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    I own a Tokyo Mauri G3A4 with a SG-1 stock, bayonet, reflex sight, internal upgrades, and low cap magazines.
  1. I would give a finger, and many dollars, to get a damn mag conversion from standard MP5 9mm magazines to either Uzi or UMP mags for a MP-5/10 mod.
  2. I have an older model Tokyo Marui G3A3K that I no longer use, and since I've got such great use out of it, I decided that I would 'dump' it off at a really reasonable price. It lost a lot of interest in it when I required a very high quality H&K G3 clone that fires real bullets. Internally, its got: PDI 180% Spring Systema Bearing Middle Gear Systema Steel Bushings Systema Steel Gears 8.4v large 5400 MaH battery, as well as a 10.2 volt 1700 MaH batterey I came across. It chronographs 400 feet per second w/ .20g BB's. I still have the classic looking G3-SG1 front handguard, which is wobbly and horrible, but I replaced it with a rock solid actual H&K front end, which feels SO much better. The stock is a standard G3 SG-1 stock with the cheek piece removed, and all the wiring, et cetera is still good. Since it started life as the small battery telescoping stock version, its still got the nesescary hardware up front in the hand guard for a battery, although there is no way one would fit with the actually H&K handguards on. I removed the normal metal front barrel, and swapped it for the front end from a Mauri MC-51, meaning that there is essentially no barrel extending from in front of the front sight, simply the stubby flash hider. The actual AEGs barrel length remains the same, as barrel extends to the very end of the flash hider, and its not easily visible, and its still well protected. I also have a great three point sling on it, and an old school H&K Scope mount that is perhaps a thousand times more rigid than the available airsoft mounts. I think I payed about 300 for it back in the day, and I've scrounged up all the parts pretty inexpensively. Whats a fair asking price?
  3. I used to work for Big 5. They do, in fact, shoot with that much velocity (Had an opportunity to play with a couple.), but they burn out almost immediately. The vast majority were returned within a WEEK. The included metal gears are made out some of the softest metal I've ever seen.
  4. I haven't posted for a while (Several years, I think.) because I happen to have joined the military, deployed, et cetera. Not a lot of time for airsoft and such. Been busy with real guns and cars, mostly. I'm looking to get a new AEG when I get back from this deployment (Currently in Iraq), and I don't know how quality has changed between the different companies. I'm sure this has been beaten to death, but because internet connectivity is infrequent and slow here, and even though I'm capable of using the search feature, it would be an infrequent and laborious process to look it up. I really want either an MP5 fixed stock build or a G3 build of some sort. I would like a metal body, and I'm afraid I just don't know about the preformance and quality differences between different companies out there. Moneys not much of a problem, seeing as how its been piling up on this deployment. Who should I go with? Classic Army? Tokyo Mauri? I'm looking for durability, looks, and feel. Performance can always be upgraded, but durability is essential!
  5. Uh-huh. If I remember right, the most effective Kevlar helmet can take pistol bullets, maybe. Not much can take a rifle bullet at 50 yards... I'd have to say that you would be out, unless it just winged you, I.e touching your brim, grazing the very top. Personaly, I love it when people wear helmets, because it lets me shoot them in the top of the head with out worrying about hurting them.
  6. Thats great. I wana buy one...I like shotguns. It would make a decent side arm.
  7. Go ahead, make it and I will moderate it. I have no life...I would lovle to get into it with double posters, and the assorted issues. I'll even spell check any real reviews and send them an edited, gramaticly correct copy if they want one. And if you do end up making one (Please, BP, please please please!), which I would really like, remember I voulenteered to mod it first.
  8. My call sig is Grendel. Do you have any favorite mythical characters? Any favorite States (Nevada, Tenesee, Carolina, et cetera), any inside jokes with your freinds? Try to keep it under four sylables, though.
  9. Hardly. SWAT's response times are usualy more like twenty to thirty minutes, depending if they have to come from somewhere else. If your town has SWAT, which isnt uncommon even for kind of small towns, respnose times will be more like ten minutes, with at least that much time to stack up and that much time again to plan an entry. SWAT doesnt move all that quick unless shots are fired.
  10. Not when you include a battery, charger, and S&H.
  11. I made my own three point sling. Go to your hardware store...You'll need 3/4 inch black nylon webbing and buckeles for it. A trick to get it to look nice is one youve cut it, burn the ends with a match and press it aginst something hard. That will cauterize it and keep it from fraying, but don't let it catch on fire or burn you.
  12. Okay, then. First off. Your mask will fog. Go to an auto parts store, and buy the anti fog material they sell for windows. Just ask for anti fog, and they'll show you. Its way cheaper, and it works really good. don't get scared, man. If your pinned down, don't loose your nerve. Keep moving forwards, only take cover if you really need to, and don't be afraid to shoot even if you don't see anything. Get pumped up before the game. Talk trash with your freinds, clean and prepare your weapons, head bang to some heavy metal, say a prayrer, what ever gets your juice flowing and gets you ready to fight.
  13. Very cool. How does it feel? I've heard it has poor body design and is creaky.
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