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  1. Nice work. How did you get the K style flash hider off? I can't get mine to budge for anything.
  2. I'm a Mixed Martial Arts (Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Coach, I lift weights almost religiously, enjoy shooting and tactical training, and above and beyond all of that, I enjoy playing Power Rangers with my boys!
  3. I've forwarded this on to a team mate that is looking for a scope similar to what you're selling. Free up...
  4. I'm 5' 6" or 7" and wiegh currently 195 lbs. My heaviest weight after my last bulking phase was 215. I found it much too heavy for a short as I am.
  5. An old project. A one time special paint job for a CQB tourney My Full size My K, with the SL8 barrel and of course the obligatory C model
  6. I have side rails. Do you want the short ones like come on the bottom or would you like the long kit? I have both...
  7. While I've never used the SRC version, I can tell you the "bad scope" was the 1.5x one, not the 3 or 3.5x ones. According to their specifications, the one you listed has a 3x scope, so it should be fine.
  8. I added it up a year and a half ago. I'd spent a tad bit over 20K at that time. I haven't looked since, and I damn sure didn't let my wife know!
  9. We don't use one for the reasons you've listed above. It's considered a courtesy for us. I can either switch to semi and stitch you a shot or two, or make the offer. It's understood that if you turn on me, you've agreed that I can shoot you at the distance we are at. In 5 years we've yet to have an issue with it, as once it's explained most people understand it's put squarely on their shoulders.
  10. I agree with the "stretched" diagnosis. Every one of the training replicas we have at my department has had this happen. The guys pull it like the would a regular M4 and viola! stretched spring. I normally cut the spring down and twist the last ring flat. It's worked well so far.
  11. There is usually a small set screw on the bottom of the hinge of the stock. You have to open the stock to find it. Once you remove that screw, tap the metal retaining rod out, using a small screw driver and a hammer (go lightly....). After that the stock will come off. Reverse to put the adapter on.
  12. From a similar question on Acme Airsoft. I copied and pasted my answers here. I had two of the Private Parts Airsoft Mag wells. Sold them to a friend. I didn't like them at all. I found the mags wobbled in the PPA Magwell, and if you don't put them just right, you can damage the feed tube to the hop up unit. All in all, I just found it easier to stay with the normal G36 magwell and magazines. And on why you would want the conversion kit. #1 M4 mags are more plentiful than G36 mags are #2 M4 mags are cheaper than G36 mags are #3 M4 mags have tons more pouches that they can fit into than G36 mags #4 M4 mags, by virtue of their slim design, can be stacked into pouches and can there fore allow more mags to be carried than the G36 can. #5 When I got my G36K, all but two members of my team were running M4's, so being able to use the same magazines just made sense. All that being said, #1 With G36 use on the rise, you can find mags just about anywhere now #2 I've found the Star Mid Caps for $55 for 5 of them. Not too bad of a price #3 I've found that by using AK pouches, the G36 mags fit fine. A 3 AK mag pouch will fit 2 G36 mags comfortably. #4 Being that I don't spray and pray, the 11 mid caps I carry in field (13 if I don't carry my Glock 17 replica in one of the pouches) are fine and and work well for me. #5 Of the currently active BRASS members, only one or two aren't running the G36, so now I am once again compatible with my teammates. Besides I get to carry a 10" barreled M4 everyday at work so why play airsoft with something I get to do for real with? Variety being the spice of life and all.
  13. Hawkeye is correct, I was speaking of mini's. My apologies for any confusion! I use 9.6's in all my stock weapons with no issues. The 10.8 did strip a gear after about 5 months.
  14. I was able to fit a 10.8 in there, but I had to do some work. I removed the fuse and had to cut a piece or two out. And even after all that, I still ended up stripping a wire. Other than that, a 9.6 will fit just fine.
  15. itsahak


    These are the ways I spend my days And just the Monday before Thanksgiving...
  16. I don't find it hard to believe that gang members would use airsoft replicas to train with. We use them to train our skills as Officers so there is some validity to it. However, having been a LEO for 15 years, and seeing the "ability" most gang members have in aiming a firearm, I find it doubtful that replica's are being used as a training aid. That would imply that they actually spent time learning to shoot correctly.
  17. I'm not sure. I can't get them to feed bb's to the replica. They're not really my style of play and were purchased more on a whim than anything else.
  18. I accept PayPal. And here we go! 2 Tenergy 10.8v 1400 MaH NiMH mini's $20 shipped each 2 Tenergy 9.6v 3000 MaH NiMH Large batt's with Dean's connectors $20 shipped each 1 battery bag. $10 sh ipped 2 G36 C mags. I've never been able to get them to work correctly. Maybe you'll have better luck $30 each, + $5 shipping G36 full length barrel and fore end kit $50 shipped G36K length stock $20 + 5 shipping SL8 upper body $30 + $5 shipping Various G36 body parts. PM for conditions and prices
  19. I simply do not understand the mentality (or lack thereof) of some people.....
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