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  1. http://www.militaryclothing.com/czech-leather-ammo-pouch-vz58.aspx http://www.militaryclothing.com/ak47-ammo-pouch-olive-drab.aspx I haven't ordered from there, but either of these will fit the look you've got.
  2. Yup, back in the day they were known as Crap Your Money Away.
  3. I would say the biggest flaw as far as AEG design is the cost/ feature tripod. Essentially there are three things people want in an AEG: Performance Durability (External and internal) Affordability With every AEG on the market now- and for the foreseeable future, you have your choice of any two of those features. If you're lucky. If you want something that has awesome performance out of the box and durability that you can hammer nails with, it's going to be beyond the budget of most players. If you make something more inexpensive, compromises will be made as far as materials meaning the gun will need to either be tuned down performance specs, or have poorer durability.
  4. They're only replicating the exterior dimensions, which are publicly available for most firearms. This is especially true of something with the following that Glocks or 1911's have, where there is a large enthusiast community and lots of add or replacement parts.
  5. I post every now and then, but the AEG and gear sections are pretty much dead. And, honestly I'm not current enough on what brands and models do and don't suck these days to provide much input.
  6. I mostly charisoft now. Oh for the days when I was out 2-3 times a month.
  7. I remember when a whole bunch of people left because the forum admin redirected the entire thing to 9/11 conspiracy sites.
  8. The AUG also has a version 3 gearbox. Same as the G-36.
  9. L85- I haven't owned one of these. People tend to love them or hate them. The ICS ones seem mechanically reliable, and the exteriors are really nice. A couple people I've played with have the L86 and love it. Slightly different ergonomics, but the same manufacturer and internals. The up side with the L85 series is that unlike the other ones on your list, you'll have no trouble finding mags and mag pouches. They use the same STANAG style mags as M-4's and M-16's. The downside is, the ergonomics are not the greatest as far as your fire selector. It's also a bullpup (Magazine behind the grip) so reloading will take some practice to get fast at. G-36- I have no experience with any G-36 variants other than picking them up in stores and taking some shots with the ones some people brought to the field. The ergonomics are good. The fire selector is in a good location. Mags change fairly easily. The problem is there are less options for brands of mag and they are thicker than STANAG magazines which means you may have trouble fitting them into some pouches. Or, if you can fit them, you'll be able to carry less. AUG- I have had one of these, and I regret having sold it. That said, I won't be picking up another one any time soon. The AUG is extremely comfortable and very easy to point on target. If you are getting an A1 of A2 style, they are very light up front and quite pointable. They do have two major flaws. The first is a combination of bullpup reloads and proprietary mags. There just aren't that many options for AUG mags. If you're going for hicaps that's no problem. But I like mids. There are options out there, but not many and they're pricey compared to STANAG mags. The other big problem is the trigger. The trigger on the AUG is your semi/ full selection. Halfway back for semi, all the way back to rock and roll. I did not find this conducive to rapid follow up shots in semi, which is what I tend to be in most of the time. If you like short bursts of full auto- that's no problem for you. But it does limit your utility in CQB situations where full auto is usually not permitted. Oh- and the folding vertical grip on them is a joke. I removed it from mine and just put my other hand on the front of the trigger guard.
  10. Ugh... somebody please get that guy some rubber ducks. I know they brass check the weapons but that flagging is unnerving as hell. Rule #1 is always treat a firearms as if it were loaded. No exceptions. None. Never. OK, maybe if there's a chamber flag. But they're not using them. Not in any of their videos. And before someone says, "But he was in the IDF!" when they train with real weapons and no bullets, the IDF uses a blaze orange plastic stick that goes the full length of the barrel, blocking a round from being chambered. They probably didn't do that when this guy was in, but they do it now. I'll give you three guesses why, but you should only need one.
  11. I think price wise the Tippman's actually more money, but it really comes down to what you want to run. Right now both of those guns have pretty good resale value so if you make the trade and regret it you can probably turn it around and get something you like better. Here's what I suggest: See if the guy offering the trade will meet you at a local field and trade guns with you for a round or two of play. That way you both know if everything's working and can decide if the trade what you really want to do.
  12. The problem with that is that usually the OEM's don't distribute directly. As far as the headsets go- I'm not convinced. Years ago I had a headset that looked identical to a lot of people in the area. Mine cost twice as much. What I got for my money was something that did a MUCH better job of canceling out background noise and making me not sound like Christian Bale on helium. I'm not saying Code Red isn't a re-brander- just that without something that directly traces the same product they sell to the same OEM manufacturer as the product on Amazon there is no proof of the claim. EDIT: I now have a cheap Z-TAC headset because it's cheap, good enough and I can't justify spending more when I hardly ever get to play.
  13. You haven't mentioned anything about the hop-up. That will be your biggest determining factor for range and accuracy. I can't give you a recommendation on parts though. (A lot of it's opinion anyway.)
  14. You don't choose a callsign. Other people give you one. It will probably be based on some physical attribute, or personality trait. If you are very lucky, you will like it. If not, failing to answer to it at critical moments will probably stop people from using it.
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