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  1. We used this one at the Outdoor Campaign 2 last year. A single key at the top started the count down timer. The other keys, 12 in all I believe were set to fit only one of the locks. So you had to find which one of the locks the key went into, then push the buttons to disarm it.
  2. H&K has apparently followed Glocks example of threatening to sue anyone that sells replica's that resemble their real steel firearms. Most of the G36's that were on Ebay have been pulled as well. And I don't believe that either TM or CA, nor anyone else had paid for official licenses, which is what caused the issue in the first place.
  3. itsahak

    Red Rags

    My first team did't use red rags, though they did use white ones. They show up better. My current team uses no rags. We just leave the area or sit off on the side.
  4. AA is not even allowed to be mentioned on another airsoft forum I moderate on. We refer to them as Those That Shall Not Be Named. They sold one of our members a set of gears KNOWING that they were defective. Then refused to refund or fix the problem. Definitely a No Go retailer in my book.
  5. My G36c used for a CQB tournament at Airsoft CQB. I painted it just for the tournament, as there are several G36's used there and the replica's had to stay in the staging area between games. Made it easy for me to find it again...
  6. Free bump for a good seller! Fast shipping and all as described! Thanks!
  7. We made a revolving satellite dish for last years BRASS Outdoor Campaign 2. http://gs69.photobucket.com/groups/i67/983...current=384.flv And a key operated Mock bomb. Twelve locks, and each lock had an individual key. Once you inserted the keys into the correct lock and turned them all, it shut off the "bomb" timer. http://gs69.photobucket.com/groups/i67/983...nt=DSC_0439.jpg
  8. If you mean mine, its a BHI Strike Harness as seen here http://www.blackhawk.com/product/STRIKE-LBE-Harness,53,2.htm If your referring to the fat kids, I've no clue.
  9. Since it's back! A photo from last summer My taser instructor class. Took the full 5 second ride... OUCH! And no BADA$$ thread is complete without this one!!!
  10. Seeing as I use airsoft for training purposes (as well as having fun!) I try and keep my gear the same as what I use at work and when I teach classes. Thus I find using a vest helpful.
  11. I believe it was a prototype shown at the latest SHOT show. That's why it was unpainted.
  12. I have this body w/mag well, rail, and stock for sale. I do not have the trigger group. PM me if you're interested...
  13. this may explain it as well.... http://www.geckoairsoft.com/index.php/page=24
  14. Damn straight! I'm out about $95 even after I found and contacted him on another forum! That's why he's been tossed off of Ebay! And I second the CA body recommendation!
  15. Correct. On the real steel model it is to assist the bolt in closing if it hangs up for some reason before fully seating. I've never had to use it on those models either.
  16. Hey! BRASS is here! check us out at www.brassairsoft.com! And welcome to the Burg!!!!
  17. I'm waiting for the Aptera to become available somewhere other than California....
  18. some things for sale. I take Paypal. Prices include shipping. Cantilever Mount - $15 G36 series long rails - $25 Leapers red/green dot. Battery works but is low - SOLD! AK47s trigger. Intruder Shop, which I believe is actually Guarder. - $25 G36c short rail - $10 G36 upper reciever - $15 G36K stock - $25 G36c body - $45 G36c fore end - $20 G36 full size fore end and outer barrel $30 MP5 3 mag drop leg holster. One buckle has a crack, but it doesn't affect the performance. - $15 MP5 STAR standard (30 round) mags. There are 11 of them. The two shorty's are TM 28 round mags. $3/mag or the lot for SPF!! The dual MP5 mag clamp is metal. $15 G36c top rails. Black one includes screws, the painted one does not. $20/rail JG G36 converted to full length. Right around the 300 FPS mark. Has a 509mm black Madbull tightbore. $130
  19. Black list cheaters.... unfortunately that's the best we can do.
  20. This will give you an idea of what it could look like. http://www.vti-interpod.com/media.html They are keeping the 300 fps limits, if my understanding is correct, because some of the games will use both the indoor and outdoor fields. Keeping the same limits will aid in ensuring a lower accident rate. **EDIT - I knew I had them somewhere. Some pics of the field as it is going to be, though here it is still under construction...
  21. Nice work. How did you get the K style flash hider off? I can't get mine to budge for anything.
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