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  1. ^ what he said. I will add that most players today do not want to learn tactics, team movement or coms. As well as they want to full on Call Of Duty style of game where they are blowing thru an entire 5K bag of bb's in an afternoon of gaming. And they have always "hit" you, even though they are 150 yards away in high wind.
  2. Life has slowed down my airsoft gaming in the last year. I grew tired of producing Ops, something I have done for the last ten years. Mostly due to the changing player base. Players didn't want tactical game play anymore, they want speedball. I don't produce those kinds of games. Plus my school is growing and I needed to be there more. Add a firearms instruction side business, wife, two special needs kids, and a bad hip and it slowed me down a lot. But I had the hip replacement surgery done in February and am getting back into promoting small, local games. Hopefully the forums can do the same and come back as well!
  3. I'm still here. Forums in general have dropped over the last few years as social media has risen. It's sad because this was a hopping place at one point. I'd love to see it come back.
  4. Well, I'm still around... Guess it's just a couple of us older geezers here now a days. And that's a real shame, because this forum used to be top notch with information and interactions...
  5. I use .30's in my AEG's and .20's or .23's in my pistols. If you have to take the replica apart, make adjustments and then reassemble, is there a chance that the hop up getting knocked around and put off during installation?
  6. I am no expert, and I don't play in a snipers role, however, when I am trying to sight in an airsoft replica, I initially set the hop up so that I have it going in as straight a line as possible, for as far as possible. Once I have that done, then I worry about getting the scope, red dot, whatever on target. I always try and get my replica's sighted in at as far of a distance as I can get them to.
  7. Centurion Holdings, LLC will be hosting a day of pick up games on 5 May 2018, here in Bedford VA! See our FB events page for more info! https://www.facebook.com/events/1776355789339797/ I will meet players in the parking lot behind Monkey Joes coffee, located at 1190 Perrowville Rd, Forest, VA 24551, between 9AM and 9:15AM. We will leave the lot at 9:15AM to head to the field.
  8. I try to stay close to the edges. That means I only have three sides to worry about. Granted, it cuts off one avenue of escape, but I find the benefit of not having to watch one side outweighs that. And slow down. Most of what catches the human eye is the fast, jerky movement of someone going to fast. Just like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race...
  9. I have one that I was given by a friend. I have used it several times at a local field and it has performed fairly well. Definitely better than I had expected. Runs about 380 fps, feeds the CA high caps, and MAG Mids that I run with no issues, and hasn't jammed yet. I run 11.1 lipo's, however I usually only use semi auto, or short bursts. I don't stand on the trigger.
  10. Welcome to the Forums!!!
  11. itsahak

    Your Hobbies

    I train. I am a training freak! I lift 3 days per week, and train/teach Muay Thai and Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu 4 days per week. I shoot real steel often as well.
  12. I do NOT carry either my duty or off duty weapon onto the airsoft field I make it a point to have another team member check my airsoft pistol replica as I carry the same model for duty. This ensures that I don't forget to switch them out, and that those playing with me are sure that I didn't forget either. Carrying a real firearm onto the field is dangerous and just not smart. I would stay away.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/events/1601647733182845/
  14. Welcome to the Forums!! I am just down the road from you in the Lynchburg/Bedford area and have team mates in your area that can help get you going if you wish. We are having free pickup games on Feb 18. I will send you the FB page link when I get off shift. Another field you should try is Augusta Airsoft LLC. Bo runs an excellent field with a great community of players, and being in Stuarts Draft he is only a tad bit over an hour from you. Hope to meet you soon!
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