necropost, you should stop.
  6. I owned a G3SG1 for three years, never any problems. I have heard about fronts getting loose 'body flex') but never sagging.
  7. Why, oh why, do newbies buy something THEN ask if it's any good? Even if it isn't, you're still stuck with it. Reasearch first people!
  8. It's not illegal to have real MARPAT uniforms. Direct from a Marine S4 captain. It -IS- illegal to buy stolen government property. It is legal for a Marine who has been discharged or otherwise allowed by the USMC to keep his old uniforms to sell them. End of discussion.
  9. In the 5 Boroughs, it's illegal to own an airsoft or BB gun. The chances of getting caught are slim but the fines are pretty serious. A lot of NYC-based players keep their guns at a friend's place outside the city, and get them on the way to games. Stay legal and you're fine. If you break the law, you endanger the sport as a whole. Don't give the anti-gun crowd any more stories to use against us, thanks.
  10. May I add that to my wiki in the Benelli repair section? I'll credit you and link back to the original post.
  11. That site is based off PHP-Nuke, a free setup for a complete site. Check the link on that page to see more about it.
  12. Dammit! I was just gonna grab those. Too slow
  13. ....Like the kind of wannabe that names himself USMC Grunt and still hasn't even shipped? USMC official term for you is 'maggot' until you get through boot. Let's not be internet tough guys mmkay?
  14. I yell "I just posted that you are a newbie on ASF!" and they run off the field to save their e-name. It's how Gandhi would play airsoft.
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