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  1. I prefer games that will take me through both environments...
  2. Here is a review I wrote for the USASOC online magazine. Revision Desert Locust A review... As an airsoft player that tends to fog just about any goggle system without a fan attached, I was excited when asked to review Revisions Desert Locust goggle system! It seemed a truly good opportunity to put my sweating ability to the test! First Impression: When I opened the USPS parcel, I was immediately impressed with the Desert Locusts packaging. The box features a picture of the product, along with an inset stating the color of the lens. It also has an insert on top showing a set of the Desert Locust goggles after they had been shot with a shotgun from 16 feet away. An info section on the bottom of the box provided that the shotgun in question was a Remington 870 using 12 gauge 1 ¼ ounce #6 shot from a 2 ¾ inch high brass shell. Stopping a 6mm bb should be no problem! The right side of the box gives some information about the goggles and Revision, while the left side describes the actual Desert Locust the goggles are named after. I found that bit of trivia interesting. The back of the box had a picture of the goggles, touting its many features, including the adjustable strap, high performance Ocumax coating, low profile design, wide field of view, and forced air vents. All in all, a well put together piece of advertising! Looks and Features Upon opening the box I found the goggles wrapped in a black cloth carry case, complete with a long belt loop and a neat way of velcroing together that kept the case secure and didn't allow the goggles to move around much. Removing the goggles revealed a small black micro-fiber cleaning cloth and the goggles wrapped in a captive, OD green anti-glare sleeve. Revision sure seems to go out of their way to ensure that you don't get scratched lenses! Looking inside the carry case revealed an inner pocket that contained a spare set of clear lenses. But enough about the amenities! On to the goggles! Once I slid the OD green sleeve away from the goggle lens, I found the dark colored lenses already installed. For someone that is very light sensitive like me, this was a godsend! After securing them in place and adjusting the strap to my personal comfort level, I found the Desert Locust to be super comfortable, featuring a soft rubber bumper around the face. I walked around the house with them on and in just a few minutes they almost felt like they weren't there! They proved to be very light and easy on the forehead, cheekbones (both of which are pronounced on my face!) and nose. I couldn't wait to get these things into action!! Performance I tried these out first on my departments firing range during our Patrol Rifle training drills. The wide field of vision afforded by the Desert Locust made target acquisition easy and quick. I never had an issue finding an of my targets during our move and shoot, turn and shoot, or room entry drills. I had no problems with my main enemy, fogging, through out our two hours of training. My next test was to use them in our bi-weekly skirmish. This Sunday afternoon featured what passes for cold weather here in Virginia. At a brisk 42 degrees Fahrenheit, I set off into the woods to sling some plastic and check the Desert Locusts abilities out some more! Again, the Desert Locusts field of vision proved to be as advertised, providing a wide, clear view of the field and my opponents. The goggles got tested well right away, as I took some shots right to face first thing. No problems there, and no marks, nicks or scratches from the 340 FPS shots. These are also full seal goggles due to the aforementioned rubber bumper, meaning they meet most fields goggle requirements. After a couple of hours of skirmishes where I had to run, jump fallen logs, fell down over only God knows what, and wait in an ambush, I never had an issue with the goggles falling off, loosening up or becoming an issue. I also experienced no fogging issues, which is a rare, but pleasant surprise for me! So since they worked so well, I decided to see if I could make them fog up. I decided to do this using another of my passions, the martial arts. I wore the Desert Locust through 3 rounds of Muay Thai heavy bag work, 3 rounds of bodyweight conditioning, and a cool down round of easy shadow boxing. Even with all the power kicks of Muay Thai the Desert Locust stayed in place. I also did not have any fogging issues, even though I was training in the unheated portion of my basement! I had to attend to my 4 year old for about 2 minutes to administer his asthma inhaler. During this short interlude, I slid the goggles on top of my hair. When I replaced them, I did notice a small bit of condensation on the lenses. At last, some progress! I was unsure as to whether my sweat, or my wet hair had caused the film of moisture. I figured I'd leave it and see what I could do with it. Now I decided to see if I could push the envelope! I put on a hoodie sweatshirt, pulled the hood up, then covered my lower face with a shemagh. Then, since it was dark out and I wouldn't scare my neighbors too much, I set out for a short, quick jog up the block in the 22 degree Fahrenheit evening. I jogged a total of about 4 blocks up and back to the house. Then I spent about 10 minutes running into the house in the heat, and back out side again into the cold. I think my wife was convinced that I was losing my mind! The moisture I mentioned earlier was still there, though no actual fogging had occurred. The moisture distorted my vision slightly, though not enough that I could distinguish details around me or read my license plates and street signs from 15 or 20 feet away in the dark. I also took out my beloved G36c and fired off several rounds in my cold basement training room. Again, even with the light film of moisture, I had no problem hitting targets of human size, down to 12 ounce soda cans. After all of this, I wiped the moisture out of the lens. I continued to wear them for anther 30 minutes or so, but the film of moisture never redeveloped. Again, I've no real way of knowing if my workout had caused it, or if it was transferred from my hair during it's short interlude resting there. What was important to me was the fact that it never affected my vision, and never actually fogged up! Pro's Packaging was excellent and informative Carry case can be put on field gear and kept close Comfortable, adjustable strap Spare lens included Forced air vents appear to work well No actual fogging issues Very wide field of vision Comfortable fit Cons Light film of moisture finally developed. Conclusion It's safe to say I like Revisions Desert Locust goggles very much! They are definitely going to become a staple of my airsoft game bag, and I know they will find their way into my Sheriff's Office response bag as well!!
  3. BedSOG is playing, but we're about 4 or 5 hours from you... Have you tried www.maapr.com?
  4. Not sure on the price issue, but what I can tell you is that the hi cap version do not fit in my CA M15A4.....Damn!
  5. Afton VA game two weeks ago. I had just nailed the sniper that was killing us from the top of the hill. Right as he snapped this picture I noticed two guys coming up on the left. As soon as he snapped the picture, I turned and popped both of them.
  6. Do these exist? If so, I'd like to see it myself...
  7. Helmet SOLD!~ Glock mags SOLD!
  8. I have this one I can sell. I can repaint it if need be. $25 shipped.
  9. I'm not really interested in trades, but you might give it a shot. PayPal preferred. All prices include shipping. Here we go! JG AK. I got this in a trade and honestly just don't have a lot of use for it. The underfold stock broke (as they all do) and I've replaced it with a side folding M4 stock. I will include the 8.4 stick battery for it. $90 BlackHawk Industries STRIKE LBE harness OD, Excellent condition. Will not include the attached pouches unless you wish to purchase them as well. $50 Pouches, all OD, (as seen in the BHI picture.) AK triple pouch - $15 M4 - Double pouch - $10 Molle Hydro Pouch - $10 MarPAT Chest Rig. I loved this rig! I've recently purhcased an Eagle Chest rig so I simply have no use for this anymore. $20 Replica PASGT helmet. OD $15 Tan Shemagh Rarely used. $10 ALICE Rig = belt, suspenders, two SAW Mag pouches. Each pouch will hold 5 or 6 M4/M16 type mags. $20 Glock 50 round mags. I used these in my KWA G17 but just not enough to justify keeping them. $25 per mag KJW M700 sniper rifle. I'm selling this for a friend. He used it in maybe 3 or 4 games and decided the sniper role wasn't for him. It's pretty much been sitting around doing nothing for a quite a while. He's asking $100 for it. I've no clue how firm it is. Guarder AK-47S replacement switch. Never used. $20
  10. Basic Woodland camo, Tan Eagle Chest Rig.
  11. When BattlePriest was on here he made several posts about the POR (Pistol Only Revolution). In them he described ways to take advantage of the pistols abilities and minimize its weakness. Give it a search and see if any of them are still around
  12. Does your radio ever fall off? Every time I've tried to wear mine like that it pops off and disappears...
  13. A waiver is advisable. Keep in mind that a waiver won't necessarily keep you from getting sued. But it does help... I've attached the one that the Virginia Airsoft Force uses. Feel free to change the names as needed and use it as a model. As Slo mentioned though, you guys need to consult an attorney. AftonAirsoftWaiver.pdf
  14. Depending on what I'm carrying (High or Mids) I carry anywhere from 5 to 9. With Hi Caps, I carry 5, 4 in the chest rig and one in the replica. For Mid Caps I carry 9, 8 in the chest rig, 1 in the replica.
  15. $20 shipped $30 shipped $10 shipped PM me if you're interested in any of it.
  16. I have 5 100 round MAG AK Mid Caps for sale. Not interested in trades. These have seen very little use as they didn't seat in my CA SLR-105 as well as the waffle ones did. They do have my initials and sequential numbers on them. The green tape was to make them fit the mag well better. $35 shipped takes them all.
  17. They didn't. Glock issued a statement months ago stating that they would sue anyone selling anything resembling the Glock likeness. This just makes them harder to find. So now you either order from overseas or find one of the "kits" being sold at some retailers...
  18. I ran the MP5 SD5 as a primary and the PDW version as a backup on a drop leg for about a year. What I can tell you is that it gets heavy during long games, is somewhat obstructive when I was trying to level change from standing to prone, and because mine was a custom made rig, was hard to extract quickly. but it was a lot of fun!!!
  19. I fell back in 2005/06 while running under cover fire. Tripped over a rock and broke my nose on the rear carry handle sight of my CA M15A4. And a team mate on my old team fell, after the game while walking back to the staging area, and broke both bones in his forearm...
  20. I may have missed it but what sizes are the woodland BDU tops and pants?
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