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  1. I always replace the 1.5x with the 3 and 3.5x scopes. They are much clearer and work fine.
  2. If the upload doesn't work, PM me, I have a couple saved on my computer. G36_Disassembly.doc
  3. With UFC fighter and former lightweight Champ, Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk
  4. I believe you have to check out the paintball retail sites. This is just the first one I found doing a quick search http://www.sakworldpaintball.com/veevpagopreo.html All of Team PAIN from Airsoft CQB in Manassas VA uses the white one, I have the dark grey one.
  5. During my time studying Kung Fu I had an spot in the woods that we used to train at. We always videoed our training sessions, and on one day, around noon I just had to video the session while listening to "Its a nice to die" by XYZ. Two days later, while re-watching the video, I received a phone call telling me an old High School wrestling team member buddy of mine was killed on the day, and about the same time, that I had the urge to hear the song. Still freaks me out.
  6. I like the EVents mask. I can fog pretty much anything out there, and the EVents works better than any other I've tried. Also, you can either buy a small fan unit from http://www.ezcreation.ca/Fanz/index.htm or make the same thing from computer fan parts and wiring. Then the only problem you have with a full face mask is aiming down the iron sights.
  7. You mean like this? I got the idea from the aforementioned Badger, and I love it!
  8. I saw the ghost of Carter Glass walking in his mansion on the campus of Liberty University around 1:30 in the morning once. And my wife's office has a female ghost that rattles the pots and pans in the kitchen and turns the lights off and on repeatedly.
  9. The Badger over at Arnies Airsoft tried to marry a TM or CA G36 with a BE SL8. He was able to do so, but not without serious modifications. Also for the SL8 body, look at Warther's Originals Online on EBay. He sells both the stock and the upper reciever, though I've no idea where you'd find the free float upper rail. You may ask him about it as well, as he doesn't always put all of his stock online.
  10. I thought the PDI 170% was like the M120 and the 190% was like the M130? Either way, it should be fine.
  11. I love the G36 series in all it's facets! I have the SL8, G36 ( I keep the C rail on it for my replica ACOG), G36K (w/ the 3x scope), and two of the C models. I like my longer models for outdoor games, but my C models come it handy, not only in CQB games, but at at least two of our fields where the brush is so thick during mid summer that the longer models are harder to maneuver with. Tobi-Kun, The C model doesn't have a retractable stock, it has a folding stock, as do all models but the SL8/9 series. The difference in the C stock vs the K stock is about an inch. The K stock is longer than the C versions. Being of the shorter variety myself, I usually trade out my stocks for the C model stocks.
  12. I'll give you one. A few weeks ago I was playing a game where my brother was on the opposite side. He and his son had me separated from my team and pinned down. I figured I'd give it the ol' college try and try and run down the path while firing to keep his head down. Of course I got shot, called my hit and pulled out my dead rag. While I waiting for my respawn time to end, my brother pops up over the hill and tells me he's calling himself out as well. After our fire exchange he started feeling a sting in his right hand. Pulling back his glove he found a nice round mark where one had not previously been. Apparently one of my bb's had hit him and he didn't feel it immediately. Even though he was unsure if I actually hit him (and I don't see how I could have when firing from the hip, while sprinting full tilt) he applied our teams Honor principle of "When in doubt, call it out.". I nominated him for a recognition in the Guardians of Honor as well for it.
  13. Check out either the Save Phace series or the EVents masks.
  14. Hello again RazorJack! Somewhere I've got a pic of a guy playing at Airsoft CQB in Manassas VA wearing a Storm Trooper's outfit. I'll have to dig it up.....
  15. http://www.wargamefever.com/product_info.p...roducts_id=1025 I had one of those on my PDW. Worked great. That's the only place I've ever seen it though. Here's what it looks like on the replica http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b242/itsahak/PDWRIS1.jpg
  16. I have carried the 9mm, the 40 and the .45 on duty. I like the .40 because statistically it's stopping power is not that much less than the .45. And as stated above you get more rounds per mag. Currently I am carrying the .45 GAP and like it. I get the ballistics of the .45 but the smaller grip of the .40. And we do NOT pull our firearms to scare criminals. Any time I've pulled my service weapon in the last 15 years, it's been with the knowledge that I'm am about to shoot someone. We can only pull our firearms if deadly force is warranted. Now does that mean we shoot someone every time we pull our firearms? Of course not. But we don't do it with just the intention to frighten someone.
  17. I didn't think I'd like that, but ya know, I have to say, that looks really sharp!
  18. LEO since 1993. Feel free to email me.
  19. You mean the gas tube assembly. Check Warther's Originals Online on Ebay. If he doesn't have one listed, email him. He usually has some in stock but not listed.
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