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  1. Aye, I've used him several times. Always gives great customer service. ** Dang it, didn't realize this had been necro-ed.**
  2. Fast Action Response Team Go for it!
  3. I generally get to stop and speak with them and their parents. Of course the fact that I'm in a LEO uniform tends to add some weight to what I tell t hem.....
  4. Are you referring to ACQB? If so the website is http://www.airsoftcqb.com/. It's a good field, and the store is solid. Tim and Steve have a reputation for fixing all kinds of airsoft replica's, and there's a reason why Tim is referred to as the "Evil Genius".
  5. 2.5x Scope SOLD L Mount SOLD MP5 Mount SOLD Sorry for taking a few days to reply. We lost a Police Officer this week to cancer. He was only 26 and they just discovered it less than 3 weeks ago. Understandably I've been tied up.
  6. I've been running the 509mm length in my G36 for months now with no issues.
  7. Twas mine. They've both been sold. See Allizard's post above....
  8. Since its alive again.. VelcroChicken is correct. Most departments have at least a two year waiting period before you can even begin to think about TESTING for a chance to try out for a SWAT position. But man what a job it is!!
  9. All rail covers SOLD M4 sling mount SOLD
  10. JG MP5 SD6. Bought on impulse for Father's Day. I don't need it, I don't use it, and I've only run about a dozen 30 rounders through it. It just needs a good home. $60 shipped. TM MP5 SD5 with ICS metal body. Has a M120 spring, and last I chrono'ed was hitting around 380 fps. Deans battery connector. It was my original AEG, but its just been sitting around for 3 or so years now. $150 shipped 2.5X Tasco scope. Again, I haven't used it in months, and I just acquired a 3x carry handle scope for my primary, so this is taking up space. $25 shipped. generic drop leg holster. Fits large frame replica handguns. $13 shipped. Viper 3 magazine MP5 drop leg mag holder. $15 shipped. Some kind of funky hydration pouch, with strap. Appears to be an early attempt at the CamelBack. No liner included as I used it as a mag pouch. Also has Alice clips on the back. $7 shipped. Off set scope mount. $10 shipped. MAG mags. two gray (one had a chip on the back and is taped but works fine) $6 shipped per mag Assorted length rail covers. Make offer... CA RIS. Metal. Just don't need it. $50 shipped G36c side rails. I have 3 of these. $5 each shipped 1 - SOLD!!! 2 - SOLD!! 3 - Metal L Mount - I don't' know manufacturer name. $15 shipped. 4 - Scope Rings. I think they're 1". Used on the Tasco scope above $10 shipped 5 - Metal MP5 Scope Mount w/hex key. $10 shipped. 6 - SOLD 7 - SOLD 8 - M4 sling mount. No pins included. $5shipped. PM for payment info!
  11. VelcroChicken has raised some good points. I think you need less of an actual drill and more of an actual mindset! I personally do not allow anyone to play in our games wearing the LE or SWAT patches that I see around the net. Those will only add to the confusion of cops show up! Honestly, it needs to be a meeting before the games to inform everyone that if there is a LE presence, 1- DO NOT point an replicas at them 2 - Do as you are told 3 - Do not argue or attempt to explain yourself (it makes you appear uncooperative, and you will get a chance in a few minutes. ) 4 - Only play at approved places, with permission (written, and keep it available) and out of public view And I would use a different term than "Police, Police". That sounds like your Joe Crack Dealer warning his buddies! We use a generic term for any time any one wanders into our game zone. In the four years we've been playing, it's happened about 4 times. (and we are on privately owned land, but people occasionally trespass...) We borrowed it from the Minnesota Airsoft Association. Anytime someone that is not part of the game wanders in, the occasional wildlife wanders in (we've had a black bear pop up in the middle of a game once), or if someone is injured, etc, etc the first person to notice it yells "Blindman!" The call is taken up by everyone, and put over the radio, acknowledged by all, and the game comes to a full stop. All players put their replicas on safe and meet at one of the two or three predesignated spots. We have done that a time or two mid game just to practice it.
  12. I tripped and fell and bounced my nose off of the rear carry handle sight of my CA M15 carbine replica. Broke my nose. but my teammate, Hijaker, takes the win for our team. After a game, where he and another guy destoryed the numerically superior force, he stepped over a log and fell. He broke both bones in his forearm!
  13. Warning - Adult Language!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzGt4-rLk9g
  14. The M4 tightbore will fit fine. Nice work. I had mine like that, but went back to the carry handle scope (3x, not the crappy 1.5).
  15. You should post this on www.virginiaairsoft.org
  16. No conversion kit is required. I changed mine out by using the parts you listed above. Inner barrel, outer barrel and fore end. The carry handle scope is negligible. You can leave the C rail on to mount any type of optics you'd like. If you do decide to go with the carry handle scope, do yourself a favor and spring for the 3x one. The 1.5 one sucks.
  17. Aye that it is! I have it on all my replica's and my service pistol. Keeps my grip tight and consistent when its raining or I'm sweating.
  18. I was inspired by The Badger, over on Arnies Airsoft. So I set to work creating a SL8 that would be usable both indoor and outdoors.... Here she is... The paint job The outdoor model (minus the 3x carry handle scope that is inbound), uses a Mad Bull 509mm tight bore The CQB version
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