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  1. put a few things in your interests and you should be set.
  2. One member just went for repetitive insults towards the board then to a staff member.
  3. This is the same as every other comcast problem atm, please look at the other posts in this area or check your emails.
  4. try pming Garandmonkey, I managed to help him through the process of getting his comcast email working here. I gave him the boards ip ( and he managed to solve the prob from there.. Might be worth asking him about it.
  5. We havent said its going guys, we just said we might make it an option as to wether you see it or not..
  6. It might make it a little easier, however these forums are not used all that much. I think it would be better to leave things the way there are... at least for now.
  7. Everyone does know you can see why you've been warned by clicking the percentage e.g. (0%) right?
  8. You made this in the general already.. post closed.
  9. If they want to keep it private then they shouldn't break forum rules.
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